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“I heard that the curse techniques of the warlocks are all sneaky.” Tang Nazhi raised his eyebrow.

Yan Yu nodded.

“Yes. If the magician is a human fortress, then the warlocks are poisonous gas which can kill people in silence. No one knows when the warlock will attack. So both in army and among the private guards, there had been a lot of warlocks, and they often do something dark in secret.” It can be said that the warlocks didn’t really have a good reputation from the start. This kind of profession which was difficult to guard against once made a lot of people suffer from headaches.

“What about the forbidden technique?” Like a curious kid, Tang Nazhi has been throwing questions one after another.

“I don’t know exactly. But it seems that the two warlocks captured a group of strong people in the Radiance Continent, using their bodies’ magic and dou qi to do some inhumane experiments.” Yan Yu is not very familiar with the matter. Although he is the young master of the White Tiger Clan, but a lot of things will only be exposed to him once he become the real family head.

“A bunch of stubborn people. There are definitely good and bad warlocks. Just because some scum had done something wrong in the past, they are rejecting all the warlocks?” Tang Nazhi was somehow upset.

“It is not something we can control. And we also don’t know how they will do the examination. As far as I know, if one wanted to find out which path a person is cultivating, they can look at the dou qi and magic in their bodies. And the only way for a wide scope inspection is by relying on martial firestone and magical spirit stone.”

“What do you think will happen if the warlock was found?” Tang Nazhi looked at the restless students around him. He had a feeling that once the person was found, no matter who, it is feared that there was no way the person can remain in the Holy Roland School.

“Who knows.” Yan Yu shrugged his shoulders. He has never been concerned about other people’s affairs.

Shen Yanxiao just stood at the side of the four people and listened to what they were talking about, her mood fell to the bottom.

She thought they only discovered that there’s a thief among the students, who knew that the use of her curse technique was actually exposed? God knows, if she knew that the curse technique will be discovered, she might just as well have stolen things directly.

Now it seems that the Holy Roland School will not easily let this matter off. Once she’s been caught, dropping out of school was a small thing, she will not allowed herself be trampled on to death by this group of bear children with full hostility to the warlocks. Eastern Sea, Gu tribe headquarters.

A grand banquet had already lasted for several days inside the palace.

At this time, servants served platters of delicious roasted chicken.

These were naturally not ordinary chickens, they were immortal chickens of at least desolate beast level. Moreover the ones that Gu tribe’s leader and Fang Yuan’s clone enjoyed were ancient desolate chickens.

After staying here for so many days, Wu Shuai had fully realized the beastmen’s customs – eating a lot, drinking a lot, bold to the point of being arrogant, and enjoying comfort to the point of being indulgent. If you received the beastmen’s acceptance, you were their honored guest, enjoying the best wine and food. If you didn’t have their acceptance, you would forever be despised and loathed, even hated.

At the sight of immortal chickens, the beastman Gu Immortals moved their fingers with salivating mouths.

These immortal materials could not be eaten regularly, they were often used as Gu refinement materials, It was never so luxurious as today.

But based on the historical records, when the beastman race was at its height, these immortal materials could be eaten casually by beastman tribes. They had been extravagant and wasteful.

Gu tribe’s leader grabbed the millstone-sized roasted chicken.

“Lord Wu Shuai, please look.” As he said so, he activated a certain food path killer move.

The killer move activated, Gu tribe’s leader opened his mouth and inhaled lightly, directly swallowing the huge roasted chicken.

Gulp, Gu tribe’s leader’s throat moved up and down as the roasted chicken went down his throat.

His stomach immediately bulged and looked like a pregnant woman.

Gu tribe’s leader rubbed his belly and laughed: “This ancient desolate chicken will need half a day more to be completely digested. During this time, my luck is strengthened. This is my tribe’s food path killer move – Chicken Dinner.”

Wu Shuai nodded his head while praising: “Chicken dinner is such an exceptional ability, to use a food path method to produce luck path effect. From what I see, this luck strengthening emphasizes on the aspect of survival.”

Gu tribe’s leader said in admiration: “Very insightful, senior, that is exactly the case. Based on historical records, when my tribe’s Gu Immortals faced dangerous situations, or a large scale battle royale, this move is the reason they managed to survive.”

Wu Shuai nodded as he tore a piece of the chicken and devoured it: “Let me show you an enslavement path killer move.”

This banquet was of course not simple, it was an exchange of inheritances between Fang Yuan’s clone and Gu tribe.

Gu tribe possessed transformation path and food path inheritances and were willing to exchange a portion of them with Fang Yuan’s enslavement path inheritance.

Gu tribe was already preparing to develop dragonmen, dragonmen were born with enslavement path dao marks and thus there was demand for enslavement path inheritances.

Fang Yuan had no reason to reject it.

He could exchange for the inheritances held by Gu tribe with some contents of enslavement path.

Their inheritances were unique, the transformation path inheritance had the essence of the Olden Antiquity Era and the food path inheritance also made Fang Yuan pleasantly surprised.

Food path was originally created by a beastman Gu Immortal.

Gu tribe had been hiding in the depths of Eastern Sea and had gradually developed a rather complete food path inheritance.

The killer move that Gu tribe’s leader displayed just now was one of the contents of the inheritance – Chicken Dinner.

Because of their nature, the beastmen made their killer move names extremely simple and crude, but their effects were very practical.

Fang Yuan and Gu tribe’s cooperation continued to deepen.

Previously, Fang Yuan helped convert them to dragonman, now, they were exchanging inheritances.

Fang Yuan’s clone Wu Shuai performed the enslavement path killer move, the beastman Gu Immortals in the banquet were deeply moved and cheered repeatedly.

Gu tribe’s leader clapped and summoned a group of female dragonmen: “Lord, please enjoy the dance.”

These dragon women were the female beastmen that had just recently converted, their dance and songs were from the olden era, full of wildness and temptation.

One of the dragon women danced even more flirtatiously.

The dance ended but these dragon women did not leave, instead flocking to Wu Shuai’s side.

“Lord Wu Shuai.” Gu tribe’s leader said with great sincerity: “I noticed you have no servants to serve you, so I am offering these women, I would be deeply honored if you accept them.”

Wu Shuai laughed heartily as he pulled that extremely flirtatious dragon lady to his chest: “I won’t refuse this good intention. My dragonman race has few people, spreading my seed is also an important task. I shall take this one as my wife while the rest shall be concubines.”

Gu tribe’s leader was overjoyed as he raised his cup of wine, everyone present also cheered and celebrated the relationship of two races deepening by another layer.

After the banquet, Wu Shuai took these dragon ladies to Dragon Palace and started “working on his responsibilities”.

Not long later, Fang Yuan’s main body, which was far away in the eighth layer of Crazed Demon Cave, received Wu Shuai’s message.

“Marriage with Gu tribe? This is a good thing.” His eyes shined with bright light.

Wu Shuai taking in a wife and concubines was naturally an alliance marriage. Intercourse with the girls also made Gu tribe stop worrying. In the future, if they had children, the relationship between the two would deepen even further.

“When the time is ripe, I can use the children to quietly take in Gu tribe.”

Gu tribe wanted to cling onto Wu Shuai, little did they imagine, this was all within Fang Yuan’s expectation.

Fang Yuan’s intention was to take in the whole of Gu tribe.

Fighting and killing was only one of the methods available to a mature person, there were many other ways to deal with things.

Fang Yuan intended to use gentle political tricks to swallow Gu tribe. Although this would consume much more time, it was a tactful method that saved as much foundation of Gu tribe as possible and would give Fang Yuan the greatest benefits.

“Gu tribe’s inheritances are truly extraordinary. They are definitely hiding even more outstanding methods. The contents of the inheritances they exchange also had a lot of points worth seeing. Especially the food path inheritance.”

Fang Yuan had the original food path inheritance that was left by the beastman Gu Immortal who created food path, it was legitimate and authentic.

And Gu tribe’s inheritance, that was developed through many generations of modifications, was also exceptional with many creative methods. For instance, the killer move chicken dinner that could imitate luck path effect.

Soul Eating Sovereign Just at the first glance, this inheritance gave Fang Yuan many inspirations. Fang Yuan sent a command to his time path clone to try deducing in this aspect.

His main body was sitting on the giant grey fish and was still roaming in the void aimlessly.

The giant grey fish’s aura was different from before.

Through Fang Yuan’s repeated enlightenment, even though it had limited intelligence, it could achieve a breakthrough. The bottleneck that had been troubling it before no longer existed.

However, Fang Yuan’s anticipated matter had yet to appear.

Fang Yuan enlightened the giant grey fish to use it to trigger a response from Yellow Earth Dao field.

But so many days had passed and he had yet to even see a trace of Yellow Earth Dao field.

According to the giant grey fish’s words, this was because the timing had yet to arrive.

But Fang Yuan scoffed as he inwardly guessed: “Affinity and timing are just excuses to deceive people. Looks like this Yellow Earth Dao field can act on its own, or maybe there is an autonomous will that saw through my scheme, thus it did not reveal itself.”

“Let’s see how it goes after I continue exploring for some time.”

Several days later.

“Where are you going?” Fang Yuan, who was sitting on the back of the giant grey fish, smiled coldly.

He activated his killer move; a strength path giant hand flew out and grabbed a fat rhinoceros.

“Spare me, sage, spare me!” The rhino begged loudly while struggling but the strength path giant hand held it firmly.

Fang Yuan chuckled and pointed his finger, immediately extracting the soul of the rhino.

Within several breaths of time, he understood all the life experiences of this rhino.

This rhino came from Reckless Savage’s Dao field, and just like the giant grey fish, it had also encountered a bottleneck and left its world to find an opportunity to breakthrough.

Unfortunately, it encountered Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan attacked it without saying anything and captured this rank seven rhino easily.

The giant grey fish witnessed the whole process, its heart shaking in fright from Fang Yuan’s horrifying strength.

“Running into me is your fortune, let me enlighten you.” Fang Yuan gave a malevolent smile.

The rhino’s soul was put back in its body. It had learned this time, quickly kneeling and kowtowing to Fang Yuan.

Several days went by again.

“You can leave, remember to cultivate properly.” Fang Yuan looked at the giant grey fish and the fat rhino.

The giant fish and the rhino said together with trembling voices: “Goodbye, sage!”

“Try to return as early as possible, I will come back again.” Fang Yuan smiled.

Wholly Undead The giant fish and the rhino trembled fiercely, only when Fang Yuan completely disappeared from their sight did they stop kowtowing. They glanced at each other, both rejoicing madly at surviving from fatal danger.

Naturally, Fang Yuan’s parting words that implied he would come back became a giant shadow that shrouded these two’s hearts.

Crazed Demon Cave, seventh layer.

Secret Schemer took a step forward cautiously with a pale face.

This was already near his limits.

“Let’s rest for a while.” Secret Schemer had no choice but to do this.

He sat down cross-legged and turned into a rock statue to rest.

Not Immortal and Pang Shan rested behind him.

After a while, Secret Schemer opened his rock eyes and stood up.

“Leader, let’s return.”

“Yes, demonic sounds are irregular and with no set pattern, we cannot predict them now. Moreover, there has been no demonic sound for some time. This location is too risky.”

“Yes, wasn’t Fang Yuan a lesson for us?”

Not Immortal and Pang Shan reminded.

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