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Chapter 38 – The Season When It Blooms Part 1

The place was[Labyrinth of Naga], a dungeon which to me, based on the level, isn’t much of importance……in the lowest floor.

In front of our eyes was, the strongest demon in this labyrinth is not for[Naga], the[Little Beast]who was panting and drooling.

They weren’t thin and frail like that time, but in their original form with lots of flesh. They are not that much big, but are great (?) demons bringing out the appearance of a C rank demon.

The one confronting that demon……was not me.

The one standing in front of Little Beast is……Elk with dagger in hand, and lowering her posture while preparing to lash out.

As for nervousness, yes she is nervous after all, judging from the way she looks like. Well not anything unnatural. It’s the first time for her to fight against a demon this strong without me.

No matter if Elk has gotten stronger a lot with the training and stuff, but still, nervous things make one nervous, no change in there.

After all, just a little while ago, it was an enemy she would run away if ever come across it……without any guarantee of running away unscathed.

Whilst I was thinking that, Little Beast moved first.

It rushed in with a speed not-so-good for a newbie, as expected of the strongest demon in the labyrinth. That rush which can insta-kill a normal person, or if truly lucky would get almost all ribs broken, wasn’t something the Elk from a month ago would be able to dodge.

Elk evaded that with a rather quick and sharp step. And while passing the demon, her naked[Dagger]flashed.

It was none other than the memento of her mother……which had gotten past the polishing work after I got a special whetstone from sister, and now it’s blade is showing the original shine of a crystal.

The next moment, the knife blade started shining in green, because of the green……wind magical power Elk was clad in was pouring out into the dagger.

Due to that, the air resistance became null, and that attack which had its sharpness increased a notch, ran along the nape of Little Beast’s neck.

Moreover it wasn’t something hit blindly with luck, but it was shot out after seeing through the movement of prey, aiming at vital and thinking of perfect angle. A perfect attack, seeming ready to stop at any point, if a counter-attack came.

Elk’s blade passed through while making a sharp *Slash* sound. And the next moment, quite a lot of fresh blood spewed out from that wound, maybe because her attacked cut the artery. A critical hit.

However not relaxing herself there, she quickly jumped back. Safely, with lot of composure, she didn’t let her posture break.

Next moment, the place Elk had been before was mowed down by the strong arms of Little Beast. It was most probably a hit in the dark after succumbing to the anger by being cut. After that it was staggering by being caught up in the momentum of its own attack.

Even an attack like that, if Elk too it head-on, the possibility of it not being just[hurtful], but rather serious was great. This time she dealt with it using serenity. Good Job.

However, even so lowering the guard is never a good thing.

Though the Little Beast had its carotid artery cut, but it’s still alive. It will probably rampage for some more minutes. She will have to get over every attack it makes until the time it had bled enough to be in critical state. This particular thing is the difference between her and my, literally[One-hit Kill]fists.

In fact, it lunged out with a rush even wilder than before, again aiming for Elk’s life.

She evaded those two or three rushes splendidly, whilst not breaking her breathing order and keeping her guard up. Furthermore, she took out several throwing knives from the belt on her waist.

And after another rush, she looked here and turned around violently, conveniently the Little Beast stopped at that place to scare her, and the throwing knives pierced into it.

The knives flew in a straight line aiming at the fingertip of feet and hit them. Even the spectator, me was about to go[Whoa!].

Well then were in for some trivia.

Most of the living beings use the fingers in the[front of feet]to stand up, and a lots and lots of nerves are concentrated there. They are helpful when using the back of foot to kick the ground.

That part is oversensitive to pain, for instance doesn’t it hurt like hell when the pinky finger of the leg hits the corner of dresser?

Using that point, Elk hit the fingertip of the hind legs. The Little Beast felt intense pain and was unable to stand up firmly.

Inevitably, the rush from after that became obvious, and with Elk’s current agility she could dodge them with lot of composure.

Fast-forward for several minutes. Though it fought hard to kill Elk till the very end, but after reaching the limit of blood leakage, the Little Beast……fell on the ground with a *bam*

And stopped moving forever after. Still not approaching it with lower guard, Elk confirmed its death and then only did she heave a sigh while relaxing her body.

……Yep, great. Elk finally completed her[Solo subjugation of Little Beast]quest.

At that point, both me and Alva, who were watching from a distance, met up with her. Noticing our presence Elk faced her vision her, whist on her shoulder, Alva, already familiar with Elk, was play-biting her ear as if to say[Good work].

This time was Elk testing out her abilities. Basically we do not interfere in these battles, neither give out suggestions.

Of course, the current one was because I had confidence that she would take on a Little Beast herself, if it had gotten out of control, then I would’ve intervened and saved her. Those worry ended up for naught, as you can see Elk won easily. A complete victory for Elk.

「How you feeling?」

「……Frankly, it seems unreal」

Even now, while taking deep breath sucking in the cold air into her lungs, she was showing an awkward smile. Looks like she was having a hard time to believe the truth.

「Don’t tell me, I, actually killed a Little Beast by myself alone……something I aimed for as an adventurer……」

「You’ve worked hard for that, Elk. Everyday」

「No, but still, I never thought that I would reach till here in this short time……」

Certainly……it’s only 2 months ago when I first met her……. 2 months since that[Naga]’s case and 1 month since that[Subspecies]’ case. I started the training with Elk after killing of[Naga], so the training time would be……less than 2 months, eh.

The Elk at that time barely won against even a single Goblin or Wolf, now defeated a Little Beast this brilliantly…….No matter if she knew the basic knowledge from before, growing at this pace is quite splendid and she even became stronger.

Well, there are still lots of parts where she got her ass saved by guard protectors and weapons……but still she subjugated a[Little Beast]one her own.

Though not to the extent of what my mom assigned to me, this must be the result of somewhat hard training menu which I gave to her.

And, we went out for adventures every day, and fought against numerous demons in the wild while accumulating experience, this fact was also big in the battle just now. Practice (TN: =Jissen) and Combat (TN:=Jissen here too) are the greatest training after all. [TL: What a shitty pun is it]

And, with this and that, currently the maintenance of the[Dagger], whose explanation I’ve yet to give, was over, moreover Elk has started to learn on how to handle her weapon more skillfully.

Apparently, Elk’s mother herself didn’t knew the identity of this dagger.

Its true identity is, an extremely rare magic item excavated from ancient ruins, only if it appears, which in itself is too rare.

Particularly the[Wind]magic Elk uses has the effect of enhancing the speed of attack and its sharpness, an ideal magic for her, who aims at the vitals.

Maybe the love for the memento of her mother too was helping, now that she is getting more skilled gradually.

This is the truth; she even has luck and talent. I’m quite eager to see her future.

Well then, let’s call it day now, and take this Little Beast back to the guild. It’s just a single so I can shoulder it and take it back. Its fur too is good.

Most probably, this would end up being ingredients for her assessment, and Elk’s rank would increase. Even more, if I report that I didn’t help at all.


Upon exiting the labyrinth, the time was already near evening, the time sure runs fast.

For the time being, for converting this[Little Beast], which is hanging on my shoulder within a jute bag, into money, we both walk along the path at a fast pace. The jute bag is quite big, so it makes me stand out, but now I don’t even care.

After all, my face has become so widespread recently that I now don’t even want to care, as there is no meaning in that. I’m the mysterious adventurer who came from Rank F to Rank A in less than a month. [Adventurer in Black], now even[Black Lion].

Well as expected, I was called out more times compared to the time with[Naga]……but as it was my second time experiencing this, I was quite familiar with that stuff already, and it didn’t concern me as much. Parrying it efficiently, I am maintaining my adventurer life, I think.

While thinking that stuff, I walk the main street of the city, and tasty scent came drifting around from shops on either side, and tickle my nose. At the same time, my body, which had done some good exercise in the labyrinth, started giving an honest reaction to my appetite.

It’s about time I give a reward to my hard working body by buying stuff and eating it immediately, but I don’t have enough time right now……

Why is it so? It’s about time the adventurers out to venture labyrinths and danger areas start returning. In that case, the stares pointed at me, and invitations I would have to reject would increase by 1.5%. Truly, utterly, pain-in-the-ass.

It can’t be helped, let’s walk and eat after finishing the work in Guild, while I try to shake off the tasty scents from my nose, I, abruptly, notice something.

Along with the tasty scent of kebabs and other grilled stuffs, there is another smell……

……This is……a flower?

I look around the surroundings, and see……several shops here and there selling flowers.

Though I say that, these all are not florist, most of them are used as medicinal plants, or as foodstuff……the genuine[florist]are rather rare here.

Even so, compared to yesterday……today the market is full with flowers. What is happening?


「Ah……that. It’s already that season」


After arriving at guild, while we wait for the assessment for giving the[Little Beast], I ask Elk about the scene I noticed before, and that was answer.

「There is a place called as[Flower Valley], it takes about 3 days via carriage to reach. Do you know about there?」

I shake my head. Elk makes an[as expected]type of expression and continued her explanation.

Seems like that[Flower Valley]was literally, a place with lots of flowers and is also a producing area where various things related to[Flowers]are produced.

There, since long ago people have made a small community and have been living there, they all make their living by selling the various special products found in the valley to Traders who come for buying things.

Live flowers for vase, flowers for luxury grocery items or even dry flowers for admiration purposes, along with flowers that work as medicinal plants; and various other things could be taken from there.

In the[Special products]even that[Blood Maple]is present. However this one is a genuine legal product, with license.

That[Flower Valley], all year long, has some sort of flower blossoming there, let it be winter or any other season, and the current season is the time when stock replenishing from[Flower Valley]is at its peak.

I see, so that’s why there were so many flowers. Doesn’t it get troublesome for people suffering from hay fever? Not like I know if it exists in this world.

Hearing more, the shops selling a thing called as[Flower Dish]made by using lots of those special products also appear in markets during this time. Just like a limited-time offer. Though there is still time before evening meal, but frankly, this talk aroused my interest greatly.

While I’m making Elk feel astonished by my easy-to-read expression and my already-revealed appetite, the assessment was over and we were called from the counter, so we headed towards the place Riin-san was present at.

Taking the Guild Card and the reward……there was a change in Elk’s card; the displayed rank had changed from[D]to[C].

Apparently, the achievements she had accumulated till now, along with this Little Beast ending up as the last move, her rank increased.

But, there was no unnatural feeling. For Elk who is now able to solo kill a Little Beast, this evaluation can be said quite valid.

Of course, though her foundation had been good from before, but increasing from Rank[E]to[C]in just a little over 2 months is an unprecedented thing, even Riin-san praising her, and Elk was surprised over herself.

But, today’s surprise didn’t end with just that, we were told a concerning talk by Riin-san.

「A request by name?」

「Yes. A request addressed to Minato-sama. It is fine to take it along with Elk-sama」

Saying that, Riin-san presented forward the single page of request in her hands, I take it over and survey it.

I read the stuff written on the paper, which was clearly bigger than the ones affixed on[Board], and surely the written stuff was about a quest designated to the request adventurer, me. Minato Quadrille.

I had heard that upon getting famous, stuff like this also increases, but it’s the first time I’m experiencing this.

“Just who is the client?”, thinking that I left the request details for later and look at the name of client……HUH!?

「Therefore, it’s fine today or even tomorrow, so the client wants to meet you and explain the details. Ah, of course, it’s not mandatory to accept it, so you can decline the request……what would you do?」

「Hmm」 Chapter 717: Black Dungeon Tarragon

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