The drunk Megu’s various from typical.

「Geez, Yoshi-kun no Baka! Baka, Baka…uwaaan!�?
Megu shouts loudly and burst into tears.

Then she squat down.

「Hey…are you okay?�?

I squat down and peek on the crying Megu.

「Don’t get shut to me…bakaa…!�?

「No, no…Come, come here…embrace me…Yoshi-kun!�?
This time she’s embracing me.

「Let’s kiss, I want a kiss…Kiss meeee!�?
Megu’s blocking my lips with hers.

Megu’s breath smells like wine.

The tongue place in my mouth tastes like wine also.

…Just how much have you drunk?

「I really like you…I adore you so muuuuch…. Megu loves Yoshi-kun the moooost …!�?
She tells me with glazed eyes.

「Megu…would like to confine Yoshi-kun. I want to bind you with a rope so you will not go anywhere. Even the meals or toilet, Megu will take care all of it. Megu will be embracing you at night. Yoshi-kun is Megu’s dakimakura…!�?

Just how far is this drunk lady going to be reckless?

「I won’t allow you go! I’ll never ever give you to any person. Yoshi-kun is Megu’s. Just look at Megu…!�?
Megu kisses my lips passionately once more.

「Puha…Megu loves kissing Yoshi-kun! I want to do it foreveer!!�?

Megu, just how a lot have you piled up?

Her stagnated emotions are getting released all at once.

Oh…I see.

Megu truly hasn’t drank that a lot.

It truly is not possible to get dead drunk in such quick time…

In the first area, Nei-san will not give her such a huge amount of wine.

Truly, it all around 3 to four cups only.

But, Megu…

She’s demanding beneath the pretext of being drunk.

She’s generating an excuse that if she’s drunk then I’ll spoil her.

As a result she feels drunk soon after just a couple of glasses of wine.

Megu looks at me.

�?..You’re cute, Megu�?
「Geez, which is what you are telling everybody, don’t you? Megu’s not cute! There are other ladies that are significantly a lot more cuter…!�?

Megu’s inferiority complex is deeply rooted.

It’s not just a straightforward matter of appearance.

Megu grew up as a commoner of Yamamine family members.

Her property was old, by no means a wealthy a single.

On top of that, it truly is been bullied by the rich Shirasaka family which is their relative.

She’s received an inferiority complex when it comes to good families.

「What’s with you getting chummy with Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san…who cares. I am not a princess. Yoshi-kun must just go to the princesses!�?
Additionally…with Ruriko joining in the[household]the circumstances has changed.

The[Kuromori]so far…have been Minaho-neesan and the individuals from the mansion formerly, Misuzu, Megu, Mana and I had been just extra in.

With Misuzu and Mana becoming my[women]…they’re supposedly to be added to[Kuromori]as special

Megu’s born in the[mansion] so she’s been close with Minaho-neesan and co. from the starting.

Nonetheless, with Ruriko’s participation…now there is now 3 groups among girls in here.

1. The former members of[Kuromori], Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Margo-san, Nei-san

2. Those linked in Shirasaka household, Megu, Mana, and YukinoThough, she’s not in the household.

three. People linked in Kouzuki residence, Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi, Reika…and Seki-san and Yoshiko-santhough they are not in the[loved ones]yet

Prior to, Misuzu was 1 of my[girl]by way of Nagisa’s connection…then Kouzuki household have been brought in and she became the head of a enormous faction in a dash.

Misuzu does not intend that nevertheless…that’s how Megu sees it.

Moreover, even Jii-chan entered the[household]…

The Kouzuki faction is undoubtedly the key faction of[Kuromori]

As for Megu…she feels like she’s losing her place.

「Even Megu’s a princess…for me�?
「Lies…I’m not cute!�?
「You’re cute…Megu�?
I rub Megu’s back.

「Don’t talk to me like I’m a kid…I’m not Michi-san!�?

Megu’s hard.

「If you had been younger or older…then I would know what to do by some means but…�?
I appear at Megu’s eyes.

Lovely narrow eyes.

「We’re classmates, exact same age…there are occasions I don’t know what to do�?
Ought to I pamper her or just accept her?

It’s relatively difficult.

Megu then look at me with a aloof face…

「Yoshi-kun need to just do what he desires!�?
Even if you tell me that…if I do as I like, Megu will just be dissatisfied.

Even now, she’s been conserving up so considerably emotions.

How can I satisfy Megu?

「Enough, if Megu-oneechan preserve whining that significantly then just have sex with Onii-chan on the other area…!�?
Mana who wore her dress in a hurry came back

As anticipated, she’s also anxious about Megu.

Megu’s been taking care of Mana up till now so this time, Mana’s the one particular anxious about Megu.

Or rather…Mana

You did not dress in your underwear, just your dress?

「If you have intercourse, most of those emotions of aggravation would be blown away!�?
Megu seems at me as Mana speaks.

「I’m okay with it…Yoshi-kun, want to go to the other room?�?

�?..I won’t�?
「Even if we get rid of your undesirable mood with sex…Megu will just drown in sex�?
「Isn’t it fine to drown?�?
Megu seems at me with passionate eyes.

「I will not want to have such pessimistic type of sex�?
「I’d like to have sex with Megu having a brilliant smile…not escaping from reality�?

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