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“That is right. I did not think that Gu Ruoyun could be shameless to this extent, even telling such lies. That is understandable, considering a person like her without drop-dead gorgeous looks that can topple a country, how could she ever match up to such a peerless man?”

“Standing beside Lady Shi Yun, it is like comparing a phoenix to a wild hen! Moreover, who is Lady Shi Yun? She is the successor of the Weapon Refining Sect. She was a peerless genius who achieved the level of Martial King at a young age! How could she ever compare to Lady Shi Yun?”

The crowds murmured and looked at Gu Ruoyun with disdain.

At this moment, nobody had noticed a man below the restaurant. He clutched a feather fan in his hand and laid lazily on a soft chair, surrounded by maids and servant girls, exuding a beautiful and fragrant aura.

Instantly, the man’s attractive phoenix eyes gazed upon the lady among the crowd. He then chuckled softly. His laugh ringed beautifully beyond compare, a beauty under the heavens. “She is Gu Shengxiao’s good-for-nothing little sister? Interesting, this sister of Gu Shengxiao is indeed interesting. She has this rare talent, and yet she was taken for a good-for-nothing.”

Tsk tsk, if such a talented person is taken for a good-for-nothing, then there would not be any geniuses on the face of the earth.

It is a general knowledge that a cultivator will find it increasingly difficult to level-up during the more advanced stages of their cultivation. There were some bottlenecks encountered where people could never overcome ever in their whole life. However, there are those with a certain talent who can surpass all the bottlenecks. Her early breakthroughs will not be as smooth as other geniuses, but as she proceeds to a higher level, her talent will be quick to manifest itself…

That kind of genius refers to people who possess a Spiritual Ocean vaster than anyone else on the face of the earth.

It was clear that Gu Ruoyun was such a person with that kind of talent…

A gleam flashed in his eyes. The man smiled silently, “The only person on this earth who can impress me is Gu Shengxiao. I wonder what kind of person can his younger sister prove to be? It seems that I have not traveled to the Azure Dragon Country in vain this time.”

When he thought of this, his smile widened, “Qing Yi, go and investigate everything about Gu Ruoyun.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The girl named Qing Yi wielded her sword and bowed. Then she retreated and left…

Outside the Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun did not say a word. Her indifferent expression seemed to outright ignore the other party.

It was at this moment when an untimely voice interjected.

“Gu Ruoyun, I did not think that you would be so despicable!” Gu Panpan glared with her round eyes as she spoke with a dignified air. She made Gu Ruoyun look like a demon whom everyone would slay, “Thank goodness grandpa had the foresight to banish you from the family! If not, would you not have humiliated the Gu family’s reputation?”

However, her voice had barely faded when a scornful snort came from the corner.

“Oh? The Gu family still has a reputation? Hehe, that’s a first.”

Luo Yin jeered, “Gu Panpan, this is no place for you to interrupt. You had better keep your mouth shut. If you make me angry, I will stab you to death with a cucumber!”

“You… You…”

Gu Panpan flushed red with anger. She spat out three words through gritted teeth.

“You shameless thing!” “Tsk tsk, indeed I am shameless, but I am still better than some Holy Mother White Lotus! However, with your level of intelligence, Gu Panpan, you are not even fit to be one of those Holy Mother White Lotus.”

Luo Yin sneered while looking towards Shi Yun. Her freckles seemed to take on a look of scorn and disdain. Her gaze was full of disgust, as if Shi Yun, who was clad in snow-white clothes was dirty.

Shi Yun’s eyes darkened slightly, but to her, Luo Yin was nothing but a clown. Killing her would defile her own sword…

Besides, there would be somebody who will teach her a lesson.

Obviously, Gu Panpan was that kind of person. She was furiously angered by Luo Yin. She pounced towards Luo Yin like a furious lion cub, brandishing its claws.


Luo Yin raised her foot and sent Gu Panpan flying with a kick. She took out a handkerchief and wiped the base of her shoe, saying with regret, “Although I have just kicked her with my foot, it seems that I cannot hold on to these shoes anymore! To lose my shoes for this one single kick, it is a loss! It’s a f*cking loss!”


Gu Panpan almost fainted from anger. She gritted her teeth tightly and spat out three words with all her might, “You are shameless!”

Seeing Luo Yin’s heartbroken expression, Gu Ruoyun laughed hysterically, “With your family’s fortune, buying a pair of shoes is as easy as eating a mouthful of rice.”

“That is true, but this little slut isn’t even worth a copper. Even if we sold her, we can’t afford to buy these shoes of mine.” Luo Yin shook her head and sighed, her eyes full of distress.

With that, even if Gu Panpan had a thicker face, she simply could not take any more insult. She chose to faint.


Seeing that Gu Ruoyun was about to leave again, Shi Yun’s eyes darkened as she said, “You plan to leave, just like that?”

Her steps stopped slightly. Gu Ruoyun had her back facing Shi Yun, and her tone turned cold and dry, but it was as sharp as a sword.

“Can you stop me?”

After saying that, she did not linger anymore. She walked slowly into the Hundred Herb Hall, seemingly vanishing in Shi Yun’s pair of increasingly cold eyes…

Shi Yun balled her pink fists tightly, then slowly released them. She trained her pair of beautiful eyes at Qianbei Ye, who was about to follow Gu Ruoyun. There was sadness in her eyes.

“Have you truly forgotten about me?”

She could not believe, could not believe that this man had forgotten her.

If it were not for their marriage in a previous life, she would not have dreamt about him. Even though they did not interact much in the dream, but in the dream world, this man’s sword-wielding fighting figure had moved her soul. This made her believe that this man was her one true love.

Hence, no matter how wonderful the suitor, she was not impressed.

She had persisted to this day, for him to finally make an appearance.

Sadly, he did appear, but did not seem to recognize her…

If their fates were not intertwined, why would this peerlessly gorgeous man appear in her dream?

Moreover, Shi Yun had always been a strong believer in previous and present lives!

“Your gaze is disgusting!” A loathsome look flashed across Qianbei Ye’s eyes, “It is like you are attempting to rip all my clothes off! You are not Xiao Yun. Other than Xiao Yun, I do not wish for anybody else to look at me.”

He could not explain it, but ever since the very first time seeing Shi Yun, it had made Qianbei Ye’s uncomfortable to the point where he felt his appetite ruined whenever she was within close proximity.

How uncomfortable!

“Xiao Ye…”

Listening to Qianbei Ye’s words, Shi Yun felt a sudden pang of pain in her heart. She wanted to say something, but a powerful killing intent had locked onto her in an instant. That instant, she felt like she had descended into hell, her body felt icy cold.

The breath of death surrounded Shi Yun, making her face turn pale. Her shocked gaze stared at the peerlessly beautiful but somewhat evil face.

“You do not deserve this name!”


Tales of Demons and Gods: reincarnation Shi Yun felt ice-cold all over, her mouth gaped open in silence. She could not utter a single word. In this very moment, the air around Qianbei Ye turned violent, and he could not contain the irritation that was raging inside of him… However, other than Shi Yun who was under his killing intent, nobody else had felt this. Others felt puzzled by the rapid change in the color of Shi Yun’s face.

“Xiao Ye, what are you doing outside? Come in, quick.”

At that moment, a voice sounded from within the building. Miraculously, all his killing intent vanished instantly. The raging force in the sky calmed down, causing Shi Yun confusion and made her wonder if all that she had experienced earlier was simply a figment of her own imagination…

Little did she know, that it was Gu Ruoyun’s words that had saved her life…

Her whole body relaxed and her limp body collapsed on the ground. Her back was wet with sweat and she was panting heavily.

“Xiao Yun, here I come.”

Now that Qianbei Ye had received the order from Gu Ruoyun, he did not spare Shi Yun another glance and went straight into the building. Compared to the dark evil just a few moments ago, this man is tamer than a rabbit. He did not look like a killer in any way possible.

“My Lady, you…” Hun Fei looked at Shi Yun and asked in astonishment, “What happened to you?”

“Nothing,” Shi Yun shook her head. She wiped the sweat from her brow, gritted her teeth and said, “Elder Hun Fei, let us go.”

As she said this, she gave a last glance at the direction in which Qianbei Ye had left. Her heart throbbed with pain once more.

Qianbei Ye, have you truly been so thoroughly brainwashed? But I cannot accept this, I cannot accept that you, who belong to me will pull another person into your embrace! That is why I must make you regain your memories and make you kill Gu Ruoyun with your own hands!

In the backyard, Zixie looked at the girl in front of him. He raised his brows slightly, “Girl, how do you feel?”

“Strange,” Gu Ruoyun’s delicate brows knitted together, “Just now, when I was under Ling Yi’s attack, I could convert and absorb the force from his punch into my own body. If I could have been hit a few more times, I reckon that I will be able to break through until the seventh level of the Qi Collection ranks.”

Zixie smiled, “Your soul and body were forged by the Ancient Divine Pagoda, that is why they are stronger than the average person. However, you must remember not to push yourself when faced with a true Cultivator. That is because a true master can still crush you in an instant. It will not be as simple as merely sustaining injuries!”

From the beginning, Zixie had wanted to train her. That is why he did not lend her his strength because too much help would not have been good for her…


Zixie squinted his eyes slightly, “Girl, that woman named Shi Yun, you had better keep an eye on her.”

“Shi Yun?” Gu Ruoyun looked at Zixie, puzzled, “You know her?”

“No!” Zixie shook his head, “I could feel that she is very dangerous, so I ask that you do not fight her for the time being! Of course, with your talent, you could surpass her within five years. But now is not the time.”

Some things still could not be revealed to Gu Ruoyun.

However, why did that woman’s body have his smell? Could it be that Shi Yun has ties with that person?

When he thought of this, Zixie’s heart dropped lightly. He gazed at Gu Ruoyun with a hint mixed feelings…

“Girl, I really hope that you can grow faster. Not only your strength, but also…”

He scanned through her whole figure with an evil gaze. The man’s lips curled into a devious smile, noble and dignified, enough to drive people mad.


Gu Ruoyun only glared and looked sternly into his eyes, “Put away your evil gaze. I am not interested in you.” “Then, who are you interested in?” Zixie curled his lips into half a smile. “Qianbei Ye? I’ve told you before, that guy is not a decent person, so you’d better stay away from him.”

The Accidental Princess “Zixie.” Gu Ruoyun’s smile faded bit by bit. Her pretty and delicate face was wrapped in the afterglow of the setting sun. “I didn’t know him for very long, but I was the first person that he met. Now that he’s lost all his memories, no matter what mistake he made in the past, he cannot remember them now.”

“I don’t care if he’s a god or a demon. Even though he had easily ended a person’s life just now, he did it to protect me. I believe that his protectiveness of me does not contain any impure thoughts. It’s likely because I’m the only one who he knows here! That’s right, I don’t know him well enough, I don’t even know about his past, I have even been betrayed and hurt before! But this does not mean that I will never believe in anyone ever again. No matter if it’s Xiao Ye, Luo Yin, you, or that big brother of mine whom I have never met, if any of you are in trouble, I won’t sit idly.”

Perhaps in the past, Qianbei Ye had committed a grave mistake. However, today he was but an innocent child to her. It was true that his memories were sealed. A person who had lost all his memories would naturally take the first person he sees as his mother.

It was also precisely because Xiao Ye had no memories that Gu Ruoyun believed in him. Or else, she would not have gotten close to this man…

“ZIxie, I have failed to protect my mother before. I couldn’t even protect my little brother whom I love. In this life, I will not make the same mistakes. It’s because I have lost them once that I now cherish the people around me even more.”

The maiden lifted her face. A determined glow appeared on her beautiful and delicate face which had the innocence of a child.

That glow seemed to have moved Zixie’s heart. A hint of a smile appeared in his eyes. Just when he was about to speak, a stern look flashed across his purple eyes.

“Someone’s coming.”

His voice had barely faded when he turned into a purple glow and disappeared from the backyard…

Gu Ruoyun arched her eyebrows slightly. She raised her head and saw that Elder Yu was walking towards her with hurried footsteps.

“My Lady, Leng Yanfeng has come. He wants to see you. Look at this…”

“Leng Yanfeng?” Gu Ruoyun was stunned. “The Crown Prince of Azure Dragon Country, the disciple of the Weapon Refining Sect? What does he want from me?’

“I am not sure.” Elder Yu shook his head. “My Lady, will you see him? If you do not wish to, I’ll go and decline.”

“No need,” Gu Ruoyun snorted, “I would like to see what business does this Leng Yanfeng have with me! We don’t have the slightest of ties, so what does he want from me now?”

At that moment, in the Hundred Herb Hall, Leng Yanfeng raised his teacup and sipped some tea. His face was as cold as an iceberg. Even when he saw Elder Yu bringing Gu Ruoyun forward, his pair of cold eyes did not change in the slightest.

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