In place of the First’s incoherent ramblings, the Second offered them an explanation.

“Please wait. She’s a good girl. A really good girl. But right now, I’m sure there are just some extraneous circumstances.”

The Second’s wife tilted her head.

“And because of whatever circumstances, you’ll overlook a murder attempt? Honestly, I couldn’t care less about whatever circumstance that girl has. From our point of view, we can’t accept if Lyle’s killed, or his wives die. Just why do you think we’ve been trying so hard to begin with?”

The First was surrounded by his own soldiers. The surroundings were awaiting his verdict. But they did have an agreement on one thing.

“… That girl’s definitely a Walt House bride, isn’t she.”

“I know, right?”

“I’m getting the same feeling from when the boss married in.”

As they ran their mouths, the First’s wife gave a stern glare at the soldiers.

“Who are you comparing to that crazy wench!? Look me in the eyes and say it!”

Everyone took a step back, raising an, ‘Eek!’ The first quietly muttered, ‘that’s exactly what they’re talking about,’ to himself.

But the Second turned to the two.

“A-anyways! We recognize that girl!”

There, arriving on the spot, the Fifth and Sixth approached the First and the others.

“So we’re first to arrive. And Novem’s gone on a rampage. Well, I knew it would come to this.”

“Exactly. She always had those suspicious parts to her.”

The First looked at the two of them, pointing his giant sword.

“What’s with you lot!? You’ve got some complaints with Novem-chan!?”

The Fifth put his galient blade against his shoulder.

“I’m on team Aria.”

There, the First and Second looked surprised.

“Eh? Really? Why’s that?”

“What exactly happened while we were away?”

The Sixth looked at Novem and Lyle.

“But I’m pushing for Miranda and Shannon.”

There, with an invisible sword in hand, and the Bahnseim royal line apprehended behind him, the Third met up with them. He looked at Lyle in a care-free manner as he laughed.

“So the final one to stand before Lyle is Novem-chan, eh? Well I saw it coming. Ah, but the way, I’m supporting Clara-chan. Rather, why isn’t Max here yet?”

Everyone’s eyes gathered on the Third as he looked around restlessly. While the First had much he wanted to ask, he put that aside.

“Do I have your attention!? Anyways, Novem-chan is important! There’s no way things’ll end well if they play out like this! We have to do something to stop them!”

As he said that for all to hear, the Third made a blatantly reluctant expression.

“And wait, isn’t this a problem between them? I think it’ll just be dubious if we lend a hand. Right, let’s just leave this to Lyle, and…”


As Dewey called out, the Third released his invisible sword from his hand. As its tip pierced into the ground, the Third looked in that direction.


Even if he knew he’d be there, to the Third, his brother was a special existence to him. He couldn’t keep up his usual aloof air.

“Let’s help them. This is definitely a mistake. I know I’m young, and there are a lot of things I don’t know… but still, this looks like a mistake. I can’t do anything, but… I know I can’t do anything, but if it’s Sleigh, can’t you help them out?”

On his older brother Dewey’s words, the Third averted his eyes. His debt aht the past he didn’t want to remember materialized in his brother’s very existence.

The Fifth looked over at Lyle and Novem.

“I do think there’s something off with barging into the romantic affairs of others. If Lyle can’t resolve it, there’s no meaning in us bringing about a temporary resolution. I think this one’s Lyle’s problem.”

Dewey looked down. There, a grudge-filled voice called out from behind him. It was the Sixth’s wife.

“So that’s how father-in-law pretended not to see our strife… you’ve hurt me.”


The Sixth took a few steps back. While she was a beautiful woman, the atmosphere around her was truly dark. And it looked as if she was shouldering a strange aura.

The Fifth made a cramped face.

“And I’m telling you if the individuals don’t resolve it themselves…”

This time, the Fifth’s wife and mistresses showed themselves.

“No, you’re misunderstanding something, dear. That’s not a lover’s quarrel over there.”


“… Accursed mother-in-law. Is it not because you permitted mistresses that Lyle turned out so indiscriminate? How truly irritating.”

The Fifth’s wife’s sharp glare pierced into the Sixth’s. As all eyes gathered on the Sixth, the Sixth silently averted his eyes.

The First’s wife spoke up.

“If it’s not a lover’s tiff, then what is it?”

The Fifth’s wife corrected her posture. And putting a hand to her chest, she said it clearly.

“They’re already family, are they not!? They’ve kissed and fought alongside one another as a couple! While they’ve yet to layer bodies, it’s clear they already have a relationship exceeding lovers! This is a problem of the whole house! So we shall intervene.”

The Fifth frantically cut in to interrupt.

“Yeah, could you stand down a while longer? Your interventions are no laughing matter! Why don’t we just trust in Lyle a bit more!”

Isolated from the rowdy surroundings, Lyle had begun to move…

“It’s getting noisy around. But even so… Sevens, was it? That’s a good Skill. A Skill to call back the House Heads of times past, and the people who lived alongside them. I’m surprised you’ve become able to use the Jewel to such a level, Lyle-sama.”

To this point, Novem had always affirmed me. And that Novem was now telling me to kill her. Otherwise she’s kill the others.

When she aimed for Shannon I panicked, but it’s a saving grace that Milleia-san was alongside her.

… Wait, was that really the case?

“Novem, why did you…”

“Yeah, could you stand down a while longer? Your interventions are no laughing matter! Why don’t we just trust in Lyle a bit more!”

I heard the Fifth cry out. The outfield had been growing louder for a while now, and I couldn’t maintain my sense of tension.

As I looked at Novem, perhaps she thought the same as she put a hand to her chin and nodded.

“Everyone, I’m sure the undead made by Agrissa were insufficient to keep you company. Naturally. You’re a clan I recognized after all.”

In delight, Novem stabbed her staff into the ground. From there, a magic circle formed, and a dragon manifested.

With its golden scales, a giant dragon whose splendid red horns seemed to pierce into the sky had manifested behind her.

Novem touched the dragon’s skin, closing her eyes.

“Those are people worthy to take you on. So keep them company. I care not if you kill them. In the end… they’re only memories.”

On those words, I stepped in. I cut at her with my Katana. Yet there, it turned out that even with the sword I held in both hands, her one-handed staff overpowered me.

“So you’ve finally grown serious, Lyle-sama. But that’s not nearly enough. Right! Whether this child… this [Legend Dragon] burns everything down first, or you kill me first, let’s make it a contest. For this child is strong.”

Hearing Legend Dragon, I sought confirmation with Clara. The noise was terrible, but she was near enough that conversation was possible.

“I don’t know it. Such a dragon… I’ve never even heard of it before.”

Clara replied instantly. Novem smiled and nodded as if it were only natural.

“It’s a boss of a floor humanity has never once managed to reach in their brief existence. A guardian, floor boss, call it what you will. Beyond the hundredth floor of the Labyrinth… it’s one of the strongest monsters guarding the innermost chamber. Well, there are other troublesome monsters as well.”

As the golden dragon turned to the heavens and let out a roar, that was enough to blow us back. Novem stroked its face, the Legend Dragon spread its large wings and took to the sky.

As she smiled, Novem took her scythe in both hands.

“Now come, Lyle-sama. No… my beloved child. Show your mother your strength.”

I gripped my Katana and gritted my teeth.

“My mother’s name is Claire Walt! You’re no mother of mine!”

Novem spoke.

“No, you’re wrong… for to me, all of humanity is akin to my children.” Following this, the news regarding the inner disciple trial swept the entire Dragon Emperor Clan like a storm.

In the midst of the surprise, the inner disciples immediately prepared themselves to strive for excellence in the trial.

As for Qin Nan, he was busy refining the Beast-Hitting Stick.

Unlike other Mystical Weapons, it did not have a Weapon Spirit, thus he would need to use his blood and will to slowly refine it.

During the process, the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein and Xuan Yue visited Qin Nan to discuss about the inner disciple trial. The Six-Spirited Dragon Vein advised Qin Nan to be careful, while Xuan Yue was interrupted by Qin Nan when he was about to say something.

The threat from Xuan Li had nothing to do with Xuan Yue, thus Qin Nan did not want him to worry too much.

…Time gradually passed. Two days later…

Following a soft buzz, Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with joy. He had finally refined the Beast-Hitting Stick, allowing him to freely control it at his will.

Thump thump thump….

At that instant, the chimes of an ancient bell could be heard from a distance away.

“Every inner disciple taking part in the trial should head to the dojo at once. Make sure you’re there within the period it takes an incense to burn.”

An imperious voice exploded in the sky.

“Phew, it’s time to witness the talents of the inner disciples here at the Dragon Emperor Clan!”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened.

There were only two ways to become an inner disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan. Either the person had contributed greatly to the faction or possessed a bloodline equivalent to a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, along with a certain cultivation.

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