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“Yes, young master.” Kroen was about to leave.

“And.” Dudian stopped him: “By the way, tell old patriarch that spread out news that if any noble is willing to provide rare level parasitic soul worm then they will get an opportunity to send someone to be assessed as my student. If they could provide a variation rare level parasitic soul worm then they will directly get the spot.”

Kroen promised: “Alright.”

In the afternoon.

Denis came back with a tall woman.

The woman was very different from the women of the wall. Her body was much taller than most of the women in the outer wall. Ivette’s height was as high as the most regular knights.

In addition to her physique her skin was also very different. Even the most plebs who lived in slums and didn’t take a bath ever in their lives didn’t have such a color.

Dudian took a look at Ivette. He knew that the barbarian female’s pride had been disheveled in the interrogation. Her clothing was tattered. Her bare skin had traces of whip and knife scars. Even her beautiful face had several scars and red marks. The Dark King – Chapter 429

“Master, we brought her back.” Denis came forward.

Dudian nodded slightly and went upstairs: “Take her to my study room.”

“Yes, young master.” Denis nodded.

It didn’t take long for Denis to bring Ivette into Dudian’s study room: “Master, anything else?”

“You should go back and order others to retreat too. Nobody should stay close to the room and disturb us.” Dudian sat in the sofa and poured tea for two.

Denis nodded and gently closed the door. Ivette and Dudian were only two left in the study room.

Dudian glanced at Ivette. He saw that her face was numb, her eyes full. She was standing still. He smiled and said in English: “Come over, sit.”

Ivette was expressionless like a tree.

Dudian’s eyebrows wrinkled as he got up and walked to stop in front of her. He raised his hands to shook in front of her. Suddenly, Ivette shot at Dudian and tried to lock onto his throat.

Dudian’s eyes lit up as his upper body swayed and he caught her with his hand. He grabbed her by shoulders and pushed her body backwards. Her body hit the door and some dust fell off because of the shock to the door.

Ivette’s hands rushed over at Dudian. Her fingers were like claws.

Dudian waved with his arms and blocked her. He hit her chest and pushed her back again. Dudian’s hand grasped her throat: “Do you want to die?”

Ivette stopped as she looked at him with eyes full of resentment.

“Do you want to continue to attack? Even if you kill me you will be dead!” Dudian coldly continued: “Moreover you won’t be able to kill me with your strength.”

Ivette bit her lips. Blood oozed out but she was unaware. She still stared back at Dudian as if a beast was looking at a human.

“Do you hate me?” Dudian didn’t sympathize with the barbarian girl: “No matter what you think in your hurt if you live in my house then you have to follow my rules. Unless you want to suffer ten times more insult than in the military!”

He slowly loosened his fingers.

However she still stared back at him with eyes full of hate and anger. But there was a bit of faint fear.

Dudian turned back to the sofa and sat down. He pointed to the seat opposite to him: “Come over and sit.”

Ivette’s hands were trembling as if she was a patient in a mental institution. She step by step walked. Her feet seemed to be heavy. She sat opposite to Dudian and stared at him.

“Are you dumb or did they cut off your tongue?” Dudian chuckled as he gave her a cup.

Ivette’s chest went up and down sharply as her fingers clenched into a fist.

Dudian snorted: “You may hate my strength but you better beg me as maybe I will help you get your revenge on the one who rap3d and humiliated you. “

Ivette’s body slightly trembled as she heard the word ‘rap3.’ There was a trace of anger in her eyes. Her face was pale as she slowly bowed down her head. After a moment she said in a hoarse tone: “It’s all because of you!”

Dudian indifferently replied: “You should stop blaming others because of the setbacks. If you continue to complain at best you will become a good wife. You should be aware of your fate when you were captured by me. You didn’t have courage to commit suicide so I have you my word to keep your little life. In the end I actually did. You should not hate me but thank me!”

Ivette’s eyes were flushed: “I would have committed suicide long ago if you didn’t promise to protect my life. I would not have gone through the humiliation!”

Dudian replied: “Dead people can’t take revenge.”

Ivette bitterly stared at him: “What do you want? Can you help me? Will you help me?”

“Depending on your attitude.” Dudian took a sip from the cup: “Right now I don’t see you trying to plead…”

Ivette almost spat out mouthful of blood. She bowed her head and bit her lips: “You want to get secrets from me so you have protected my life. I won’t tell you even if I knew…”

Dudian looked at her: “Look at me.”

Ivette looked up at him in anger.

Dudian raised his fingers: “First, your people tried to invade us. It was my duty to capture you! Second, First, as a wall of people, you invade us, I will you under the capture, this is my duty! Second, I said that your life will be spared and you weren’t killed. Third I can impose the torture hundred times more worser than military have done! “

Dudian smiled: “A small reminder. Even if you commit suicide now, your body is still valuable. I will dissect your body, stript of your skind and check the bones. I will see if it’s the same flesh and blood of the people form the outer wall or there is something different. Later on I’ll send your flesh and blood to barbarian tribes. Let them have a taste of a royal flesh. Oh and your head… You have such delicate facial features. I’m interested what’s in it…”

Ivette wasn’t scared as she said in an angry tone: “Are you threatening me?”

Dudian shook his head: “Why should I threaten you? I’m just standing the fact. I believe your tribe wouldn’t be interested in your corpse and we are free to spoil it. Don’t trouble me too much as I like to solve problems in an efficient way. I hate inefficiency. So don’t force me to do something which I hate. Am I clear?”

“I will tell you everything that I know if you can help me with revenge! I want you to help me to kill that damned dwarf pig!” Ivette replied.

“Its better this way. We are saving time.” Dudian continued: “The man who was responsible for doing what he did to you will stay in here. He can’t get away or run. Now lets talk about me. My name is Dean. I have two main occupations. I’m a master architect from the Temple and a golden knight from the Knight’s Hall. I’m telling this to you so you know that your request is very simple for me.”

Ivette as a part of the royal family of the barbarians was aware of two forces that Dudian had told. The kid had such a high status though his age looked smaller than hers! And why would such a person act personally on the battlefield?

“This if my medal from the Knight’s Hall and this is my medal from the Temple.” Dudian took out two medals and put them on the table: “I won’t know what to say if you don’t even know what these medals mean. “

Ivette recognized the knight medal from the first sight. She picked it up to carefully check it and confirm that its not face. She looked at Dudian: “Are-are you lying?”

Dudian said: “Why would I?”

Ivette’s eyelids twitched. She found that the boy’s mouth was sharp and insensitive. She took a deep breath: “Alright, I believe you. What do you want to know?”

“Everything you know.” Dudian slowly said: “By the way, I know when people lie. Know that I don’t mind choosing the hard way to take out that knowledge from you. I can assure you that my means are more effective than the military’s. At least I can find thousands to humiliate you.”

Ivette’s face changed.

Dudian lightly said: “One more thing. The barbarians have been defeated and were expelled from the golden wall. I can let my attendants take you to the golden wall to see the sight if you don’t believe me. The barbarians lost because of the weapon created by me!”

Ivette was shocked: “Impossible! We can’t lose!”

“I can send you personally to verify the case. I don’t need to tell a lie.” Dudian indifferently said: “The military is considering to attack your headquarters. I got lots of inventions and can help the military to completely erase the barbarians but I don’t want to do so.”

“If you are willing to believe then give me few years of time! I can make sure that there will be a place in outer wall for barbarians and noone will expel you out!”

“I hope you will be honest.”

Ivette stared at him. She felt that the boy could really achieve the things what he said. However her faith was shaken so she calmed her mind.


Alright I was “concerned” that the quality of the story will drop (that was my main excuse to read ahead) so I spent a lot of time today to read the raws up to the latest chapter… Guess what? The shit gets real! Gu Xi doesn’t fail our expectations! Chapter 88 – No Soul Beast?

Yet, the person she was up against was Barton, the king of defense. Every punch she executed had been blocked by his shield. While Barton had a large physique and held a heavy shield, he was perfect with respect to his defence and was able to shift his stance easily to better defend himself at any angle. Any close combat or melee combatant could only cry when faced against him.

It would be unwise for Laura to rely on her flames in order to break through his defences. After all, it was commonplace for one’s defenses to be able to not block material attacks, but also special abilities.

Everyone had no idea to what Laura was planning. After all, they knew Laura’s brain and chest were equally big. This time though…


Barton, who had been on the defense all this time, felt that something wasn’t quite right. He suddenly spun his shield into a rotation before smashing it against Laura’s strike. The collision actually forcefully sent him back ten meters.

After being knocked away, Laura slid across the ground in a relaxed manner as she stretched her arms.

As for Barton, the arm holding the shield seemed to be trembling slightly.

“The Potter clan’s Flame Void Fist does indeed deserve its reputation!” Barton said in a deep voice. Although he used his shield, he was still smashed back by Laura to the point where his wrist almost broke.

The entire crowd started to whisper. Flaming Void Fist?

Wasn’t it said that Laura’s physique wasn’t suited for it?

No wonder each of her blows had created a roar akin to muffled thunder. This was a fist technique that contained the mysteries of blazing implosions. This kind of combat skill was known for having flame void energy, and it could be transformed into various types of techniques.

While it could be said that Laura’s previous attack didn’t seem fierce, the power behind her attacks can reach as high as 180 grassos of power.

Everyone who had seen this scene was stunned. No wonder why Laura didn’t immediately call out her soul beast when she entered the arena. This kind of attack was enough to eliminate a large majority of heavy soldiers.

The image of her as the Beast Lady was about to be overthrown. Laura’s Explosive Bear had been too famous, which made everyone forget that fact that she had come from the world’s top empty-handed fighting clan-the Potter clan!

As the clan with the ultimate empty-handed style, the Potter clan stood at one of the highest pinnacle of the world amongst numerous combat styles. With the fusion between the mind and body, the collision and control of soul power and movements, they had became known as ‘humanoid weapons’. Every single punch and kick from them emitted a superhuman strength that far exceeded the limits of the body.

It was, however, regretful that Laura was currently facing the Shield of Austin. While everyone stared with shock at Laura’s Flame Void Fist, Barton-who had perfected his Spiraling Shield Resisting Technique-prevented the Flame Void Fist from displaying even a shred of its true might since she couldn’t reach him. Coupled with his proficient use of defensive techniques, he had the ability to redirect the majority of the force to the ground.

What the common man could only see was Barton defending warily, but experts could clearly identify the technique he used, which was marvelous. About 70% of Laura’s strength had been absorbed by the shield and into the ground. This kind of energy consumption wasn’t something Laura keep up with ease.

No matter how outstanding her physique and talent was, it still couldn’t compare to that of a heavy soldier’s.

Barton gradually began to increase the pressure on Laura as he switched into a suppressing stance while advancing. Laura was forced to continuously launch attacks to counter Barton’s moves, but the space she could attack from was obviously growing smaller and smaller. With the loss of this space, the might of Flame Void Fist was clearly reduced. Even the number of places she could move to was gradually diminishing.

Barton was like a tank pushing slowly forward. Any number of guns could rain down bullets on him, but it would be of no absolute use. One can only stand there and watch as the cannon loomed closer and closer.

“It’s a pity Laura was too confident in herself. If it were any other opponent, then her Flame Void Fist would’ve been a great killing tool!”

“It will still be a glorious defeat. After all, the restriction posed by his combat style was too hampering to her! It’s enough for us to anticipate the Ball Queen’s future performances.”

“Barton’s defense is simply too disgusting! I don’t ever want to battle him”

“Why didn’t she use her soul beast? If she just wanted to test her new Flame Void Fist technique, then fighting to this point shouldn’t be necessary, right?”

Murmurs from the crowd began to fill the viewing gallery.

This wasn’t only due to Laura’s current disadvantage.

A soul beast master who didn’t use their soul beast would unavoidably give others a feeling of one not fully utilising their full strength. Even if her strength in other areas was also strong, it was still a reckless waste of natural resources!

“Is there something wrong with Laura’s soul beast?”

No one knew who had said these words, but it made everyone instantly shocked. On the surface, a soul beast master held unlimited fame and prestige, yet it was also a high risk venture. If any little problem were to surface during training, then the little boat made from the friendship of the soul beast would have a possibility of capsizing. There were too many examples of this issue happening.

Laura had not used her soul beast and was training in some fist techniques. Could it be…

Sharmie also had her skylink on, so it was natural for her to watch her rival’s match.

When she saw Laura’s Flame Void Fist, Sharmie felt slightly stunned by it. Additionally, the soul beast she was most envious of wasn’t present. As for the Flame Void Fist… in all honesty, it wasn’t of any use. Due to her inherent qualities, her physique just wasn’t suitable for utilising the Flame Void Fist to its full strength.

Having a large chest… was an achilles heel!

The reason why Emily could be an assassin was because… certain parts of her were a bit lacking… yet this could also be an achilles heel in a way…

Sharmie wrinkled her brows. Why did Laura not use her soul beast? To fight till this point, it should be clear that the Flame Void Fist is lacking in strength against Barton. If this continues, then the one who ends up losing will be Laura. If she is going to wait before summoning her soul beast, then with her soul power so exhausted, it will only reduce the duration the soul beast could exist in combat. Afterall, a soul beast isn’t omnipotent. If her opponent chooses to deal with the soul beast properly, then it’ll still end up as her loss.

Could it be that these fellows are speaking the truth? Is there a problem with Laura’s soul beast? Or was the consumption from the Flame Void Fist a complete drain of her energy reserves, so she couldn’t summon her soul beast?

This cannot be!

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