After continuous transfers, Cheng Yang’s speculation about transferring early was further validated. The talents activated by the workers and the lone taxi driver was at least B-class and almost 90% of the workers were A-class talents. For S-class talent, it didn’t show up again. Even so, Cheng Yang still had a hard time imagining that he had just received such a big pie falling from the sky.

He just had to win these people’s hearts over and then they would become Luo Feng station’s strongest team. In this regard, Cheng Yang was very confident. After they realized how cruel the world had become, they would most likely join Luo Feng station after seeing its many advantages.

The only thing Cheng Yang had to be even slightly dejected about is that there was no one else with management talent; such a talent was indeed very rare.

After everyone had completed his or her transfer, only half an hour had passed by. Power values were quickly gathered due to Yu Kai and the rest helping to kill the monsters, which gave the territory more than enough power value.

Now, in addition to Yu Kai and the few people that had already transferred earlier, Cheng Yang’s group of people consisted of eight warriors, five magicians, six archers and four summoners.

Cheng Yang said: “Now that we have completed the transfers, I will begin to open the four gates and let everyone get some first-hand experience in learning how to deal with the enchanted beasts …. Now, I will assign everyone here their roles.”

At this point, Cheng Yang looked at Lee, saying: “The station has a total of four doors, one in each direction. Everyone will be divided into four groups, and each group will be responsible for a gate. Lee, since your occupation is a Warrior, I want you to choose another Warrior and a Mage to come with me to defend the South gate. Brother Yu, pick seven people to guard the East Gate, Brother Niu, choose seven people to guard the east gate, and Liu will pick seven people responsible for the North Gate. Just know that when making your team, make sure that it’s balanced. Finally I want everyone to be careful, this isn’t a game. If you die, you won’t be resurrected after.”

Lee’s face flashed with a strange look. This distribution may seem normal, but as an experienced businessman he was able to see things other people can’t. Apparently, Cheng Yang still doesn’t trust him; so in order to weaken his influence he made him split up from his group. He knows he brought along more people than were in Cheng Yang’s group.

Although these people weren’t his men, these people were responsible for the transportation of the timbers that his company made. But honestly he didn’t really care; he held no malice or ill will towards Cheng Yang. The only thing he was currently thinking about was how to survive, and being able to make it back to Xiangcheng city to save his loved ones. Cheng Yang was just using his workers to give the team a higher chance of surviving, how could he be angry with that?

Lee’s thoughts weren’t wrong, Cheng Yang did arrange the team with such thoughts. In the face of disaster, Cheng Yang relied on his foresight to gain control of the group. But this was only based on their fear of the unknown. Once they calm down and learn more, they might go back to listening to Lee’s command.

Of course, with control of Luo Feng station Cheng Yang could easily deprive them of their abilities, but that was a last resort. He needed to separate these people, and gradually build sufficient prestige between all of them. After they approved of him, he planned on telling them of his power to deprive them of their abilities. By that point, there wouldn’t be many rejecting him leading them, making them much easier to use as his men.

Cheng Yang put Lee into his group so he could show off his fighting prowess, he knew this would deter any ill thoughts later on down the line. Everyone, including the workers, were shocked by his skill.

Later, Cheng Yang told Yu Kai and the rest how to use the fighting techniques he taught them earlier to deal with the enchanted beasts.

These skills were learned with a year’s accumulation of the blood and lives of mankind after the end, they were priceless.

These people didn’t have to go through months of horrific experiences that people from Xiangcheng city would have to go through. From this point of view, Yu Kai and everyone else are extremely lucky.

After everyone had finished taking notes, he let each group go to their own gate to defend, quickly opening the four gates with the control of his mind.

The walls were made from very thick wood, so it’s very strong. With a five-point defense Cheng Yang didn’t have to worry about enchanted beasts breaking through the walls.

Suddenly, a white light flashed 50 meters in front of Cheng Yang. His group suddenly saw a strange animal appear from out of nowhere! This enchanted beast was standing upright on its two legs, looking like an angry gorilla. But this “gorilla” was covered in green fur and it looked very ugly. Of course at this time, no one expressed contempt for the strange, ugly beast that was only 1.5-meter tall because it was holding a weapon in its hand, a pitchfork.

This enchanted beast had already appeared multiple times, but Cheng Yang hadn’t explained anything about it to anyone.

“This is a Green Anorak, a monster in the low-order, it has about 30 HP. This monster is mine, watch how I deal with it.” Cheng Yang calmly said.

Boss Lee had seen Cheng Yang kill enchanted beasts, but that was from the relative safety of the wall. Now since he’s going to deal with the enchanted beasts face to face, he wanted to give them some trouble also since he’s a Warrior. But Cheng Yang was able to deal with the enchanted beast by himself in close combat? This certainly gave them much reassurance.

After the Anorak appeared, in less than two seconds it started sprinting towards Cheng Yang’s group. It was pretty fast, with speed no less than that of an adult sprinting.

Rushing forward, the Anorak had reached within a distance of 30 meters almost immediately. Cheng Yang raised the stick in his hand, using his mind a fist sized ball of white light condensed at the top of the stick. After it was finished forming, it ejected from the stick speeding like a bullet towards the Anorak.

“Bang……” the impact from the Magic Missile caused the Anorak to stagger back two steps. The green fur from its chest had been blown off; light blue liquid could be seen flowing out from the inside. After the attack hit, this strange monster cried out like a baby, continuing to rush towards them.

Shortly thereafter, two more Magic Missiles were shot out, again hitting the green Anorak. It was knocked onto the ground as it tried to struggle on its feet, but in the end, it failed to get back up.

A second later, Cheng Yang released a final Magic Missile to end this monster’s life.

After the Green Anorak died, at the same time, a small ball of light that couldn’t be seen rapidly integrated into Cheng Yang’s body.

“Wow … …” Lee and the other three people were surprised; this monster had given them so much pressure. When they saw that Cheng Yang killed the enchanted beast with four Magic Missiles comfortably, the pressure in their hearts was relieved.

But Lee was keen to details and spotted something. When Cheng Yang killed the green Anorak it only required four Magic Missiles. If the green Anorak’s property was what Cheng Yang said it was, of the low-order warrior apprentice, then Cheng Yang’s magic attack should reach around 9 points.

He’s a Warrior, so he knows the property of the low-order warrior apprentice.

If Cheng Yang’s every hit had his damage maxed out, then each hit would cause the green Anorak to be hurt above 8 points, also with the green Anorak’s low magic defense, Cheng Yang’s magic attack absolutely reached up to 9 points or even possibly 10 points!

Lee Wanshan had heard other people say, the low-order sorcerer’s apprentice Magic Attack is only 5 points. So the only explanation left is that Cheng Yang wasn’t at the low-order sorcerer’s apprentice.

Even though Lee Wanshan guessed this, his heart wasn’t jealous one bit. After all, this time the two sides were on the same boat. The stronger Cheng Yang is, the more secure they are. Chapter 10- Fighting

After dealing with the Green Anorak, Cheng Yang said: “The next enchanted beast will be dealt with by the three of you. Just know that the world isn’t exactly like a game, for instance; the skills won’t automatically lock onto a target. So every time you shoot off a Magic Missile or an arrow, you need to properly aim at the target, or else it would be a waste of mana. So, I hope that you will wait until the enchanted beast is close before you start shooting at them, it can also help the Warriors practice defending.”

Lee Wanshan deeply nodded and said: “Little bro, don’t worry! The times have changed, we all know what to do now.”

Afterwards, Lee Wanshan turned to the other two people and said: “Du Cheng and I will be at the frontline, since our attacks are weaker than a magicians, we will be depending on you to be the damage dealer, Feng Jie.”

While speaking, a flash of white light once again appeared in the distance, a wolf-like animal appearing from seemingly nowhere. It did the same thing as the Green Anorak; it rushed quickly towards Cheng Yang’s group.

“Prepare for battle!” Cheng Yang said loudly, then quietly slipped to the back to watch the battle.

The Gray Wolf was coming straight towards them, 50 meters … … 40 m … … 30 m … … 20 m … …

“Zoooom……” A white ball of light suddenly ejected out from the gate, and went straight towards the direction of the Gray Wolf. It flew right past the Gray Wolf’s head, not a single hair on the beast had been touched.

“I……” the tense 20 year old Feng Jie was about to say something. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Magic Missile was a skill that he launched.

Cheng Yang had no expression during the entire event and said: “No need to explain! Just keep fighting!”

Feng Jie closed his mouth; he seemed to understand that now wasn’t the time to explain. The Gray Wolf had reached a distance of only 10 meters away from them now.

Lee Wanshan’s face hardened, rushing directly forward with his shield. He butted against the Gray Wolf with the shield, forcing the wolf to recede a bit, but Lee Wanshan suffered the most from the overall impact of his charge. He wasn’t even able to stand on his feet steadily.

After the Gray Wolf steadied itself, it once more lunged towards the gate. Du Cheng shouted loudly trying to suppress his fears, while rushing towards the gray wolf. It may be due to his fear, but he didn’t use his shield to defend, instead he used his sword to slash toward the Gray Wolf’s head.

“Ding……” Du Cheng’s sword landed on the Gray Wolf’s head. The sword wasn’t even able to create a wound on the Gray Wolf’s hard head, even the impact created was almost nothing. The wolf butted the shield of Du Cheng away, using its huge mouth to bite toward his shoulder.

“Ah … …” with the two side so close together, Du Cheng wasn’t able to dodge, and was bitten on the shoulder.

After the Gray Wolf bit Du Cheng’s shoulder it immediately let go and went toward his throat with it sharp teeth.

“Pop……” It wasn’t the sound of Du Cheng being bitten, but Feng Jie’s Magic Missile hitting the Gray Wolf, forcing it back.

Seizing the opportunity, Du Cheng retreated. He didn’t dare rush up alone again. He immediately went to Lee Wanshan, and went side by side back toward the Gray Wolf. Although the bite was causing Du Cheng intense pain, he was face to face with what could be his death, he didn’t care too much currently..

“Kill!” “Two people each holding a shield blocked the Gray Wolf from lunging again, followed by two swords swinging from both sides. Lee Wanshan managed to hit the target, Du Cheng’s sword missed. However, the wolf, faced with the two shields blocking it wasn’t able to do anything back.

When Feng Jie saw the Gray Wolf had been successfully blocked, he began to calm down and sent another Magic Missile at the wolf.

The Magic Missile successfully hit the wolf’s body.

Feng Jie didn’t feel happy though. The wolf was only three meters away, if he hadn’t been able to hit the Gray Wolf he would have died of shame.

After three shots, Feng Jie used his fourth Magic Missile, which finally killed the Gray Wolf. A few fuzzy points of light from the Gray Wolf’s body flowed straight into Lee Wanshan’s and the other two’s bodies.

In this battle, Feng Jie contributed to more than half of the damage, but if there hadn’t been Lee Wanshan and Du Cheng on the frontline, I’m afraid he couldn’t have even used a single Magic Missile to hit the Gray Wolf.

Their fight lasted for about 30 seconds, which was four or five times longer than it when Cheng Yang killed the Green Anorak. Also, it was three people taking care of one enchanted beast, while Cheng Yang was able to kill one alone.

“The next enchanted beast I’ll deal with. You can all sit down and rest, that can speed up the health recovery rate.” Cheng Yang quietly said. He didn’t explain why to them, but he knew that when they sat down to rest, they would understand his reasons.

Lee Wanshan’s group sat down, and Cheng Yang went to the front of the gate alone again. He waited for a minute before a Grey Wolf appeared; Cheng Yang released four Magic Missiles to quickly end the fight. It made the rest of the people who saw dumbfounded.

After killing two enchanted beasts, Cheng Yang’s mana was only at 21 points. Although the rest of his mana was enough to kill another enchanted, he didn’t want to take risks. If a Magician has no mana left, their strength would only be twice as strong as the average human, it was just too risky. So for the next fight, he let Lee Wanshan’s group handle it while he sat down to meditate and recover his mana.

Cheng Yang team was able to smoothly defend the South Gate; the other three gate’s groups were able to do the same.

From in the three groups of people, no one was as strong as Cheng Yang, but there were plenty of them in the group. Each team had nine fighting personnel (including summons). And they had the power granted to them by the four occupations. The Summoner was the most useful currently for the big groups though; they could summon a wolf to the front and relieve a lot of pressure on everyone else.

As time went by, the frequency of the enchanted beasts started appearing faster and faster. However, for Yu Kai’s group of people, they used to need four people to kill one enchanted beast, but now they only needed two people to do it with their experience gained from fighting them. The progress they had made as of now was huge; since an enchanted beast’s strength was at the same level as them they had to be the more skilled ones in battle. As long as they put away their fears, one or two enchanted beasts at the same time weren’t a problem.

Letting them try to solo an enchanted beast at this time however, is extremely dangerous. One careless move could take their lives.

Half an hour later, the enchanted beasts that died in the hands of the four groups added up to more 150. Cheng Yang alone killed more than more than 30 enchanted beasts, making his Magic Missile proficiency go up by 10%.

Several other people’s skill proficiency was also raised, but compared to Cheng Yang’s speed it was a lot worse. After all he can recover his mana faster, so the frequency of his kills was more.

The harvest that mattered the most in the 30 minutes of killing was the power value. Cheng Yang viewed his properties panel, power value had reached 37 points. For Yu Kai and the rest, their power value was still all in the single digits.

Xiangcheng city, at this time was once again ushered into another disaster. Various monsters emerging out of nowhere made people afraid.

For people that hadn’t transferred occupations, the monster was very strong. An ordinary person has their stats all at 1, and their health was only 10. Facing low-order enchanted beasts’ attacks; there was no hope for resistance.

Fortunately, the enchanted beasts’ speeds were about the same as a person in full sprint. So if people ran at full speed, they would have some chance of escaping.

Government officials finally realized how terrible the situation was now, they started to use guns to kill the enchanted beasts. At this point, humans had understood how awful these monsters were, and if they wanted to kill every single one of enchanted beasts it would require at least 20 bullets each!

Later, they found out that the bullets didn’t penetrate the enchanted beasts’ skin, but just bounced off the surface of their skins; their defense was very strong.

In the streets filled with ruins, people began to flee from the enchanted beasts. But this time, they found themselves fleeing with no real direction to take, the enchanted beasts started appearing randomly, making it seem like they could appear anywhere.

People finally understood what that voice said before about the killings, but it seems to have meant that humans are the one being killed! At the moment, it didn’t seem like there was anything they could do to stop the endless killing.

Fortunately, these monsters were acting alone and didn’t appear in groups, or else Xiangcheng city would have experienced a horrific bloodbath.

Cheng Yang’s expression gradually soured; he found the frequency the enchanted beasts would appear was increasing. Now four enchanted beasts would appear every 20 seconds. Every group was currently fighting at full capacity, if the beasts increased in frequency again, Cheng Yang would be in trouble.

For Cheng Yang’s groups of people, the biggest limitation is the mana, meditation help mana recover quickly, but it still takes time.

The Warrior’s situation was only a little better; they could still fight with no mana, using their weapons to chop at the enchanted beasts. This would only make them be at 70% fighting capacity. It may make their damage caused on enchanted beasts to be smaller, but as long as they have proper protection, the chances of them getting hurt were low.

At this moment, Cheng Yang wished he was staying in Xiangcheng city. In the city, as long as he has enough power value, he can use it to buy various recovery potions, which is a big advantage for being in the main city. For now, the station can’t buy any recovery potions; it needs to be upgraded to Level 2 before the Alchemy room can be built.

Cheng Yang doesn’t regret his decision though, he knew, if he didn’t arrive before the end came to occupy Luo Feng, then there would be no chance of occupying Luo Feng station in the future. After three months in the past, human forces had paid a heavy price to occupied Luo Feng station, and they were the city’s most elite forces. At that time, he may not have been at the bottom of humanity, but for him to stand at the top would have also been impossible.

Of course, Cheng Yang could choose to close the gates and kill the enchanted beasts from the top of the wall. But, doing so will make everyone’s fighting experience be diminished. Cheng Yang doesn’t want his group of future master fighters to only know how to be able to kill the enchanted beasts from a safe distance, it would only make them weak in the face of real danger.

The time passed had been nearly 50 minutes, the enchanted beasts high refresh time will soon be over. As long as there isn’t a large group of flight-type enchanted beasts, they won’t have to worry about the station being overrun. Chapter 11- Test

After killing several waves of enchanted beasts the enchanted beasts stopped appearing. They waited for a minute, but still, no monsters came out.

Had the enchanted beasts stopped respawning? That shouldn’t be happening right now.. Cheng Yang knew, once the enchanted beasts appeared, they would never stop respawning, including near the city. If an enchanted beast is killed, in a short time it will respawn again in a nearby location. If the enchanted beast isn’t killed, after a while, another enchanted beast will spawn, the spawn time would just be a bit longer.

“Everyone, sit down and recover!” Cheng Yang shouted. He felt something was off. . .

They sat down for less than 20 seconds before flashes of bright lights appeared at the East and West gate. The lights were brighter than those of the previous enchanted beasts lights that they saw before they appeared. At the same time, the other two gates also had some flashes of light, but it was a bit dimmer than the East and West gate.

Cheng Yang’s facial expression changed, clearly the lights were a sign that a more powerful enchanted beast appeared, it should be around the first medium-order. How could a medium-order monster appear at this time though? It should be half a month before the first medium-order enchanted beast spawned, how could this be happening right now?

Suddenly, Cheng Yang came up with an idea. Before, when he occupied Luo Feng station there was supposed to be a test, but at the time there wasn’t any enchanted beasts so the test couldn’t be taken place. Now, out of nowhere, there are two enchanted beasts of the first medium-order. This is most likely the test prepared for the occupation of the altar.

Of course, this is just a guess. More importantly, Cheng Yang needed to think of a way to overcome the current crisis fast. If they fail the test, the enchanted beasts will occupy the station, and then they will lose their occupations. In the worst case, they would be killed afterward.

Cheng Yang quickly processed his thoughts for the best solution available. He immediately dashed toward the East Gate, a distance of 80 meters took only four to five seconds to reach with his speed.

When he reached the East gate, the white light had faded and a Green Anorak that was ⅔ larger than normal appeared, it started dashing toward the gate very fast, it’s speed no slower than Chang Yang’s.

Cheng Yang quickly shouted: “You, go to support the West gate, that monster must be pinned down!” While at the same time, he formed a Magic Missile at the end of his wand and fired it toward the Green Anorak.

“Bang……” the Green Anorak failed to avoid Cheng Yang’s attack. The Magic Missile hit it right in the abdomen, letting it instantly feel an intense pain.

Yu Kai had some slight hesitation but immediately rushed over to the West Gate with seven other people. Right now they didn’t have much of a choice, because they don’t know what the current situation is. Other than listening to Cheng Yang’s instructions, they don’t know what else to do.

Cheng Yang released another Magic Missile hitting the Green Anorak’s head. The enchanted beast released a piercing cry. Perhaps, due to the restrictions of the world’s rules, this lethal blow to the head can’t kill the monster, only making its head bloody. Also, none of its movement had been impaired either.

Looking at this Green Anorak’s speed, it should be a first medium-order enchanted beast, but Cheng Yang didn’t have any inspection skills, so wasn’t entirely sure. Enchanted beasts and humans have some differences; for enchanted beasts their stats aren’t fixed. They could be slow, but to compensate have high health and physical attack.

Seeing the Green Anorak was only 10 meters away from the East Gate, Cheng Yang without hesitation, rushed out of the gate’s entrance.

Twice Cheng Yang’s Magic Missile had hit the Green Anorak making it form a deep hatred for him. So after seeing Cheng Yang rushing out and fleeing toward another direction, instead of continuing going toward the station, it went toward the direction of Cheng Yang.

Being in such a fight, Cheng Yang couldn’t count how many similar experiences he had before. While he continued running the Green Anorak chased him from behind. Cheng Yang’s distance from the Green Anorak gradually increased from it.

“Sou … … Bang…… “a Magic Missile was released and hit the Green Anorak, It let out a scream from behind him.

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