Remote Ocean body’s life gene level gradually improved.

7,200 times…

7,300, 7,400…

8,000, 8100…

9,000, 9100…

“I’ve already passed 9000 times!” said Luo Feng in astonishment.

He even stopped comprehending space law, dedicating the majority of his mind to Remote Ocean body, as he didn’t dare to be careless in this matter. After his life gene level passed 9,000 times, his rate of evolution slowed down considerably.

9,500 times…


Remote Ocean body’s life gene level had already surpassed that of many extraordinary special life forms. Even many unique life forms couldn’t improve themselves past 9,000 times.

At 9,600 times, it became exceedingly difficult to advance any further. It appeared that his life gene level could only be enhanced a bit more. Finally, he was nearing the threshold.


And with that, its life gene level had reached the final stage.

“My life gene level is 10,000 times now!” Remote Ocean body exclaimed, feeling the power flowing inside of him. But as he continued practicing, he realized this wasn’t the final stage after all. “It seems I haven’t reached my limit yet. I can improve even further.”

After surpassing 10,000 times, his life gene level could still be enhanced, but it was a slow, grueling process. Finally, the life gene level stopped improving altogether.

Luo Feng gazed upon the fruits of his labor. Each inch of Remote Ocean body’s skin, muscles, and bones were as immaculate as the universe itself. Its life gene level had attained the height of perfection. As incredible as the Nine Volume Manual was, not even it could improve such a flawless life gene level. Luo Feng could see the constitution of each individual cell. Even on a microscopic level, Remote Ocean body was perfect in every way.

“Perfect… Sheer perfection!” said Luo Feng. “Remote Ocean body’s life gene level surpassed 10,000 times. It’s now slightly over 10,000 times…!”

Remote Ocean began absorbing the surrounding world energy.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

As Remote Ocean body was absorbed the energy, it kept growing taller, multiplying in size.

Luo Feng was exhilarated. Neither the Golden Horned Beast body nor his original earthling body had increased in size from practicing the Nine Volume Manual. However, just as Remote Ocean body had achieved perfection… he started to grow!

Remote Ocean body devoured the surrounding world energy. Although he had perfect life genes, he was only at the sector lord level; Luo Feng could support the world energies he required to grow.

He grew from 6,000 miles tall to 12,000 miles tall.

Then 18,000 miles tall.

Then 25,000 miles tall… And he just kept getting larger. Only after Remote Ocean body reached a height of 55,000 miles did he stop growing.

“Perfect,” said Luo Feng. For some reason, he felt certain that this was Remote Ocean body’s ideal state.

Just when Remote Ocean body stopped growing…


The entire internal world was frozen.

Mosha body was dazed. Golden Horned Beast body kept his head lifted up. The weeds were flattened by the wind, and the sea stopped churning. The water drops were floating. The Bug Clan Queen and her bug army all froze.

The original earthling body stood still. The core-the most important part of Luo Feng-was injected with a most mysterious power. Breeding the third body had caused his core to start to morph, but when this mystical power entered the core, it changed sharply.

The color was changing. Red, green, blue, yellow, and gold… In the end, it turned blurry. This seemingly ordinary core now contained endless enigmas. This mysterious force penetrated the internal world when infusing the core. The force was irresistible. It was as warm and inviting as a mother’s hug-appeasing all the living beings of the universe. It was not overbearing, but it was much stronger than that of Primal Chaos City Leader and even Zuo Shan Ke!

When the energy poured into Luo Feng’s body, entering the core and the internal world, neither Chaos City Leader nor the universe knights being taught noticed it. It was the time and space protected by Thousand Treasure River and controlled by Primal Chaos City Leader! Yet, in this time and space, even the Primal Chaos City Leader couldn’t feel that force.

That mysterious and inconceivable force changed Luo Feng’s core while enveloping Remote Ocean body.


Gradually, Luo Feng opened his eyes.

“Where am I?” Luo Feng said.

He looked around, confused. A multitude of lights floated around him. Each one contained extraordinary power. Every one of them was more terrifying than Master of Sky Wolf.

“I… I just trained Remote Ocean body to a perfect state, and its size surged nine times,” said Luo Feng. “And now, my mind came here…?” Luo Feng quickly realized that the place he had been taken to was probably one of the most mysterious places-if not the most mysterious place-in an already exceedingly enigmatic universe.

Luo Feng looked around. “Universe masters are already the pinnacle beings in the universe. Who could possibly be able to harness my mind and bring it here, removing me from the territory of Primal Chaos City Leader, without being noticed? Perhaps… Only the universe itself could do this.”

The light spots were floating, but they were all dodging Luo Feng. Luo Feng was bewildered.

Each of these light spots is even more powerful than Master of Sky Wolf. What are they?

Suddenly, one light spot turned into a flash of light, shooting toward Luo Feng.


The spot traveled much faster than lightspeed-as if lightspeed was not the speed limit in this space and time. Before Luo Feng could so much as begin to run away, the light spot hit his mind.


Images flooded Luo Feng’s mind, whizzing by in quick succession. Luo Feng saw the birth of the universe, the birth of every life form living in the universe, and their destruction. The scenes were overwhelming, and they left his mind, forgotten, about as soon as they entered. It was impossible to remember it all; an infinity’s worth of information merged with his mind.


Luo Feng’s mind was kicked out of that space and time.


In the human territory of the universe, primal region, within the domain of Thousand-Treasure River.

Primal Chaos City Leader didn’t even notice what happened. Although he could control this region of time and space, his control was nothing compared to the will of the universe itself. If the universe wanted to punish a particular universe master, it could strip him of his control over time and space.

The operation of universe laws was beyond the awareness of Primal Chaos City Leader.


Within Luo Feng’s palace, his original earthling body, sitting with his legs crossed, opened its eyes.


Confusion flashed in Luo Feng’s eyes, followed by shock. Bug clan queen and the bug clan warriors regained consciousness, but they had no idea what had just happened… Only Luo Feng knew that time and space had been momentarily frozen.

Luo Feng immediately examined all of his bodies. Remote Ocean body was still over 55,000 miles tall with a life gene level barely over 10,000 times.

“Nothing on my body has changed,” he said. “My original earthling body, the Golden Horned Beast body, the Mosha body, and the Remote Ocean body all are the same. Except… No. Something’s different.”

Luo Feng instantly noticed the core in the world ring. The core had turned blurry and indistinct, as if endless space and time were contained within it.

“What… What happened to my core?” Luo Feng was astounded. He had never witnessed or heard of anything like this before. “My mind has been bestowed with information containing an incredible talent technique. The core has changed drastically as well.”

Everything happened after my Remote Ocean body reached its ideal state, he thought. The life gene level of my Remote Ocean body had just passed 10,000 times, but it hasn’t hit 10,100 yet. Is it at… 10,081 times?

“So, the perfect life gene is 10,081 times of that of an ordinary life form?” Luo Feng extrapolated. He shook his head, deciding not to think about that for now. He started to examine the core again. “My mind was instructed in an incredible talent technique. The change in my core should be beneficial.”

Luo Feng recalled the technique he had just obtained. He had forgotten everything about the birth and transformation of the universe, but he could distinctly remember the casting method of a set of talent techniques. He didn’t know the details, nor how the set of talent techniques was created. However, the method for performing the technique was sculpted in his mind.

A set of talent techniques bestowed upon me for no reason… It must be a gift from the universe.

“Is it a gift given to me for reaching the perfect life gene level?” Luo Feng speculated.

Talent techniques were generally scripted on the skin or on the life core in the form of law engravings. However, the techniques Luo Feng had been bestowed with this time were scripted directly in his mind.

Talent technique: I Am the Universe!

This technique was extremely powerful. When it was performed, godly power was burned and transformed into a micro-universe, allowing the user to trap his enemies inside the universe. Inside the micro-universe, the enemies’ power was significantly weakened, whereas Luo Feng’s own power surged within it. If he chose to self-destruct, the enemies would be annihilated instantly!

This talent technique required an overwhelming amount of power. According to the instructions, the prerequisite for performing “I Am the Universe” was having a Remote Ocean body with a perfect life gene level. In addition, Remote Ocean body needed to be undying before he could perform it.

An undying Remote Ocean body, with 30-times amplification of the undying body, and the body needed to be burned-these were the basic requirements for casting “I Am the Universe.” Every time it was cast, it would last for at least nine seconds. By Luo Feng’s calculations, Remote Ocean body would be completely burned out after only performing it just ten times.

Luo Feng’s eyes gleamed. “Unbelievable! Incredible! But I love it!”

An undying Remote Ocean body was even stronger than Zhu Chong Emperor, yet the amplification needed to be 30 times or more! And burning his godly power? Even in normal combat, Luo Feng was superior to quite a few universe knights. This new technique would consume one-tenth of his more than 55,000-mile long godly body! A technique that would devour ten percent of his godly body must have been incredibly powerful. Luo Feng could hardly imagine such a thing. It was inconceivable!

For what it’s worth, it’s extraordinary, Luo Feng thought. Remote Ocean body is stronger than many universe knights’ godly bodies, and many universe knights are only several dozen feet tall, which means most of them aren’t able to perform this technique. Only those with enormous bodies can perform it.

Luo Feng knew nothing of the secrets behind I Am the Universe. Fortunately, the method for performing it had been seared into his mind.


“What am I supposed to do?” Luo Feng was baffled. “If I turn Remote Ocean body into a sea again, the sea will keep expanding. The new Remote Ocean body would be inferior both in size and in life gene level, which means I wouldn’t be able to perform I Am the Universe after becoming undying. Golden Horned Beast body’s life gene level can advance again after becoming undying, and he could almost reach 10,000 times. However, he’s only around 600 miles long, so his body won’t be able to support that technique.”

Luo Feng was nervous. Even a large godly body like Golden Horned Beast wasn’t enough when performing I Am the Universe.

Unless, that is, Golden Horned Beast body can also gain a perfect life gene level and expand his body, Luo Feng thought. Otherwise, I could only lure enemies into the boundless Remote Ocean and let him perform the technique, but that means the boundless Remote Ocean would not be able to move.

Luo Feng was faced with a choice. Should he turn Remote Ocean body into a sea? If he did, his power would be weakened outside the boundless Remote Ocean. Plus, the only way he would be able to perform I Am the Universe would be if he was lucky enough for his Golden Horned Beast body to also reach the perfect life gene level.

On the other hand, if he chose not to turn into a sea, he would have terrific combat power. His Remote Ocean body, which stood over 55,000 miles tall, would be able to roam the universe. The downside was that his godly power would be consumed quickly, and it would be tricky to supplement the power.

Luo Feng pondered the possibilities for a couple of minutes.

“I chose this body to be immortal,” said Luo Feng. “If I don’t perform Transformed Ocean, I sacrifice that opportunity. Instead, I’ll gain incredible combat power… But even inborn beast gods with immense combat power can still die. Survival is more important than power. As long as I can stay alive, anything is possible. Golden Horned Beast body can also be much stronger someday. Even if I can’t perform I Am the Universe when I become undying, I can certainly perform it when I become a universe knight.”

Luo Feng had made up his mind. “There’s no need to rush! Besides, the boundless Remote Ocean can still perform it when it becomes undying.”


Later, the 55,000-mile-tall Remote Ocean body stood high in the sky.

“Transformed Ocean!” Remote Ocean body growled.

This would be the last time he existed in his original Remote Ocean body form. From now on, he would take the form of a sea-the boundless Remote Ocean. Even Remote Ocean body went out to fight, it would do so in the form of a body that was significantly weaker than the original.

Hong! Long! Long!

The Remote Ocean body dissipated immediately. Churning, crimson waves appeared in the sky, forming a Bloody Sea with a diameter of almost 600,000 miles.

“Talent technique, Creation!”

A Remote Ocean body that was more than 5,500 miles tall, with a life gene level of 1,000 times, appeared.

Hua! Hua! Hua!

World energy flooded into the Bloody Sea. The sea immediately recovered the energy lost by the body. The stunted body then merged with the Bloody Sea, and it expanded again.

The Bloody Sea expanded so fiercely and quickly that the universe crystals Luo Feng took from his servant were gone.


Undying fighters didn’t carry adequate universe crystals, but universe crystals were fairly cheap. After all, the universe crystals used to build a giant world ring were only worth one or two mixed elements. Luo Feng went to buy more.

“I’ll have one million mixed elements worth of universe crystals,” said Luo Feng.

“One million worth… Are you sure? A million’s worth of universe crystals, Mr. Luo Feng?”

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