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“Ahhhh, ahhhhhhh.

“Aaaaaahhhhh, ahhhh.”

All kinds of images were conjured up in the minds of many of the audience members!

Han Qi saw it!

Hu Fei saw it!

Yao Jiancai saw it!

Petal Shower saw it!

Sunflower saw it!

Sunset Glow saw it!

The audience also saw it!

So they were shocked! So they were moved!

There were no lyrics!

Not a single verse!

However, even though this song had no words, it felt like it said thousands of words. In fact, it conveyed more than what thousand of words could say!

Several of the judges suddenly recalled the criticism in the news and online. They were suddenly very angered and felt that it was extremely insulting! Would a singer who could sing such a song need to rely on using lyrics to gain sympathy?

How could that be!

How could that be possible!

So what if there weren’t any lyrics?

He could still shine in radiant splendor!

That was the charm of music!

That was this singer’s charm!


In Sunflower in the Starlight’s waiting room.

Sunflower watched the television and did not say a word.

In Sunset Glow’s waiting room.

Sunset Glow abruptly turned to the side and gave a wry smile to the camera inside the room. “If he makes it to the next round, I wouldn’t want to face him.”

In God of War’s waiting room.

God of War looked helpless.

What sort of people were these!

Who the fuck was this group of freaks!

In the studio.

The music stopped.

In the middle of The Clown’s a cappella falsetto, he ended the song amid sorrow and love. He sustained the falsetto for a very long time and in a very high pitch. As it came to the end, it got lower and softer until there was no sound.


It was so silent it was scary.

It wasn’t until The Clown raised his head and bowed in thanks that the audience knew the performance had ended!

Applause then seemingly thundered with a sudden explosion!

The audience was shouting his name in a frenzy!

“The Clown!”

“The Clown!”

“The Clown!”

“The Clown!”

This was a song that could move people!

This was an unprecedented song!

Other than shouting, they could not find another way to express their emotions!

Dong Shanshan came onstage. “Let’s invite our previous singer, Petal Shower.”

Petal Shower walked slowly up onto the stage and nodded at The Clown. Her eyes were locked on him as though she were hoping to discover a clue to find out who he was!

The Clown nodded back at her.

Dong Shanshan smiled and said, “Will the panel of judges-“

“I don’t know how to describe what I’m feeling right now! The Clown, you’re so wonderful!” Amy did not wait and stood up before Shanshan could finish speaking.

The Clown gave a slight bow and said, “Thank you, Teacher Amy.”

Amy quickly waved it off and said, “Don’t you call me that. I don’t deserve to be addressed as a teacher in front of you.”

Wang Zhuishu was completely convinced. “He definitely has to be a big shot in the industry! There’s no doubt!”

The Clown smiled but did not respond.

Dong Shanshan said, “Oh, Teacher Wang, who do you think he is?”

Wang Zhuishu said dejectedly, “The problem is I don’t really know who this big shot is! I don’t even have a potential candidate in mind!”

Chen Yidong said, “When he sang ‘Wolf’ and ‘Wild Rose’ in the last episode, he was in very bad shape and had lost his voice. Still, he managed to sing those songs in such an astonishing way. At that time, I was already wondering how good this guy’s singing would be if his voice had recovered. I finally heard it today! He’s really amazing! Seriously…you’ve really shocked me today!”

The Clown’s voice came from underneath the mask and went through the voice transforming microphone. “Thank you.”

Broly in the Marvel Universe Freedom of Fire Zhang Xia suddenly said, “But there’s no such person in the music industry!”

The judges looked to Zhang Xia.

Zhang Xia analyzed, “Petal Shower sang her female falsetto to a perfection. Although I can’t guess who she is because she did not reveal any of her real voice, I at least have some candidates in mind and it’s possible to make a guess. However, I really can’t guess who The Clown is. I’ve been in the music industry for a few decades now, yet I’ve never heard of any male singers who could sing in falsetto like this. There just isn’t anyone I can think of. So I guess, yeah, I can only guess that this man is probably not part of the music industry.”

Yao Jiancai said in surprise, “You mean to say that The Clown is not a professional singer?”

Amy instantly shook her head. “That’s impossible. Can an amateur singer sing that well? If so, then professional singers would die out.” This was how she was. She wasn’t afraid to use whatever descriptions she liked.

Zhang Xia said, “I can only guess.”

Wang Zhuishu asked, “Just who are you!”

The Clown smiled without saying a word.

Wang Zhuishu asked, “Can you tell us your age? Let’s narrow down the range of our target.”

Dong Shanshan quickly stopped the discussion. She smiled and said, “Teacher Wang, the contestant will not be answering any questions that are too specific. You must rely upon your own guesses.”

Chen Guang spoke up, “Then can I ask a not so straightforward question?”

Dong Shanshan nodded.

Chen Guang thought for a moment, then suddenly asked, “Are you above or below the B-list?”

The audience was immediately energized!

The judges felt that this was a very good question and pricked up their ears.

As Dong Shanshan was not sure if this question was acceptable, she quickly communicated with the program team staff through her earpiece.

However, The Clown was already answering the question.

The Clown said calmly, “Above.”

The entire studio flew into an uproar!

At least a B-list celebrity?

In other words, he was at least a B-lister?

Petal Shower looked at him with interest!

Chen Guang was dumbfounded!

Zhang Xia gasped!

The masked singers backstage were also extremely shocked!

They thought that King of Oddity, who had been eliminated last episode, was a big name since he was a C-lister. But who could have expected that The Clown, who hadn’t been recognized by anyone and even thought by some to be a newcomer, would turn out to be an even bigger name, at least a B-list celebrity! Everyone was stunned by this revelation!

The audience was making a ruckus!

“Who is it!”

“At least a B-lister? There’s over several dozen possibilities!”

“But the range isn’t that large either!”

“Holy shit!”

“Is he really a B-lister?”

“He might even be an A-lister?”

“Heavens! He’s that much of a big name?”

Dong Shanshan was stunned too. Clearly, she did not expect this either!

Amy instantly got excited. “Above the B-list-that’s a very small range of possibilities. S-So why can’t I guess who you are!”

The Clown smiled. He thought to himself that of course they couldn’t guess who he was.

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