If he did not have to obtain the identity of a sect disciple or a freedom mercenary to use the teleportation circles, Yue Yang would not even waste his crystal.

“Thank you old man!” Yi Nan had been idle within the Grimoire World for several days. Now that she was finally out, she was delighted and beaming from ear to ear.

“What? I have just reached adulthood today, this long beard is just a symbol of my maturity alright!” To hear the old man say that he had only just reached adulthood, Yue Yang and Yi Nan were extremely speechless.

“Sorry…… I did not know, please forgive me.” Yi Nan quickly apologized to smoothen the process of registering as mercenary.

“Since you are so sincere about apologizing, I will just forgive you.” At the sight of this prematurely aged ‘old man’ waving his hand in dismissal, Yue Yang was close to pulling out Tao Tie Blade to get rid of him. He only pulled himself back when Yi Nan grabbed his hand. This was a honeymoon trip, not a killing trip. She did not want blood to pave the streets. Seeing his girl happy, Yue Yang did not want to spoil her good mood. The ‘old man’ took out pen and paper, instructed the card-maker and inquired: “What is your name? Yi Si? Just two words? Seems like you are not royalty. Alright, your race? Human? Oh, you are human, you look so strange! Sex, female? You are female? Do human women all look like you? To speak the truth, you do not look that good……”

“You frick!” Yue Yang was furious, registering was one thing, but to make such comments, did you think you are the expert at asking to be beaten up?

“It’s nothing, nothing, his temper is bad.” Yi Nan quickly snatched over the brick in Yue Yang’s hands. That brick, was a hair’s breadth away from landing on the ‘old man’s’ head.

“You two have never registered before, so you would be Level One Mercenaries with very meager strength. Although I bet you will not have it, but I will just follow protocol and ask you.” That annoying ‘old man’ casually asked: “Do you have, oh, do you have a summoning grimoire, do you have a summoning grimoire? Forget it, pretend I never asked. I bet you two don’t have one. I’ll stop asking, to not make you two feel bad!”

“Who says that we don’t, I have!” Now, even Yi Nan was triggered by this ‘old man’s’ attitude. At first, she did not want to say that she had a summoning grimoire to stay away from the limelight. But this ‘old man’ was too infuriating for her to stay quiet, she had one!

“What?” That old man looked as if he was struck by lightning, and stood stunned. It was as if he had turned into a wooden doll and his jaw almost fell to his feet.

“You really have a grimoire, you really have a summoning grimoire?” Old man returned to his senses and quickly asked. His words fell like a bomb inside mercenary guild, causing a ruckus among everyone.

First, it was those mercenaries drinking in the corner talking softly who fell off their stools.

Everyone was in a complete mess, a pathetic state.

The bartender, who was pouring drinks, also blankly poured alcohol on the heads of those mercenaries who were holding their cups out.

And those mercenaries themselves did not realise anything, they could only stare at Yi Nan stunned. DAB ON DA HATERS Their stunned looks were as if they had seen a monster……. The entire mercenary guild started falling into a state of chaos.

Numerous people scrambled over, surrounding Yue Yang and Yi Nan. A bearded mercenary uncle, a white and fat bartender, a drunkard who was covered in alcohol, a card dealer whose head was sharp like a grasshopper, and a receptionist who has aged prematurely…… the crowd was several layers thick, no one could pass through. If not for Yue Yang protecting her, Yi Nan would have been scared stiff. Who knows, she might even have summoned her Grimoire and attacked the crowd with her Hallucination Butterflies.

“Scram, what do you all want?” Yue Yang knew he had gotten into trouble. Even though he knew that it was very hard for Heaven Realm rankers to contract a grimoire, he never would have expected such an intense response.

If only he had just asked the big-mouth shop owner one more question, such a mistake would not have happened.

In Heaven Realm, excluding life without intelligence and those special life forms, even for intelligent life, the odds of contracting a Grimoire was one in a billion. In the Hua Xia Tian Dynasty, that Yue Yang lived in before he was sent to a different world, there were so many people but there were only at most two grimoires in the entire continent. In total, there should only be 6-7 grimoires in the entire planet. Naturally, people would go crazy over it. This was why when these mercenaries heard that this human young lady owned a Summoning Grimoire, everyone could not contain themselves.

In Heaven Realm, those who owned Summoning Grimoires are called God’s Favorite.

Each sect scramble over themselves to take them in.

As for Yue Yang’s question, the ‘old man’ who aged prematurely could only keep smiling with all the muscles in his face: “Cough, we, we were all blind, cough, we have no intention to offend you two! We just want to take a look and see a Grimoire for ourselves. I am so unfortunate to have lived for more than 200 years, half my lifetime, but never seen a Grimoire before. Young lady, could you summon it out, to let us all take a look?”

“Yes, yes!” Everyone echoed in agreement.

All of them forced a smile on their faces to seem friendly. But, with such crazy expressions on their ugly appearances, they looked more like robbers who were about to rob them.

Seeing everyone in the crowd turn pale from fear, Yi Nan held onto Yue Yang’s arm firmly.

Yue Yang shouted loudly: “Get away, who cares if you all have never seen it before. Stop surrounding us, if not don’t blame me if I start hurting people!”

Everyone stared at each other. On one hand they were apologetic for having scared Yi Nan, on the other they were also suspicious over whether Yi Nan actually had a Summoning Grimoire. Who knows, they might have heard wrong, or she could have been lying. One must know, many people had lied about owning Grimoires just to show off so that they could pretend that they were different. But at Yue Yang’s rage, many people could not help but back away, and try to widen the circle up so that they could tell them the truth. They just wanted someone to speak up.

Actually, all of these people were of Innate Level and above. They were all slightly stronger than the level Yue Yang was pretending to be at and Yi Nan’s current ability.

But, they were used to being in the low castes. They did not think that they were stronger than Yue Yang and Yi Nan. In fact, they seemed more like timid commoners, and not robbers that are moved by the sight of money.

If these sorts of things were to happen in Tong Tian Tower, this would not be the case.

In Tong Tian Tower, anyone with ability was very arrogant.

But in Heaven Realm, it was an entirely different concept. Among the intelligent life, many clans were very powerful from birth. Even a normal adult man would at least be Innate Level 1, only an extremely small number of slaves were below Innate Level. However, the ability rankings in Heaven Realm and Tong Tian Tower were different. Here, if Innates do not have a Summoning Grimoire, they would not be called Innates.

They were called Earth Rank Warriors, opposite to Heaven Rank Rankers.

These Earth Rank Warriors that were strong as Innates were born with extraordinary power, but their potential was strangely small. When some of them mature, they could almost not improve at all for the rest of their life, staying stagnant.

Wishing of contracting a Summoning Grimoir was only a dream!

While a general competition would not be possible, but if it were a one-on-one battle, or to compete in growth potential, the Innates in Tong Tian Tower could completely win over warriors of the same rank in Heaven Realm.

“Plonk!” The prematurely aged old man suddenly knelt down, tears streaming down his face: “I have really not seen a Summoning Grimoire in my whole life. I don’t even have an idea of what it looks like. If I don’t see it this time, in my lifetime, I would maybe end up like my grandpa and my father who died without ever seeing a Grimoire. That would be so regretful, could you please fulfil my wish and let me take a look before I die!”

“Are you going to die soon?” Yi Nan was extremely sympathetic. She felt that this ‘old man’ was actually quite pitiful.

“That is not actually the case. Maybe in a few hundred years!” That old man blushed, even he himself thought that his words just now was slightly exaggerated. He quickly added on: “Even though I would not be dying soon, I really have never seen a Summoning Grimoire before. Everyone here can testify!”

“Right right right, none of us have ever seen a Summoning Grimoire!”

“That’s right, that guy once boasted that he saw a Summoning Grimoire before, but he was exposed by me. Other than than big mouth shop owner who sells random goods. None of us have seen such a rare item before!”

“Let me just take one look, if we were to see a Summoning Grimoire, we will too be able to boast when drinking with others. Young lady, how about I introduce you into our Nu Jiang sect, our sect……”

(Last: Nu Jiang means raging river)

“Forget about that trashy sect of yours. Even your sect leader does not have a Summoning Grimoire, you still want to recruit her? That is not right! In my opinion, young lady you should join Waterfall City’s Tian Pu Sect. Tian Pu Sect leader is an Innate Ranker, he owns a Silver Grimoire……. What is of importance is that Tian Pu Sect leader treasures talent. If young lady is willing to join Tian Pu Sect, passing on the legacy, taking over the sect, reigning over Waterfall City is all just a matter of time.

(Last: Tian Pu means Sky Waterfall)

The entire crowd started talking non-stop all at once.

When they started getting agitated, they almost started fighting over their own recommendations.

Some people even ran out to the teleportation circle at the other end of town to report to their sect’s elders.

Seeing that things were not going well, Yue Yang quickly brought Yi Nan and returned to the Grimoire World. The two of them stared at each other for a long time. They were both thinking that this was really such a strange happening and started laughing aloud.

Fortunately this was a small town, otherwise there would be much more people watching…… Yue Yang decided to ignore those guys and rest for a few hours. They would go back when everyone had left. There were two reasons why they chose not to escape by using teleportation. One, they were unfamiliar with the surroundings. Second, escaping would appear weak and might make them seem like easy targets. While Yue Yang did not care about those guys with feverish eyes, Yi Nan would definitely not want their romantic first stop on this Heaven Realm trip to be rained by blood.

Forget it, he will give his girl a romantic love!

Seeing how considerate Yue Yang was being, Yi Nan gave him a kiss in delight. When she had time, she would record this down as part of their Heaven Realm trip……. On this day, in a small town in Heaven Realm, this happened…….

Yue Yang had been flipping through that five hundred page simplified atlas for half a day.

He found out that Heaven Realm was split into four, north, south, east and west realms. Each realm was split into a hundred ‘domain’. Each domain was split into a hundred ‘districts’. Each district was split into a hundred ‘continents’. Each continent was split into a hundred ‘cities’. Each cities was spilt into a hundred ‘towns’……. In Heaven Realm, not to mention a city, the administered area in even a district was much bigger than the largest capital of Soaring Dragon Continent. They were only split into towns because the population was too small.

In any case, Heaven Realm was bigger than anyone could imagine. Even though this was a simplified map, Yue Yang was dazzled by it and his head was already spinning.

After spending a few hours, he finally found the Heaven Realm Door of West Heaven Realm.

On that map, there was a tiny dot marked ‘Tong Tian Tower’.

To obtain more detailed information, he would have to buy a detailed map of the Heaven Realm door.

After a lazy nap and supper, Yue Yang felt that it was about time. No matter how patient, everyone should have already left since Yue Yang had already returned to the Grimoire World for ten whole hours.

“Let’s go!” Yi Nan changed her clothes, and gently tugged on Yue Yang’s big hands while smiling sweetly.

“Let’s register at another place, but this time, we must not mention that we have a Grimoire.” Yue Yang did not want to be surrounded in a circle by strangers anymore, that feeling was truly annoying.

But when he and Yi Nan appear, he was completely stunned.

This was because, around them were tens of thousands of people waiting for them. When they saw the two of them appear, the entire crowd erupted in cheers, their applause like a thunderstorm. Many Earth Rank Level 7, 8 powerful warriors were standing in rows like soldiers. In front of these rankers, were two Heaven Rank rankers. As for those people who were here from the start, such as prematurely aged old man and the card dealer whose head was sharp like a grasshopper all bowed respectfully to welcome them.

Even though the two Heaven Tier rankers had raised their arms to calm everyone down,

Some people could not help but scream in excitement: ” It really is a Gold Grimoire. Oh my, she has the legendary Gold Grimoire, I am going to faint!”

Actually, Yi Nan’s Summoning Grimoire had already upgraded to Platinum Beginner level.

But those people at least knew that in order to be able to return to Grimoire World, the Grimoire had to be at least Gold level. This was why they guessed that Yi Nan’s Grimoire was a Gold Grimoire. As for those two Heaven Tier rankers, one of them was a middle-aged uncle with Fu Manchu mustache. His appearance and temperament were rather fine. He belonged to the same type of person as Jun Wu You and had an aura around him. The other was a monster, with four limbs and three eyes, it looked quite similar to Three-eyed Tiger Man.

But it was not a Tiger Man.

It was a species that even Yue Yang did not recognise.

“Welcome, welcome!” The middle-aged uncle with a Fu Manchu mustache went forth and greeted them: “I am Bai Hou, the Master of Waterfall City. After hearing the news from my disciples, thinking that our distinguished guests were holding onto a Bronze Grimoire, I was hoping to welcome you into our sect. Turns out that our distinguished guests’ Summoning Grimoire were already at least Gold level. I am ashamed, ashamed!”

” Our distinguished guests have travelled far, if it is not too much, could we take a look at your Grimoire?” That Heaven Rank monster was also rather courteous, it summoned its own Silver Grimoire first.

When the Silver Grimoire appeared, the entire crowd erupted in cheers.

The applause sounded like thunder.

As for Master of Waterfall City Bai Hou, he smiled and also summoned his own Grimoire. His Grimoire was also a Silver Grimoire, but it was high ranked, a little stronger that the Heaven Rank Monster’s middle-ranked Silver Grimoire.

Their intention was very simple, they just wanted to compare their Grimoire.

In Heaven Realm, the rankers who owned Grimoires really do have such a habit.

Yi Nan glanced at Yue Yang. After gaining his silent approval, she said: “Since everyone wants to see my Summoning Grimoire, it is not a problem. But you all have to agree to one condition. After looking at it, let us leave freely and not use any reason to stop us.” Seeing how these people did not have any ill-intentions and just wanted to compare Grimoires and make a friend who also owns a Grimoire, she was naturally unafraid.

If these people wanted to create trouble, she would retaliate and attack with Yue Yang, be it a romantic honeymoon or not.

Even though the middle-aged uncle and monster were at Heaven Rank, they were not a problem to Yue Yang who could defeat even the Thousand Goblin King.

After receiving an affirmative response from everyone, Yi Nan smiled cheekily at Yue Yang.

She stretched out her arm that glowed like jade, her fingers, as beautiful as white orchids, gently tapped the air.

She summoned her Grimoire elegantly.

Instantly, a strange light shone……

When everyone saw Yi Nan’s Platinum Grimoire, the air stilled. Everyone turned into stone, even the two Heaven Tier Rankers who were trying their best to maintain their composure!

Three hours later, Yi Nan walked out from a teleportation circle. She could not stop laughing, her laughter filled the night air like silver bells. It rang along with the wind, lifting through the night delicately. Even Yue Yang could not stop smiling. This was all because even he could not have imagined the crowd’s extremely unusual reaction from seeing the Platinum Grimoire.

He had thought it would have been a bloodbath, turns out it was not the case at all.

At the thought that the two Heaven Tier Rankers had wanted to become Yi Nan’s disciple, and learn the secrets of levelling up the Grimoire, Yue Yang could not stop laughing.

“Heaven Realm is really too much fun. Hehe, but in the future when we register as mercenaries, we cannot mention our Grimoire. Otherwise, there would be more people giving us so many gifts that we do not need……” Yi Nan linked with Yue Yang’s arm. After walking a long distance, she turned around to look at the teleportation circle. Only after realising that no one had followed them, she breathed a sigh of relief: “They have finally all gone back. I thought they would be sending us all the way to West Heaven Realm! Oh right, Bai Hou City master said that within this ‘domain’, Rainbow City was the most beautiful. How about we visit Rainbow City?”

“As you wish, my beautiful bride!” Yue Yang cupped her tiny face and landed a kiss on her jade lips. Waterfall City to Rainbow City was a journey of more than 2000 kilometers.

As the two cities were not on friendly terms, there was no connecting teleportation circle. They could only stop at Stallion City to transit, and switch to take an airship to continue their journey.

Actually, Yue Yang and Yi Nan could have teleported nearer. But Yi Nan wanted to ride on the ‘Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship’ that Waterfall City master had strongly recommended. This extremely luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship was an enormous airship. It could contain tens of thousands of travellers. It was splendidly decorated, on the cabin deck there were even man-made lakes and beaches, a water theme park and a themed garden.

People who are active can take part in rock climbing competitions and passionately surf; People who are quiet could quietly watch graceful musicals.

This sort of Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship, was the most iconic means of transportation of Rainbow City.

Almost every visitor to Rainbow City would take a ride on it.

“What a scam!” If Yue Yang had not come to Heaven Ream, he would never have realised how poor he was. Turns out, the demon crystals that he obtained in Wyvern Valley were almost depleted. But it was still not enough. To ride on the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship, even the cheapest ticket cost a hundred gold. Two people would cost two hundred gold. To Yue Yang who did not have a penny on him, seeing his demon crystals flow from him like water made him want to pull out his sword and rob someone.

A hundred gold just to take a lousy ship?

Moreover, after boarding the ship, the expenses for drinking and eating still had to be calculated separately.

But to coax this girl, to chase her, Yue Yang went all out. Since these demon crystal were robbed, since it was not enough, he would think of how to get more.

After buying the ticket, they waited for another half hour.

Finally, the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship appeared on the horizon.

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