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for summoning them. If it really is the case, then he was simply cleaning up

his own messes, and there is nothing to be praised.”

“Whether divine beasts or gods or whatever, no matter how matter-of-fact

you mention them, I cannot…”

He witnessed everything with his own eyes, but Godou still could not

accept them as reality.

“The one appearing at Cagliari was the [Boar], and over the past three

days there were three others appearing on the island of Sardinia. The

[Camel] at Bosa, the [Ram] at Orgosolo, and the [Bull] at Barumini.”

“…Then with the one yesterday it adds up to four.”

“Yes. Luckily whenever the divine beasts appeared, a [Wind] deity

immediately appears to defeat them, so serious damage was avoided.

Great fortune amidst misfortune.”

Thinking back to the commotion yesterday, Godou couldn’t help but break

out in cold sweat.

To have monsters causing destruction everywhere and summing it up as

‘serious damage was avoided,’ what a terrifying topic of conversation.

“At all these scenes and next to the divine beasts, the boy was sighted on

all occasions. Even if he is not the one responsible, he is definitely an

important witness. Say, do you still have any objections?”

Watching the self-assured Erica, Godou could only surrender.

There was far too little evidence to defend the youth. With great reluctance,

Godou could only agree.

“Let’s change the subject, what are gods? I still cannot imagine.”

Let’s put the youth aside and switch to another topic.

“Well… To be frank, whether or not these are [Gods] in the religious sense,

we still cannot say for sure.”

Erica watched the sky and Godou also looked up.

Sardinia’s sky was blue, deep, and very clear.

On the other end of the sky, was there really a heaven where the gods


“Due to the [Myths] humans have passed along from ancient times, they

were born. The essence of the earth, sky and stars, natural elements like

the system of earth, air, water and fire^or the system of metal, wood,

water, fire and earth’- 2 !, these are what comprise the supernatural core of

[Myths], thus lending form to these existence, the [Gods]. That is the

hypothesis that we magi have established.”

Godou could only understand about half of what Erica said, but felt

compelled to nod and agree with the mention of the word ‘supernatural.’

Without a doubt, these existences transcended laws of nature.

“However, for [Gods] that make an appearance, a portion of them rebel

against the [Myths] that form their core. We have named them [Heretic

Gods], gods who resist the myths. They appear in places unrelated to their

myths and bring great disaster. Simply by being present, a god’s power will

cause great detriment to the human world around it.”

“…Gods of disaster. I really agree after seeing that black boar.”

“Who knows, that could actually be the incarnation of a gentle god. When

originally benevolent gods become [Heretic Gods], they also become the

source of chaos.”

“Then what about the tornado? Was that a god too?”

“Probably, there are many gods possessing the divine qualities of wind, so

its identity still hasn’t been discerned, probably a god that opposes the

[Boar]. But no matter what their attributes, humans are the ultimate


“That’s depressing. When gods appear, what can humans do?”

“First of all, option one is to treat it as a natural disaster like storms or

earthquakes, and endure it. Do not cause any commotions, but pray for the

gods’ mercy or willful departure.”

“Offering sacrifices, praying to the heavens, that’s entirely reliant on the


“Compared to meaningless struggle, it’s far more effective. See, the people

of Cagliari have not been in uproar over yesterday’s incident? That is the

current way.”

“Yes, I see. So everyone knows about gods appearing?”

Godou thought about this morning’s newspaper as well as the reactions at

the inn.

Everyone was acting apologetic and seemed very unnatural. So that’s the


“Of course, humans who explicitly know about gods are not numerous, but

the ancient streets of Europe are pretty much the secluded residences of

magi, so people have been taught how to handle these situations. Also,

there is tradition, ways of dealing with minor divine appearances have

been passed down the ages from ancestors.”

“I get it now. Then back to what you were saying, if that’s the first option,

what’s the second?”

“Yes, option two is the simplest. Defeat the god.”

Godou got quite a shock from Erica’s unexpected answer.

“Can such a thing be done?”

“Of course not!”

Still recovering from the shock, and then to receive such an unreasonable

answer. What is this! Playing me for a fool?

“Impossible for ordinary people, and even the best high ranked magi. But

on extremely, extremely rare occasions — if one were to receive the grace

and good fortune of something like three or four miracles, then it’s

possible. However, this is not an option worth considering.”

“In other words, a lucky coincidence.”

“That’s not enough, it’s completely impossible without a miracle on the

level of a carpenter’s son born in a manger, and finally becoming the savior

of the world. Hence, option three is the most practical. If it’s a

comparatively weaker deity, just seal it.”

Sealing a god, this reminded Godou of his grandfather’s words.

Offering the stone tablet at the village where divine retribution was

occurring, was how the incident of strange deaths was resolved.

“That is probably a grimoire from mythical times, though it’s unknown what

power lies dormant within it.”

Erica glanced at Godou’s backpack which contained the stone tablet.

“You called it a grimoire, but it’s clearly not a book?”

“As an ancient product of a time without paper — the age of myths, that was

the time when gods could freely walk the earth. During those days, the

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