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“Understood, grandfather.” Rion and Kotomi answered happily.

‘…I did fall for his trap after all, didn’t I?’

Seiji could only helplessly think that to himself.

“Young master Seiji, please take good care of us from now on.” The twin beauties said that in unison with sincerity in their voices and brilliant smiles.

“Please don’t call me like that, just call me as before… please take good care of me, my two Amami-senpais,” Seiji responded.

Forget it, after all, becoming friends was still a good thing.

At one time in the past, he had told them that he would be more than happy to “accompany” them whenever they wanted to “play.”

He never expected that his statement would come true in this form.

From now onwards, was he really going to have to “accompany” them?

Well, only the gods would know. After a while, Seiji said goodbye.

Before he left, Shouzou gave him a gift. It was a large box of flower tea.

“My wife and I personally cultivated this flower tea. I hope that it’s to your tastes.”

“Thank you, I’ll sample it with care.” Seiji politely accepted the gift.

“Once again,” Shouzou Amami said seriously, “thank you for helping out my grandson, and please take good care of him in the future as well.”

Seiji understood Shouzou’s feelings when he saw his expression. “I will,” he promised.

After leaving Shouzou’s residence, Seiji began walking back to his apartment. He inwardly reflected on what had transpired.

Seiji decided to take out his cell phone and make a call.

The call connected quickly.

“Good evening, Senpai!” Hoshi’s voice greeted.

“Good evening, junior,” Seiji returned. “I just left your grandfather’s home. You’ll never guess what just happened.”

“Er… what happened?” Hoshi asked in a confused voice.

“Your grandfather said the exactly the same thing as you did long ago…” Seiji chuckled and explained the basic situation to Hoshi.

Hoshi was astonished to hear what had transpired.

His grandfather had actually… His sisters had actually…

The final result was actually…

“Senpai… became friends with my sisters!?”

“Yep,” Seiji said, sighing. “This was your grandfather’s true motive in inviting me over-to make me befriend your sisters. Another way of putting it is a total reconciliation.”

Hoshi was rendered speechless.

“Although I feel that it’s all too sudden,” Seiji continued, “I think that this is something good. Even if your grandfather didn’t do this, I might have reconciled with your sisters someday in the future, but that would definitely take longer. Your grandfather used himself as the catalyst. He quickened the process of us reconciling and becoming friends… this is his way of showing his care.

“And his care isn’t only for your sisters; he cares greatly for you, too, Hoshi. I’ve completely reconciled with your sisters, so that means you will be able to get along better with your sisters as well, right?”

There was a brief moment of silence.

After a few seconds Hoshi finally responded: “It’s all too much for me to take in right now, but… it’s indeed as you say, Senpai. After learning that you’ve reconciled with my sisters, I… feel like there’s less pressure on my heart… I feel as if I can face them better than before.”

It was a mental block.

Up until now, the person who minded the most about the conflict between Seiji and the twins was Hoshi.

Shouzou Amami had seen all this clearly.

He must have done all this for the sake of his grandson and granddaughters after much consideration.

He was truly an excellent grandfather.

Seiji looked up at the evening sky as he recalled Shouzou’s last sentence to him.

“How about we eat lunch together sometime next week?”


“Me, you, and your sisters. How about the four of us eat lunch together sometime?”

Hoshi’s eyes widened in surprise. Then, he tried imagining the scene which gave him an indescribable feeling.

“That… sounds good.”

Seiji smiled when he heard Hoshi’s response.

“As for the specific time… on which day do you have a free lunch?”

“Any day is fine.”

“Alright, I’ll invite your sisters in a bit, then send you a message about the day.”

“Alright… thank you, Senpai.”

“There’s no need to thank me for this, silly.” Seiji chuckled. “We’re friends, you know.”

Then, he hung up the call. Meanwhile, on the other end, Hoshi’s eyes were glistening with tears as he held his cell phone.

Eating lunch together with Senpai and his sisters… as joyful friends!

Just imagining the scene felt like a beautiful dream to him.

He was so happy, so delighted…

Tears dripped down the pretty boy’s face, and the warm feeling in his chest didn’t fade for a long while.

Sunday morning.

After waking up, Seiji continued practicing [Beginner-level Telekinesis].

His condition was just as good as yesterday, and his progress bar continued filling up. It was just that the closer it got to completion, the slower the rate of progress.

After practicing for the entire day, from morning to afternoon to evening… Seiji’s progress bar was finally filled, and he could now use his ultimate ability… whoops, he could now officially learn [Beginner-level Telekinesis] through his system!

He paid the required points and learned this spell just like the other two beginner-level spells before it, [Body-Strengthening] and [Astral Vision].

A notification popped up on his system after he bought it.

[Additional ability 2 of character reward card [Shika Kagura] has now been activated due to the prerequisites being met.]

The second ability of Shika’s card was now unsealed!

Seiji immediately checked it out. He saw that the ability which was previously nothing but question marks now showed something different.

[Additional ability 2: Ice Prison (prerequisite of [Beginner-level Telekinesis] required.)]

[Buff ability for Telekinesis. This ability can be activated when you use Telekinesis on a living target. This will cause the target to feel an unbearable chill and restrict their movement. The strength of this effect will depend on the target’s power level. The maximum duration is ten seconds, and it may be ineffective on stronger targets. This will cost Mana and concentration to use. Can only be cast three times per day. Freeze! Don’t move!]

‘This time there was a quote from Mei from Overwatch… System, just how many times do you want to plagiarize from Overwatch?’ Seiji inwardly commented to himself.

This was a classic freezing technique and would doubtlessly be useful in many situations.

Seiji surmised that it would be useful for locking down and controlling the enemy’s movements right before using an ultimate ability. Alternatively, he could use it to interrupt an enemy’s ultimate ability, or to prevent an enemy from escaping, just like the skill’s description suggested. He could also use it to intimidate someone… At any rate, it had a wide variety of usages and was an excellent skill to have.

The weaknesses were that the skill’s effective duration wasn’t set, and it might even be ineffective against stronger targets. It also had the limitation of only being usable three times per day.

Seiji went back to [Telekinesis] in his system and checked it out in more detail.

There were two new options here now. One was called [Focused Telekinesis], while the other was called [Scattered Telekinesis].

According to his system’s explanation, [Focused Telekinesis] was a stronger version of [Telekinesis], which could only be used on a single target at a time. However, the power of the [Telekinesis] would be greatly improved.

[Scattered Telekinesis] would allow him to move a large number of objects all at once, but the power would be greatly reduced.

They seemed like upgraded versions of [Telekinesis] to Seiji. The requirements for learning them were also similar to [Beginner-level Astral Vision]: they required him to read technique manuals about them and practice cultivating in order to improve his ability in using these spells. The difference was that the third requirement wasn’t question marks; instead it required sixty-six points per spell!

It seemed that his system was fond of the number six today.

Seiji then browsed through the new options in his [Spells] tab.

[Mana Bullet]. This was obvious just from the name. It was beginner-level attack magic.

[Fire/Water/Thunder/Wind/Earth Mana]. This was also rather obvious. These were beginner-level elemental magics.

[Roaming Spirit’s Curse]. This sounded rather dangerous. Did it involve controlling a demon spirit to harm someone?

[Mana Shield]. A beginner-level defense spell.

[Beginner-level Cleansing]. This was beginner-level exorcism magic for eliminating the unclean or impure.

[Beginner-level Summoning]. This seemed like essential magic for an aspiring Yin-Yang Master.

[Beginner-level Sealing]. Was this the first step on his way to becoming a Pokemon Master?

[Beginner-level Healing]. The first step to becoming a healer.

There were so many new options that it would take some time for him to look them all over in more detail later.

There was also a new [Item] available to him-[Spell learning speed-up card]!

With it he could choose any available spell and increase the speed at which he would learn it for twenty-four hours.

It was a practical card, but it required ninety-nine points to exchange for. Seiji could only describe it as too expensive.

Seiji tugged at his lips.

He now had plenty of points compared to before, but he still didn’t have enough to just casually purchase a ninety-nine-point item. This was definitely a luxury item.

He could consider it in the future if he ever had an abundance of points. Seiji finally finished reading all the detailed explanations of the new spells.

Afterward, he felt that he needed to plan out his evolution… whoops, path for cultivation.

But, before that, there was an important question that required an answer: what type of Spiritual Ability user or Yin-Yang Master should Seiji become?

The answer to this question would affect which spells he learned first. It would also determine the spells he would learn if he had an excess of time and the spells that were unnecessary to learn. Basically, it influenced the order he would learn spells in, much like choosing from a skill tree.

After some consideration, he arrived at an answer. Based on his answer, he planned out his future path.

The first spell that he wanted to learn was [Mana Bullet]!

According to the explanation, this spell could attack both physical and spiritual objects, and ordinary people would be unable to see it. It was quite a practical and useful spell.

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