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“Call me Mika!” She wasn’t happy about always being called Miss, so she unconsciously said it out loud. Immediately afterwards, she noticed what she had said, and her face turned bright red to the roots of her ears.

In Sakura Island, calling someone directly by their name was considered quite intimate-only family members or close friends would do this.

She was just being teased by her own mother, and now she immediately let Seiji call her own name! Mika truly felt like she was digging her own grave!

“It… it’s just that if you call me Uehara, it’s confusing to know who you’re talking about, so… so that’s the only reason!” She didn’t even know what she was saying anymore.

“Oh my, oh my…” Nozomi glanced gently over at her daughter acting shy.

*Cough!* Seiji forced himself to fake a coughing fit: “Well, for it to all end like this is the best we can hope for.”

Two days ago, Mika told him that the blondie had suddenly dropped out of school because his father’s company went bankrupt, and his family was no longer powerful, thus causing him to be too ashamed to stay at school anymore. Besides, his family was apparently forced to sell their home to pay their debts, so they had moved away as well.

Did all of this have something to do with the student council president? Neither Seiji nor Mika knew the answer to this, as this was all they had to go on.

“Mm… That is wonderful…” Mika considered it calmly and thought about something else that would happen, which caused her to turn slightly unsatisfied.

“Mika, were you thinking that it’s nice that you won’t have to be scared, but Haruta-kun doesn’t need to take you to school anymore, so you were disappointed?” Nozomi didn’t pull any punches with her daughter and continued to tease her.

“Not… not at all!” Having her inner thoughts pointed out, Mika felt a mixture of anger and embarrassment, and her face turned a deep red hue while her eyes became slightly teary.

‘Even… even if he lost weight, even if he was more handsome, he’s still an otaku. I… I absolutely won’t fall in love with him, humph!’ She desperately tried to conceal her inner feelings in her heart.

“Ha… haha, auntie sure loves to joke around…” Other than laughing foolishly, what else was Seiji supposed to do?

And so, the bountiful, delicious meal ended with an ambiguous atmosphere.

Not long after, Seiji took his leave.

Right after he left, Mika instantly jumped on her mother like an angry kitten.

“Mom, what are you saying in front of him!?”

“I don’t think I was wrong, hehe…” The young woman covered her mouth as she chuckled, showing her profound experience in life.

“Everything was wrong! I’m not…”

“Then why was your face so red-look, it’s still red even now.”

“I’m… I’m just angry!”

“You’re not honest with your feelings at all. You’re my daughter; of course I know what you’re thinking.” Nozomi gently touched her daughter’s cheek before saying, “Haruta-kun used to be quite a terrible person, but now he’s changed to become much better, and he even saved you. Besides, he didn’t mind protecting you for all this time; it’s only natural for you to be moved.”

Mika shyly lowered her head and twiddled her fingers.

“But from your mother’s perspective, Haruta-kun is trying his utmost to change himself; he might not even be interested in you… And your mother has a premonition-this may only be the beginning. Perhaps he’ll become even handsomer… Hehe… no matter what Mika thinks, if you’re serious about it, you can’t let this opportunity escape.”

“Mom…” Mewling like a kitten, Mika tugged on her mother’s shirt, “Just… what should I do?”

“Think about it yourself; just don’t do anything overboard-boys… even good boys have times when they become beasts. Just remember to be careful about this.”


It seemed that the beautiful mother and daughter’s secret conversation was going to continue on for quite some time. It was a new day.

As usual, Seiji went out for a morning jog and returned home after working up a sweat.

After washing up, he prepared to make his own breakfast. Truthfully, he was slightly disappointed that breakfast wouldn’t be provided for him every morning by a beauty.

Just as he was thinking this, there was a knock on his door.

“Miss Uehara?”

The pigtailed beauty pouted upon hearing this.


She finally showed a smile of satisfaction.

“For you!” She handed him the lunchbox that was in her hand.

“Oh, but this…”

“She… she already got used to making them, so she made one extra out of habit… that’s what mom said this morning!” Mika looked away from him and showed a hint of shyness, “so there’s breakfast for you today as well, and in the future… well, we’ll probably make breakfast for you occasionally.”

“Thank you so much, but wouldn’t this be too much trouble…”

“It’s no trouble at all; it’s just food for one extra person. In… in exchange, if there’s some work that requires physical strength around our house, you need to come help out!” She looked back directly into his eyes.

Seiji was surprised for an instant, before a gentle smile suffused across his lips.

“Thanks… I will.”

His smile was breaking the rules with how dazzling it was, ahh! Mika felt like her face was burning up again.

After talking to her mom last night and confirming her feelings, she felt as if she was no longer able to look at Seiji normally anymore. Every time she did, she felt nervous inside, and her heartbeat seemed to increase severalfold!

Just hearing his voice and seeing him smile would make her cheeks heat up.

Ahhhhh-she couldn’t take this anymore!

“I… I’m going to school!” She turned around and scurried off, leaving Seiji with the impression of her back and those twin pigtails swaying in the air.

“Be careful!” Seiji was slightly concerned she would trip.

Then, he returned back to his room to enjoy his breakfast.

When he opened the lunchbox, Seiji paused; he had noticed that the food inside was evidently different from before as every dish seemed to have been made by someone inexperienced.

He realized instantly that the previous breakfasts must have been made by the landlord, and this one must have been cooked personally by Mika Uehara!

He could envision that pigtailed girl waking up at the crack of dawn and clumsily cooking under the instruction of her mother.

The eggs were slightly burnt, the squid was twisted into a strange shape, and this cucumber… just how did she cut it into something that looked like it was an ingredient for dark magic?

Seiji sighed deeply.

He didn’t have the ability to eat this type of breakfast calmly.

Mika Uehara was walking down the sunny street.

‘He’s probably eating his breakfast now… I wonder what he’s thinking.’ Her heart kept pounding as she thought this.

“Ahh-Mom… she forced me to cook for him personally, but this will be exposed instantly… it’s so embarrassing!” She touched her own cheek and found that it was burning.

“I… I admit, I do like him a little, but this is so… direct. Urgh, it’s all mom’s fault!”

Nozomi Uehara sneezed as she washed dishes at home.

No matter how embarrassed Mika was, she had already made the breakfast, so there was nothing she could do.

‘I hope that he’ll like it…’

This was the first time in her life that she made food for a boy, humph…

As she was lost in her thoughts, a figure suddenly darted out from a nearby alley.

The figure had filthy clothes, messy dyed-blonde hair, and bloodshot eyes.

“It was all because of you, you fucking bitch!” Blondie was viciously glaring at the girl in front of him; he felt like he had fallen down into hell because of his family going bankrupt, and he had lost all sense of reason.

All because of this **** in front of him, he had lost everything!

He was going to take revenge!

He was going to fuck this bitch up!

He was going f*cking to kill her!

Mika Uehara was terrified by the malevolent aura emitted by blondie, and her mind was frozen with fear; however, before long, she instinctively turned around and shouted for help.

“Help! Someone save me-“

“Don’t run, you fucking bitch!”

While cursing, blondie brought out a glimmering dagger and chased after her.

He was very fast and managed to catch up to her swiftly.

Mika Uehara despaired upon feeling the blondie behind her catching up, but then a familiar figure abruptly appeared in front of her.

“Haruta-kun… Seiji!”

Seiji, who was crossing the street, opened his eyes wide in astonishment at this scene, before immediately rushing over.


He had to get there in time!

But it was too late.

Blondie reached Mika just a few steps before Seiji did, and he viciously stabbed his dagger into her back.

*Splurt!* Bright red blood gushed out incessantly.

Mika’s expression froze at this instant, while Seiji felt an icy feeling from the depths of his heart, followed by absolute rage.

“Bastard!” He roared and kicked the blondie with manic fury.


Blondie was toppled over, and he dropped his dagger.

But it was too late.

Seiji caught Mika, who was collapsing, and saw her blood spreading quickly on her back.

In his arms, she blinked and looked at his face.

Ahh! Her body felt unnaturally cold.

Mika Uehara felt like she saw many things, and then nothing at all, and the last thing she saw was the anxious, worried face of a young man.

He went to all that trouble to become handsome; why was his expression so negative?

She wanted to smile at him, but she wasn’t able to, and something wet dripped out of the corners of her eyes.

The boy’s face was twisted; all his features were distorted and filled with endless self-regret and pain.

It’s not your fault… don’t have such an expression, Haruta-kun… no, Seiji.

Thank you for coming to save me.

She opened then closed her mouth, trying her best to say the words she wanted to express the most.

“Was breakfast… good?”

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