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She dared to go after her man, she was lucky that she hadn’t destroyed her with one hand.

“I want to eat wild roast boar, let’s hunt wild boar! We can roast it tonight.” She said with a carefree smile as she looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze who was sitting on the horse beside her. She had forgotten that she was still wearing a manservant’s outfit.

“Okay.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze responded. He pulled his horse’s reins and galloped into the forest.

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu and the rest followed. As for Princess Yingcure, she had no choice but to suppress the resentment in her heart and follow them. She didn’t believe that Xuanyuan Crown Prince would not be moved by her beauty! Appearance was what all men emphasized on, not a single man was not prurient, she didn’t believe that she wouldn’t win him over!

As they ventured further into the forest, they saw even more beasts, and some had even rushed forwards to attack them before the arrows left their bows. A few hours later, Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Scarlet Water Crown Prince had both hunted many prey.

After riding a horse through the forest for many hours, even Feng Jiu was tired. When she saw them continuing forwards in high spirits, she slowed down and had intended to find a place to sit down and rest for a while. As she was in thought, whoosh, a sudden sound of sharp wind rushed at her with a loud sound.

There was only Gray Wolf beside her. But at this time, Gray Wolf was over a metre away from her. When Gray Wolf heard the sound of the sharp wind, he looked back in surprise and reminded her at once.

“Be careful!”

At the moment the sound fell, Feng Jiu looked back and saw a sharp arrow flying towards her. There was no way to evade the arrow, therefore, she clasped the horse between her legs and lay down on her back to avoid the arrow.


The sharp arrow flew past her and embedded into a tree in a distance. The arrow had penetrated deep into the tree and the feather at the end of the arrow was still trembling slightly.

Feng Jiu’s legs squeezed against the horse’s abdomen and as she sat up. She looked at Scarlet Water Crown Prince, her eyes cold.

“I’m so sorry, I accidentally regarded you as prey.” Scarlet Water Crown Prince apologised without an ounce of sincerity as he handed the bow in his hand to a guard beside him and rode on the horse out into the forest.

Gray Wolf stared at the group of people on horses as they rode out with anger and bluntly mocked: “He is such a big person yet Scarlet Water Crown Prince is able to mistake him for prey, if we didn’t know better we would have thought that Crown Prince was already seventy or eighty years old!”

God only knew that his heart had nearly jumped out as when he witnessed what had just happened. If something had happened to the Ghost Doctor under his protection, he would not live.

He glared at the group of people who came out with Scarlet Water Crown Prince. What nonsense was that about ‘accidentally mistaking a person as prey’? It was clearly intentional! “It’s alright, I don’t think Scarlet Water Crown Prince did it intentionally.” Feng Jiu said with a smile and gestured Gray Wolf to calm down. She then looked at Scarlet Water Crown Prince and said: “If Scarlet Water Crown Prince wanted to take my life then that arrow wouldn’t have missed.”

Upon hearing that, Scarlet Water Crown Prince’s eyes flashed slightly. Did he miss his target? That arrow was clearly aimed at the fatal point of his heart. If Xuanyuan Mo Ze hadn’t been somewhere in the forest and Gray Wolf wasn’t beside him, he would have ordered his people behind him to kill him to vent his anger.

When he saw that Feng Jiu didn’t seem to mind, Gray Wolf didn’t say much but just watched them warily as he saw them approach.

“Little Plum?” Scarlet Water Crown Prince rode over on his horse and came to Feng Jiu, his feminine gaze stared tightly at the young manservant boy.

“Yes.” Feng Jiu nodded.

“It’s the first time I have seen a manservant like you. Compared to hunting, I am even more curious about your strength. Why don’t you compete with my men?” As he spoke, Scarlet Water Crown Prince was already waving his hand and beckoned a middle-aged man dressed in grey to step forward.

“Don’t you take things too far. My Lord is nearby and if he sees you bullying us he will make you suffer!” Gray Wolf said cautiously and rode his horse right in front of Feng Jiu. He lowered his voice and said: “You should leave first, they are aiming for you!”

Feng Jiu looked at the man behind Scarlet Water Crown Prince and said slightly distressed: “This doesn’t seem fair. I seem to be at a disadvantage! Besides, you are guests and it’s not such a good idea to be duelling against guests. It’s too impolite and against the rules.”

Scarlet Water Crown Prince chuckled and his feminine gaze fell on Feng Jiu: “You’re so gutless?” As soon as his voice fell, he gestured and the man in grey leapt across towards Feng Jiu.

“Well, I’m quite timid, but since you want to play then I shall accompany you! After all, today’s main purpose is to make sure you enjoy yourself. If you find hunting boring we can compete and that might be more to your intentions.”

The corners of her mouth lifted slightly and she revealed a wicked smile as she watched the middle-aged man coming towards her with condensed spiritual airflow between his hands. She lifted her whole body from the horse’s back and her palms emanated spiritual breath as she fought the middle-aged man in mid-air.

Gray Wolf who was watching at the side looked grim, the middle-aged man in grey was a Nascent Soul cultivator, could Feng Jiu deal with him?

While he was thinking about it, he realised that the two people in mid-air had already exchanged a dozen blows. With the surge of spiritual power, the breath in the air had become more suppressed. The wind from the palm roared through the air, swift as a sword. Even though the two of them weren’t using weapons, the loud swishing sound of the exchange of blows was not inferior to having a sword in hand. It had only seemed like a short while had passed when Feng Jiu kicked the middle-aged man down to the ground.


That man was pushed down from mid-air and stumbled to the ground. The manservant came to his side instantly and grinned at him. As he was still stunned by what had happened, he saw the manservant flash forwards quickly and took the cosmos sack from his waist.

“You, what are you doing?” The middle-aged man was stunned and quickly stabilised his body after his fall. With his Nascent Soul cultivation strength, the opponent should have been suppressed as his strength must be above his. An opponent with such extraordinary skills could actually take his cosmos sack from him? When he thought of this, his expression became weird.

Also, the person in front of him was just a young boy? A young boy possessed such strength, could he be from a Royal Family? Or an influential family? These were the only two possibilities that could explain his ability to take his cosmos sack and help him in his advancement.

Feng Jiu floated in mid-air back to her horse and sat down. She waved the cosmos sack in her hand and smiled: “Do you think I would compete with you for nothing? If there was no benefit for my physical labour, I wouldn’t have bothered at all!”

The opposition had underestimated his enemy, otherwise he wouldn’t have been defeated so quickly. When the two of them were fighting against each other, there was some suppression and they hadn’t caused too much movement. It would seem that they hadn’t wanted Xuanyuan Mo Ze to be made aware of their movements. However, in this forest, although their combat movements were limited, how could he not have known his cultivation strength?

“Return my cosmos sack to me!” That Nascent Soul cultivator frowned and shouted. It was embarrassing enough to lose, but to have his cosmos sack stolen by a kid was even worse.

“Scarlet Water Crown Prince wishes to hurt My Liege’s people?”

A familiar voice with a hint of coldness spoke. Feng Jiu looked back and saw him in his usual attire of black robes riding on a black horse towards them. At this moment, his expression was solemn which made his cold majestic face look fierce.

“Crown Prince Elder Brother.”

Princess Yingxue who was following behind Xuanyuan Mo Ze rode up on a horse and came to Scarlet Water Crown Prince’s side. She looked at the situation and couldn’t help but be surprised. Crown Prince Elder Brother had his men make a move against this manservant?

“Hahahaha, I noticed that although he is young but his cultivation strength is quite high, so I was just curious and wanted my man to compete with him.” As his voice came to a pause, his feminine gaze landed on Xuanyuan Mo Ze and he said: “Xuanyuan Crown Prince can rest assured that your man hasn’t been hurt.”

When he heard this, Gray Wolf sneered: “Oh, you didn’t hurt our men? It is clear that your strength is not good.”

At this time, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s gaze turned to Feng Jiu and he asked: “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, it was just some exercise and I got some tips out of it too.” She smiled and her eyes crinkled up as she waved the cosmos sack in her hand.

Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze turned and dismounted from his horse. He walked slowly towards her and when he came to the side of her horse,he stretched out his hand to her.

When Feng Jiu saw this, she took his hand and dismounted from the horse.

“Are you hungry? Shall we roast meat to eat?” As if there was no one else besides them, his tone was disguisedly doting.

“Yes, I’m hungry.” She nodded in response and allowed him to lead her past everyone else to a tree nearby to rest. As for Gray Wolf and the others, they quickly prepared the hunted game for roasting.

When Scarlet Water Crown Prince witnessed this with his own eyes, he was slightly surprised. Xuanyuan Crown Prince didn’t like to be around women, could he be gay?

When he thought of this, he looked at the two of them with interest and asked: “Yingxue, have you determined his sexual orientation? Would it be possible he is gay?”

A normal person wouldn’t have chosen to ignore a beautiful woman and be close to a delicate looking manservant instead. Moreover, when he spoke and looked at him, he did so in such a doting manner, it just didn’t seem right! Princess Yingxue couldn’t help but bite on her lower lip as she lowered her head and said in a deflated tone: “He won’t let me get close to him and is extremely cold towards me.” When she saw the way he treated the manservant, she felt a little shaken in her heart, could this person really be…..

“Hehehe, if Xuanyuan Crown Prince is really gay, then that would be really interesting.” He smiled slyly as he stared at the two people over there. He ordered his people to roast the game meat and walked over.

The two men who were sent to spy in secret by the Country Ruler had also witnessed everything that had just happened and were a little surprised. It seemed that the young boy’s strength was indeed quite good and was able to suppress the opponent quite easily.

It looked like they would be able to report to the Country Ruler without needing to make a move themselves.

“I’ve long heard that Xuanyuan Crown Prince’s has extraordinary skills. Today, I would like to learn a thing or two from Xuanyuan Crown Prince.” As soon as he spoke, Scarlet Water Crown Prince made a move towards Xuanyuan Crown Prince without giving him a chance to react.

When they saw this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s men stood up immediately but retreated at a wave of his hand.

“In that case, I will accompany you!”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze said in a deep voice and his black figure flew out in an instant. A powerful coercive airflow rushed out of his palm and struck out towards Scarlet Water Crown Prince. When Scarlet Water Crown Prince saw the speed of his attack, he ducked sideways to avoid the blow. However, his opponent’s speed was too fast and the sleeve of his robe was torn by the harsh airflow.

He glanced at his torn sleeve and smirked. In the next moment, his figure rolled like a whirlwind and slammed forwards with a violent airflow. The two figures battled from the ground to mid-air, the powerful coercion spread out and the strong airflow whistled through the air like a sharp blade chopping down the surrounding trees one by one, scattering them all over the ground.

When she saw this scene, Feng Jiu was a little startled. It seemed that the Scarlet Water Crown Prince’s strength was very strong! He was actually able to exchange so many blows with Xuanyuan Mo Ze, so he was worthy of his reputation. A Crown Prince of a country should indeed possess such physical strength.

Not long after, everyone saw that the two people’s strength was pulled apart, Xuanyuan Crown Prince was getting more courageous the longer they battled, Scarlet Water Crown Prince’s spiritual energy seemed to have been consumed excessively and was unable to keep up. Therefore, it was clear that this battle would soon come to an end.

Scarlet Water’s men weren’t afraid that Xuanyuan Crown Prince would kill their Crown Prince. After all, matters between two countries would not fall out over a little squabble of fight. The two of them would most likely stop after they had determined who was the winner.

After they thought of this, they waited quietly for them to finish on their own accord.

However, no one had expected that when the Scarlet Water Crown Prince was struck with a blow and fell from mid-air to the ground, he smiled slyly and suddenly turned towards Feng Jiu who was not far behind him and struck out against her.

He hadn’t intended to hurt her, he had just wanted to be certain of the situation.

Feng Jiu was watching the fight between the two men and she never thought that Scarlet Water Crown Prince would suddenly attack her in front of so many people, therefore, she was unprepared. She was unable to avoid the palm that was coming towards her chest and was only able to turn her front away. She saw his hand had clasped onto her shoulder. Because of his fast speed without murderous intent and the fact that she was unable to respond quick enough, she moved back two steps and the sound of her clothes tearing could be heard.


At the same time the clothes were torn, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s voice in mid-air was full of anger imbued with a powerful oppressive aura that shook the surroundings as he shouted….. Though the sound was thunderous and deafening to the ears, he was unable to stop Feng Jiu’s sleeve from being torn off from the shoulder as it revealed a white and slender arm. Also exposed was a red cinnabar virgin mark on her arm!

At that moment, everyone was stunned and shocked. It seemed that no one had thought that this young boy would actually be a girl!

A red cinnabar virgin mark was something only a pure and innocent girl would have. If she was a boy, how could she have something like that on her arm?

For a moment, everyone’s expression changed.

Other than Gray Wolf and Shadow One who knew about Feng Jiu’s identity as the Ghost Doctor, everyone else who served under Xuanyuan Mo Ze only knew that this manservant was actually a girl and had an extraordinary relationship with My Lord. It had even crossed their minds that because My Lord spoiled this girl so much, she had already been My Lord’s woman for a long time. They hadn’t expected her to still be pure and innocent.

When they thought of My Lord’s self-control ability, they were a little worried, was My Lord really fine in that respect? Otherwise, how was he able to maintain the girl’s innocence when she was by his side all the time?

Moreover, with My Lord’s distinguished identity, it was common to want a woman, and yet he had allowed the girl beside him to remain innocent, this… it’s no wonder they were overthinking things.

Compared to the people on Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s side, the people on Scarlet Water Country’s side were even more stunned and shocked, especially Princess Yingxue who was staring in anger and jealousy at the manservant with the torn sleeve.

Manservant? What manservant? She’s obviously a girl, and one who has been well protected by Xuanyuan Mo Ze!

Her jealous eyes were fixed on the girl’s face, as if she wanted to see a flower emerge from her face. This girl had disguised her looks! There was no doubt about it, this face definitely didn’t belong to her! Since she was a girl, and one that Xuanyuan Crown Prince fancied, it was impossible for the girl to have such an ordinary looking face!

Damn it!

What gay? There was a girl hidden by his side all this time!

And when Scarlet Water Crown Prince saw the snow-white arm that had been revealed, his eyes flashed slightly and a strange colour crossed his eyes. The way men looked at women was different from the way women looked at each other.

In his eyes, the skin this girl had was delicate and fair, especially the red cinnabar virgin mark on her snow-white arm, it made him even more excited as he looked at it.

When a man cherished a girl this much, and kept her pure and innocent, this man must love and cherish this girl very much. He really couldn’t tell that Xuanyuan Crown Prince would be a man to take pity on a woman, oh, it was really surprising.

What surprised him more was this girl, other than the surprise when he had torn off her sleeve, there was no awkwardness or discomfort when her snow-white arm was displayed before everyone’s eyes, it was truly interesting.

It seemed that this girl was not an ordinary person, it made sense, otherwise how else would she have caught the eye of Xuanyuan Crown Prince?


Unpredictably, when everyone was distracted by the snow-white arm, Scarlet Water Crown Prince was thrown back by a force and slammed heavily against the tree trunk. He spat out blood from his mouth as he fell to the ground awkwardly, unable to stand up. “Your Highness!”

“Crown Prince elder brother!”

The people from Scarlet Water were startled violently and after screaming, they ran towards Scarlet Water Crown Prince who had fallen to the ground pale-faced unable to stand up. However, a figure in black was even faster than any of them, almost in a blink of an eye he had reached Scarlet Water Crown Prince who had fallen to the ground with blood in the corner of his mouth.

“Have I not warned you?”

The low hostile voice hit the hearts of everyone like thunder, the powerful pressure contained in his voice swayed in their hearts and caused the blood in their bodies to stir.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s hands were condensed with spiritual breath and he lifted him up from the ground using a big powerful hand that was formed using that spiritual breath that was visible to the naked eye. The hand held Scarlet Water Crown Prince’s tightly around his neck as he lifted him off the ground and dangled him in the air.

At this time, Scarlet Water Crown Prince was unable to resist and too weak to struggle, the force that had struck him had injured his internal organs and made it difficult for him to breathe. His whole body was weak and without strength, let alone anything else.

He felt a strong coercion and a death breath lingering over him which shocked him so much he felt fear from the bottom of his heart.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze who was classed as the head of the Crown Princes of the Eight Supreme Empires was actually so strong! Strong enough to shock them and make their hearts tremble…

At this moment, without a doubt, there was only one thought in his head, and that was to take his life on the spot!

“Xuanyuan Crown Prince, you can’t kill my Crown Prince elder brother!”

“Xuanyuan Crown Prince, you can’t do this!”

“Xuanyuan Crown Prince, let My Highness go!”

“Xuanyuan Crown Prince, you will destroy the relationship between the two countries!”

The people of Scarlet Water Country tried to get close when they realised that the area where Xuanyuan Mo Ze and their Crown Prince were, was filled with a strong and terrifying coercion which prevented them from taking another step. They were unable to save their Crown Prince from his hands and could only resort to persuading words.

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