「What’s up?」

「I’m so happy I got wet」


「My womb is saying it wants to drink master’s sperm…」

「Does that mean…that」

「Master speaks too kindly for me that I…!」

Michi inserts her tongue to my mouth.

Twining with my tongue…enjoying each other’s mucosa.

「Please embrace me…right now」

Michi’s eyes are hot and wet.


「But you’re going to a gynecologist later」

If we have sex now…

There will be semen spilling out while her slit is being examined.

「I don’t mind. Rather, I’d like it to be seen clearly…!」


Michi’s a bit of a masochist.

「Ikeda-sensei’s okay with that. Back when I had my checkup after giving my virginity to Danna-sama…it was spilling but the doctor was very calm」

Misuzu said while smiling.

Well, she’s a doctor affiliated to[Kuromori]brothel after all…

She’s used to that kind of situation already.

Or rather…Somehow, it makes me feel embarrassed.

I have never met the doctor named Ikeda and yet…

She’s seen my semen multiple times…

Furthermore, a new girl every time…

Oh…Nei-san just had it a while ago…

If this goes wrong, she’ll be examining two people in a row with semen dripping from their vagina…

「Yo-chan’s so popular!」

Nei’s staring at me.

「Or rather…Yo-chan’s so amazing there’s nothing else inside your head but cumming inside!」

Somehow, this feels like…

Nei’s jealous that I’m hugging Michi?

She’s been staying far away from the family all this time, or rather…Nei’s been watching the situation of everyone’s entering with cold eyes…

Now she’s exposing her emotions so honestly.

That’s good on it’s own but…

「No, but…that’s. Anyway, not now」

I tell Michi

「Why, Master?」

Michi rubs her small chest against me.

「Because…won’t there be a funeral in here later? Doing it here is just…」

「…I don’t mind」

「There’s still time before the ceremony…there’s nobody coming here. Danna-sama」


「Please do me after Michi…please, Danna-sama」

Eh…Michi’s arousal is passed on Misuzu as well?

「It’s unfair to do it with only Michi!」

「Then, me too Yo-chan!」


Nei’s smiling at Misuzu and Michi

「I won’t let only you girls have the good part!」

「My…what about you Nei-oneesama, haven’t you been having fun with Danna-sama until now?!」

Misuzu’s seen though it?

「Nei-oneesama’s has changed」

Michi mutters

「Her distance with Master has been reduced quite considerably…!」

MIchi who can sense Ki has completely seen through it.

That our relationship has changed greatly.

「Of course! Yo-chan and I are completely sticking together, we’ll never let go of each other!」

Nei said trying to divert the two.

「No, I’m the one who’s physically sticking to Master currently…」

Michi says as she hug me tightly.

「Ah, Michi’s so sly!」

「I’m going to cling to Danna-sama too!」

Nei and Misuzu gathers around me.




…The hell is this?

Ah, Margo-san’s watching with amazed eyes.

「Then, who’s first? Me, Me, or Me?」

「Please be on the end of the line! It’ll be Michi, me and Nei-oneesama in order!」

「That’s for Yo-chan to decide」

Sparks flies in between Nei and Misuzu.

「Yo-chan…who will you do it with?」


「Nobody! I said no. Isn’t that obvious that we can’t do it! You should all think about Ruriko’s feelings!」

Even though it’s her father’s funeral…

If we have sex in the waiting room…it’ll be unbearable for her.

Everyone’s going to a strange direction, strange feelings rising up.


「…I don’t mind…Onii-sama」

Opening the sliding door, Ruriko shows up.

She’s wearing her usual prestigious girl’s school uniform.

As expected…there’s no energy.

There’s towel blanket and pillows in there so she must’ve been lying down on the tatami.

Yoshiko-san’s waiting behind Ruriko

Yoshiko-san’s wearing a simple black mourning dress like Misuzu.

As expected, in order to make Ruriko stand out at the funeral…they avoided wearing the same school uniform.

「Everyone…I’m very sorry for making a late greeting」

Ruriko bows her head.

「No, Uhm…same」

I also bow to Ruriko.

Nei and Misuzu are snuggling on my side…or rather, they’re clinging to me completely.

Nei’s on the right… Misuzu’s on left.

Michi’s sticking her body on my back.

Somehow…I look like the center of [Oshikuramanjuu]1

Am I the nucleus?

「Ruriko, is it okay for you to get up?」

I ignore the women coming to me and ask Ruriko

「…Yes. My body isn’t in any bad condition. I’m just feeling a bit down」

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