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Black clothed Luo Feng pointed down at the endless ocean, immediately the waters began to churn and howl, with crackling noises, they split apart and pure world energy gathered, 100,000 km area of sea had become endless world energy, after which they came together to form continuous rock.

The endless world energy in the air poured in.

In an instant.

An island with a diameter of 100,000 km was formed, there was mud, grass, mountains, canyons, rivers etc, it was a very normal continent world.

“Alina, from today on, you’ll live here.” The black clothed Luo Feng ordered, wielding a world ring, Alina was within, transferring her from the center continent to this new island.

“Yes master.”

The queen Alina and the mother nest landed simultaneously in the island.

“These are 300 sector lord bug can units, from what I estimate, you should be able to produce 3 million tiger armored bug soldiers.” He said, retrieving large amounts of bug corpses from his world, even within his internal world, Luo Feng couldn’t teleport, unable to instantly bring her from the center continent over, he had to use a storage device to bring her over.

“300 units?” Alina was curious.

“Every sector lord bug corpse unit is made of 100,000 sector lord pinnacle bug corpses.” Luo Feng explained, the large amount of corpses piled up beside, it became a mountain formed from 30 million sector lord pinnacle bug corpses.


The queen’s eyes gleamed, she was getting excited.

“How’s your speed in producing sector lord pinnacle tiger armored bugs?” Luo Feng asked.

“I can produce 10 a day.” She said, “Every sector lord pinnacle bug has incredible amounts of energy, hence the speed is slow. If it were creating star level bugs, I can produce them infinitely from the caves in my mother nest.”

“10 a day? Over 3,000 a year. It’ll take 300 years to produce a million sector lord army, hm, anyway my training will take long.” Luo Feng nodded, “Then you should begin now.”

“Yes master.” The queen Alina was obviously very excited with anticipation.


She flew within the mother nest, after which that over 800m tall round ball floated into the sky, diving into the mountain of corpses.

It began producing…

The black clothed Luo Feng watched on silently.

After a little over 2 hours, the mountain of corpses slightly shook, and a malevolent bug over 10 storeys tall climbed out, it was covered in incredibly thick armor, powerful and intrepid, this sector lord pinnacle tiger armored bug jumped down when it saw Luo Feng, with a rumble it landed on the ground, it was extremely respectful before Luo Feng.

“The 1st tiger armored bug…” Luo Feng’s eyes were filled with glee.

“Million sector lord army!”

Luo Feng seemed like he was staring at endless amounts of sector lord tiger armored bugs, his blood boiled within as he anticipated excitedly.

As for acquiring the corpses from Wu Long starfield’s debris, Luo Feng didn’t feel any sense of regret from that. When one reached a level of mental stability as Luo Feng’s, one would see everything clearly, as for knowing oneself, he saw through the mess, he wouldn’t deceive himself.

Heart like a mirror, seeing clearly through the mud.

Knowing oneself and staying true!

Luo Feng was clear on himself, ever since he left earth to explore the universe, as the strongest of earth, especially with all the deception in the universe, seeing ancient families get destroyed, entire planets enslaved, even the gold horn race being subservient, their unwillingness and unhappiness from deep within their bones.

Luo Feng felt a sense of danger!

“I have to get strong!”

“I have to give my all, fighting for my root, if the root dies, how can the leaves survive?”

Back then when Luo Feng decided to sacrifice himself with the golden horned beast, he had already taken earth to be his root, maybe he was strong and had far exceeded the entire earth. However his root was earth…if the earth were to perish one day, with all his comrades dying, what would be the meaning in his life of solitude after?

Luo Feng knew himself…

Back when he immolated his soul to fight the golden horned beast, he knew it already.

He had to be a guard!

He had to protect his home, his root…earth!

“Progress, never ending progress.”

“I need to keep getting stronger, I will give my all.” His eyes were like blades, solid and piercing.

The path to becoming strong may result in many situations, like the assassination attempt from the bug clan assassin…that flame undying self destructing and destroying large amounts of bug corpses, under such circumstances, Luo Feng easily made the decision to grab away 300 units of bug corpses, it probably had no effect whatsoever to the entire Wu Long starfield, however to his growth, it was a huge benefit, and it didn’t harm anybody…why not?

Anything that harmed others, he would rarely do.

However if it involved the survival of earth, even if it meant a few innocent lives, he would slaughter without hesitation.

He knew his own heart, doing things without hesitation, straight to the point!

Taking away those bug corpses.

Slaughtering, so what?

Knowing oneself, staying true to it.

Only with a steady heart, not affected by outside influence, whether it was to become a slaughtering demon, or a perfect kind person, or an evil person, as long as one was true to his heart, he would go far in his training! And even so, this path was still filled with dangers, like how Luo Feng almost died this time.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

There was knocking on the palace’s door.

“Luo Feng, you can come out.” Long Jue Emperor’s voice resounded.

Luo Feng who was sitting crossed legged within Drizzle Palace opened his eyes, they gleamed with glee within. Chapter 689: Revenge

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The door of Drizzle palace opened as 2 sector lord guards used their strength to push it, slowly the door split apart and the silver armored Luo Feng walked out smiling.

“Luo Feng, you’ve suffered this time.” Long Jue emperor walked over.

“It’s ok.” Luo Feng smiled, “That Yan Zhu emperor is only a person from the huge axe dojo, I didn’t believe he could do anything drastic.”

“Haha…” Long Jue emperor laughed loudly, his laugh resounding throughout the hallways, “Your words are right, no matter what, you are still a member of our virtual universe company. And you are the victim this time, his actions were seriously overboard.”

Luo Feng looked at Dylan beside him, “Dylan, I’m prepared to enter Wu Long Starfield.”

“Again?” Dylan was stunned.

“I’ve already paid for 1 million mixed elements worth of goods, should I just leave it?” Luo Feng joked.

Long Jue emperor nodded, “That’s a given, this time, I’ll personally accompany you and be your guide.”

“How can that be.” Luo Feng was surprised.

“Why not?” Long Jue emperor asked, “When do you want to go?”

“I don’t wish to waste any time, how about right now.” Luo Feng nodded.

“Ok, then we’ll head out now.”

Long Jue emperor brought 2 white robed guides to follow Luo Feng in a ship, heading towards the region in Wu Long starfield where they stored the endless bug corpses.


The space rippled and a ship appeared, the cabin door opened, Luo Feng, Long Jue emperor and 2 white robed guides flew out.

“Ah, this is the place where I was attacked?” Luo Feng looked at the coordinates on his wrist quantum computer, shocked, “We travelled straight here? I remember the last time I was here, the 2 guides had to first bring me to the void region first before flying slowly over.”

“That’s the normal rules.” Long Jue emperor shook his head, “I don’t need to follow that.”

Wu Long starfield’s storage region forbade undyings from entering, however after Luo Feng was attacked last time, Long Jue had brought Dylan straight in.

Long Jue emperor and the other managers had special authority.

“Hehe.” Luo Feng looked about, the marks of the explosion from the flame undying were all gone, large amounts of units of sector lord bug corpses had filled the area in an orderly fashion, “Long Jue emperor, it’s only been a day, there’s already such a change here.”


Long Jue emperor asked, “How much of the 200 units have you seen?”

“Half of it.” Luo Feng said.

“Then I’ll help you complete it and after seeing all 200 units, you can choose.” Long Jue emperor said.

Luo Feng flipped his hand and immediately 200 metal cards floated out, with a thought, these 200 became 1 big pile and a small pile, “This small pile is for the units I haven’t seen.”

“Ah?” Long Jue emperor glanced at it, quickly determining the quickest viewing route.

“Then let’s head out.” Long Jue emperor said.

He brought Luo Feng with the 2 guides and began to fly within the pathways of Wu Long starfield.

After half a day, they finished the remaining units and after going through all 200, Luo feng had an idea of his top 100.

“Even though I already have 300 corpse units already, there’s still no light at the end of the tunnel, buying these 100 extra units won’t be a waste.” Luo Feng thought, simultaneously he turned to smile at Long Jue emperor, saying, “Long Jue Emperor, I’ve already chosen which 100 units I want.”

“Ah?” He looked at Luo Feng, “Which 100?”


With a flip of his hand, he produced 100 metal cards.

Long Jue emperor glanced through them and swiftly compared them with the information he had, he looked shocked at Luo Feng, “Impressive, these sector lord corpses are all broken apart and hard to distinguish between each other, the 100 units you’ve chose, according to their quality, is indeed the best 100.”

Even the internal department information couldn’t be too specific.

Afterall without careful individual examination of each body, with only the most basic differentiation, like top level, mid level and low level goods, this was all information done by the internal department to gain some benefits, Luo Feng’s choices however had picked all the top level goods, with some at mid level.

When Long Jue emperor passed Luo Feng the metal cards, it was mixed in with all 3 levels.

“Can you not bear to sell me these?” Luo Feng smiled.

“Of course not.” Long Jue emperor turned and threw 50 cards to the 2 guides, “You 2, each bring these 50 units over.”


The 2 white robed guides bowed respectfully and became beams of light, dispersing and searching in the distance.

“Luo Feng, we just need to wait.” He said.

“Hm.” Luo Feng frowned, “Long Jue emperor, I want to know…that assassin Kasey, have you found anything on him? Just who it was that wanted to kill me?”

“We’ve found something, however it’s still in the investigation process.” Long Jue emperor waved his hand and a ship appeared, the cabin door opened, “Let’s go in and talk.”

Luo Feng nodded and followed him in.

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