Not only would the Fang Family cut off Zero Wing’s supply of new blood, but the Heaven’s Rumble would become a burden on Zero Wing’s finances, as well. Keeping the training center open every day cost a huge sum of money.

“Relax. Zero Wing isn’t the same Guild it used to be. The Fang Family overestimates itself if it thinks it can annex us,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “How is the construction for the fortress’s Shops coming along?”

They’re done, but if we only rent the Shops, we won’t be able to earn much. As a Medium Fortress, the Northern Fortress can only accommodate so many players at once,” Aqua Rose reported. “Very few powers visiting the fortress have expressed any interest in the Shops. Most people are asking to rent the hotels long-term, instead.”

The various major powers were typically quite interested in obtaining Shops, but only if there was enough traffic. It would likely be quite difficult to rent the fortress’s Shops for a high price with the Northern Fortress’s maximum player population. Furthermore, the number of Shops in the fortress couldn’t compare to those in a Guild City.

Based on God’s Domain’s settings, fortresses could only house a limited number of Shops. A Small Fortress only had room for 100 Sops, while a Medium Fortress could contain 240 Shops. In comparison, a Basic City could easily hold more than 1,000 Shops.

“As long as they’re done, I’m satisfied,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “See to the necessary preparations and announce that the Northern Fortress will begin to lease its Shops. The bid for each Shop will start at 5,000,000 Credits per month, and we’ll only lease 200 Shops in total. First come, first served.”

“Guild Leader, you….” Aqua Rose stared at Shi Feng as if he had gone mad.

If they couldn’t even lease Zero Wing City’s Shops for 5,000,000 Credit per month, how were they supposed to rent those in the Northern Fortress, which had less than 500,000 players right now? And Shi Feng’s high price was only the starting bid…

“Just get it done. When the time comes, you’ll understand,” Shi Feng said, not bothering to explain further.

Fortresses in neutral maps were far more profitable than Guild Cities in God’s Domain. Guild Towns and Cities couldn’t be constructed in many neutral maps due to their environments, and players would have to rely on fortresses to rest.

Most of God’s Domain’s players were also independent players, and when they obtained items they didn’t need, they almost always sold them in their favored rest areas. Naturally, Shops were the best platform for Guilds to purchase and store these items, especially the items that couldn’t be stored in one’s bag space.

Aside from purchasing and storing materials and items, neutral fortress’s Shops had a hidden benefit; they could conduct transactions with wandering merchant NPCs and purchase specialty items. Wandering merchants would visit a neutral fortress as long as it had enough security, and these NPCs frequent conducted business with individual players and Shops. However, wandering merchants would only offer to sell their specialty items to Shops.

One such specialty item was the Advanced Wanderer’s Camp. With this item, a team could set up a temporary resting area in a neutral map. Although each Advanced Wanderer’s Camp could only be used three times, and each use had a one-day duration, it would help a team fully recover their Stamina and Concentration without cutting their exploration short to return to a city or fortress. The Advanced Wanderer’s Camp was an absolute treasure to exploration teams.

Sometimes, if players were luc々,they would even encounter wandering merchants that were interested in selling super-rare Mini Mobile Camp. Unlike the Advanced Wanderer’s Camp, the Mini Mobile Camp was permanent. It could only accommodate 100 players at a time, but a team could use it indefinitely. It only cost a few Magic Crystals for each activation.

The smallest fortress wandering merchant NPCs would visit was a Medium Fortress, which was why the various powers had fought so desperately to capture neutral Medium Fortresses and larger during Shi Feng’s previous life. Every neutral Medium Fortress was a goldmine and definitely worth waging a war to acquire.

To increase their chances of developing in neutral maps, the various powers wouldn’t spare any cost when renting a fortress’s Shops.

As long as one owned a Medium Fortress or larger in a neutral map, they wouldn’t have to worry about needing a source of income, especially if that fortress was the Northern Fortress. Currently, it was the only fortress in the Gravity Mountain Range that had Return Scrolls, and there were plenty of unexplored ruins in the Gravity Mountain Range.

Zero Wing wouldn’t need to worry about no one renting the fortress’s Shops.

After verifying Shi Feng’s instructions, Aqua Rose informed the public that the Northern Fortress’s Shops were available for rent. Chapter 2303 – Beginning of Turmoil

When news of the Northern Fortress’s Shops availability went public, the various major powers that had already shifted their bases to the fortress heard about it immediately.

No power would turn down the opportunity to own a fortress’s Shop, especially one in the Northern Fortress. At this point, the Northern Fortress was almost guaranteed to become the heart of the Gravity Mountain Range. The various superpowers might capture the map’s other fortresses, even one of the two remaining Medium Fortresses, but they weren’t likely to secure a fortress as popular as the Northern Fortress. The Northern Fortress had already begun to build its advantages, while none of the others had been captured yet.

However, before Dragonheart Island’s various powers could focus on the Northern Fortress’s Shops, a system announcement reached every player in the game.

System Announcement: A player has triggered an Epic Main Storyline Quest and activated the new expansion pack, ‘Invasion of Other Planes.’ Planar Passages connecting to Otherworlds will begin to open in three hours.

Every player on the God’s Domain continent was stunned, not to mention the players on Dragonheart Island.

After a dazed moment, they were all ecstatic.

Everyone knew that Otherworlds were resource treasure troves, but it wasn’t easy to enter an Otherworld. It was wonderful news that passages to multiple Otherworlds were about to open.

“Guild Leader, this is wonderful! With these Planar Passages, we won’t have to worry about securing Level 100 weapons and equipment anymore!” Aqua Rose exclaimed.

Zero Wing had a better understanding of Otherworlds’ available resources than other powers. Take the Ice Crystal World, for example. The Ice Crystal World possessed various unique materials and superior forging techniques. The Guild had earned a fortune by exploiting these advantages. Unfortunately, when the teleportation gate to the Ice Crystal World had opened in Lake Heart City, Zero Wing’s income from the Otherworld had significantly decreased.

This system announcement regarding the Planar Passages was undoubtedly good news for Zero Wing.

How did this happen so soon? In contrast to Aqua Rose’s reaction, Shi Feng’s expression turned gloomy when he heard the system announcement.

The Planar Passages’ activation would bring an abundance of rare resources to God’s Domain’s main continent, but it would also bring trouble. The flood of new players to the continent would be one of the biggest problems.

Many players resided in Otherworlds, and once these Planar Passages began to open, those players could travel between the main continent and the Otherworlds as well. Because of this, these Otherworlds’ players would surge to the main continent in droves, as would many new powers.

Competition on the main continent was already intense. It was easy to imagine what kind of outcome God’s Domain would see if a large number of new competitors suddenly joined the fray.

Even now, Shi Feng could clearly remember what had happened when the Planar Passages had opened during his previous life. A massive change had rocked God’s Domain’s various powers, with countless powers perishing during the invasion. Not even superpowers had been spared.

Although Otherworlds were small, only half the size of a kingdom, their players’ standards differed due to the Otherworlds’ environments. Some Otherworld players were weaker than those on the main continent, while others were stronger. The Ice Crystal world was among average among the multitude of Otherworlds. In some of the stronger Otherworlds, players had no issues obtaining Legacies, while others made it easier for players to convert to stronger races. These players tended to have greater combat power and higher levels than those on the main continent.

Zero Wing had just recently become a pseudo-superpower and had yet to reinforce its foundations. Dealing with these Otherworld players and powers wouldn’t help Zero Wing.

As far as Shi Feng could remember, many players had already risen to Tier 3 when the Planar Passages had activated in the past. Since this expansion had been triggered so early in this life, the competition between players would become even more intense than he remembered. Back then, the main continent’s powers had already solidified their rule in Level 100-plus neutral maps. Attempting to dethrone them had been an incredibly difficult task. However, players hadn’t claimed the Level 100-plus neutral maps in this life yet, and once the Otherworld players and powers arrived on the continent, the competition for these maps would grow to unprecedented levels.

I need to move forward with my plans. Shi Feng gritted his teeth as he examined at Zero Wing’s current statistics. After giving the matter some thought, he turned to Aqua Rose and commanded, “Aqua, notify the management in Zero Wing City and tell them to only accept credits in the Shops! Also, we need to expand and recruit throughout the Dark Night Empire!”

The Planar Passages would open all over the main continent. If Zero Wing wanted to survive the upcoming war, it needed to increase its overall strength as soon as possible.

Shi Feng hadn’t wanted to expand the Guild too quickly, originally. More Guild members meant higher costs for the Guild, and if Zero Wing couldn’t afford the new expenditures, the Guild’s development would regress. Thus, Shi Feng had decided to slow the Guild’s expansion, allowing Zero Wing to develop organically, unlike powers that rapidly increased their member count.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t afford to wait with the Planar Passages about to open.

The gears of a new era had already begun to turn. If Zero Wing didn’t have enough manpower, others would easily invade and usurp its territories, especially now that the Fang Family had decided to target the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center.

Having received her orders, Aqua Rose quickly contacted the players that managed Zero Wing City, informing them that the Guild would only accept Credits as payment in its Shops.

Shi Feng also instructed Aqua Rose to find a method to recruit more Secret-Silver Guards with the Growth Potential to nearly rival Fine-Gold rank.

He currently possessed quite a bit of Soul Essence on him, which he could use to increase Personal Guards’ Growth Potential. Although he could also use the Soul Essence on the Guild’s Fine-Gold Guards, it wasn’t so easy to collect. Even after slaying all of the monsters in the Northern Fortress, he had only acquired 90 drops. With so little, he’d only be able to upgrade a few Fine-Gold Guards. Rather, he could upgrade a large number of Secret-Silver Guards with high Growth Potential to Fine-Gold rank.

Although there was only one rank between Secret Silver and Fine-Gold Guards, the difference between them was akin to the difference between peak experts and apex experts. If he could acquire a large group of Level 100-plus Fine-Gold Guards at this stage of the game, he’d have a mobile killing machine.

Shi Feng also intended to use the two remaining teleportation tokens to send Fire Dance, Gentle Snow, Violet Cloud, and Aqua Rose to train in the Tower of Four Gods.

Zero Wing had more than 100 Refinement Realm experts and barely any peak experts. It was the Guild’s fatal flaw. As players started to reach Level 100, and the system removed their restrictions, the difference between experts’ combat standards would grow, as well. It would become a lot more challenging to make up for that difference by relying on Basic Attributes.

It was absolutely crucial that Zero Wing nurture more peak experts as quickly as possible.

Once Shi Feng had handled these affairs, the sound of another system notification reached his ears.

System Announcement: Planar Passages have opened. Players can now visit their local Planar Passage to travel between worlds. Chapter 2304 – Planar Passages Activated Star-Moon Kingdom, Star-Moon City:

Players flowed in and out of the lively Teleportation Hall. Merchant players and well-known adventurer teams from other kingdoms and empires were a common sight in and around the building.

Although Star-Moon City wasn’t as prosperous as White River City, as Star-Moon Kingdom’s transit hub and the closest city to the Ore Empire in the kingdom, many players frequented the city. Star-Moon City was already a large city with more than 9,000,000 player residents. It was above average among God’s Domain’s various capital cities.

Suddenly, a group of players with dark marks on their foreheads arrived in the Teleportation Hall. When the other players in the hall noticed them, they fell silent.

Every one of these 100-plus players had reached Level 92 or 93.

Right now, the highest-leveled player on the kingdom’s Ranking List was only Level 88.

Moreover, the experts in the area felt a powerful pressure from the group of strangers as if they stood before a small force of high-level Great Lords. The combined aura could even deter Refinement Realm experts from approaching.

“There sure are a lot of people here, Commander, but their levels are pretty low. They clearly haven’t received a God’s Blessing, either,” a Level 92 female Ranger commented as she watched the players in the Teleportation Hall. “It seems the main continent’s players haven’t developed as quickly as those in the Shadow World. Only their weapons and equipment are better than ours.”

“Apparently, different areas have varying degrees of development. This is an opportunity for our Shadowless adventurer team. Obviously, weapons and equipment are easier to obtain here. We were lucky to find the Planar Passage in our world so quickly. We should take time to secure a foothold here first,” the bald, Level 93 youth in black said as he led the group. “Star-Moon Kingdom is the perfect place for Shadowless to establish on the main continent. I want you to investigate the powers in this kingdom. If they’re not willing to submit, we’ll get rid of them!”

The 100-plus players promptly split up, and every other player who had overheard the bald youth’s order began to panic.

Meanwhile, Otherworld players began to arrive in the main continent’s various kingdoms and empires, intensifying the chaos on the main continent.

While Otherworld players began to flood the main continent, something surprising occurred in the Gravity Mountain Range’s Northern Fortress.

Shi Feng had estimated that it would take some time to lease out the fortress’s Shops. It would be a while before players discovered the benefits of a Medium Fortress’s Shops, after all. However, in less than a day, Dragonheart Island’s various powers had claimed over 100 Shops for themselves.

Although these powers didn’t plan to rent the Shops long-term, only agreeing to the first month, it instantly earned Shi Feng over 600 million Credits. Including the income from Zero Wing City, he had a total of 800 million Credits on hand.

Once the Credits were in his account, Shi Feng instructed Xiao Yu to move forward with their agreed plans.

They might not be able to establish many large-scale training centers in Fenglin City, but seven or eight small training centers wouldn’t be a problem. Furthermore, the branch training centers, main purpose was to promote the virtual combat platform and encourage the city’s players to train in the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center habitually. Hence, they wouldn’t need to purchase a lot of equipment for the branch locations.

Once the branches opened to the public, and with Zero Wing’s fame, they wouldn’t need to worry about a lack of God’s Domain players visiting Heaven’s Rumble. This would also allow Zero Wing to recruit fresh blood in God’s Domain.

Shi Feng had also earned a lot of Ancient Gold from the Northern Fortress.

Normally, a Small Fortress, at its peak, would only earn four or five thousand Ancient Gold per day, and Small Fortresses that had recently opened to the public would be lucky to earn 1,000 per day.

Fortunately, the Northern Fortress was unimaginably popular. The various powers’ players already filled every hotel in the fortress.

To reserve every room in a hotel, players would have to pay with Ancient Gold, not Ancient Copper or Silver. Naturally, Zero Wing’s share of the profits would consist of Ancient Gold, as well.

After a single day of business, Zero Wing had earned 7,000 Ancient Gold from the Northern Fortress, and that was after splitting the profits with Phoenix Rain. As more time passed and more players visited the fortress, Zero Wing would be able to upgrade its facilities. As Basic Hotels became Advanced Hotels, Zero Wing and the Phoenix Pavilion would earn even more Ancient Gold.

“War Blood’s people would have a heart attack if they saw our profits, Guild Leader,” Blackie said, laughing as he watched the Northern Fortress’s profits increase. “It won’t be long before our Guild secures a foothold in Dragonheart City. With more Guild members here, I’d like to see War Blood interfere with our development!”

“Blackie, don’t underestimate War Blood. The adventurer team has captured its own fortress, and it still has Starlink’s support. It would be unwise to underestimate its development, and War Blood’s naval prowess is particularly impressive. Even Thirteen Thrones watches its step around the adventurer team,” Yan Tianxing solemnly warned his companion.

Resources were important for competing Guilds, but the deciding factor would come down to the size of one’s fist. War Blood might not be a match for Zero Wing in the Gravity Mountain Range, but in the Sea of Death, Zero Wing would be at its mercy. Unfortunately, there were more resources available in the sea of death than in the Gravity Mountain Range.

“Tianxing is right. Now that we have resources, we need to convert them into combat power.”

Shi Feng nodded. He then retrieved the Storm Speedboat Design from his bag and handed it to Yan Tianxing, who would supervise the speedboats’ production. They would use the profits they had earned from the Northern Fortress to acquire the necessary materials. Fortunately, Shi Feng had been stalking up on these materials for a while.

When Yan Tianxing saw the Storm Speedboat Design, his eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. Although he was not a naval player, he had learned how valuable Bronze Speedboats were during the several weeks he had spent grinding in the Sea of Death. If Zero Wing had a full fleet of Bronze Speedboats, they could explore the Sea of Death unhindered.

Once he had set Yan Tianxing with everything he needed for the Storm Speedboat’s production, Shi Feng left the Northern Fortress. Once he emerged from the World Tower, he used a Return Scroll to teleport to White River City. He was finally prepared to challenge his Tier 3 Promotion Quest! Around 8 am, as usual, Ai took the subway to go to school.

Ai is a very normal girl. She had good academic grades, scores in sport are not high but not low, and the dress she wore was nothing special.

Even though some elders often told her that she looked beautiful, no boy has still confessed to her. It might be because of her introverted personality, she thought.

Although she wasn’t very concerned about such things, at heart still felt somewhat regretful.

Girls like her, if it’s in the general public high school, she might be seen as a person with an outstanding appearance. But in a private high school, her appearance can be seen as common.

In the high school where most students had a very wealthy family, or a family in politics, there would still be a person from a small family to enter depending on their own academic grade. These people would usually be called a nerd; she can be considered a part of them.

She had planned to go to a general public high school and had never thought about going to a private high school. Because of her parent’s high expectations, her father would even repeatedly make her continue reading.

She was dissatisfied with her school life. But so long as she can be admitted to a good university, she things would be alright.

She has a very good friend, called Aiko.

She wasn’t jealous of her friend, but still felt very envious in her heart.

Cheerful, enthusiastic, popular, and lovely looks, plus a very good family. No matter where she would be the focus of everyone. In the annual Valentine’s Day, she would receive countless chocolates. Countless of boys even confessed to her. This girl is maybe the so called the beloved child of God.

Even though she was unremarkable and an introverted person, she was still very lucky to find good friends. Although she felt that way, there would still be times when Aiko’s brightness would make her feel a kind of burning sensation that can’t adapt to her.

She was really annoyed, every day there would be so many people. Ai was then pushed to the side by a large group of people inside the train.

The train was still slowly moving forward. Thinking that there would be a quiz in English this morning, she took out her English textbooks from her bag, and quietly memorized the words.

Not long after, a man suddenly leaned over close to her back. Ai wasn’t familiar with the person, so she then moved forward a little bit to pull away from him

But the man immediately leaned up. Not only that, but the man also put his hand on her buttocks, gently using his two hands to grab it.

My God, it’s a lecherous man. Ai was very scared. She immediately took another step forward, trying to keep away from him.

But the man immediately took a step in forward, but also relied on the critical situation.

In a panic, Ai took a step forward. But because there were too many people inside the train, she accidentally stepped on the man’s foot. The man cursed: “Don’t you have eyes?”

“Yes, I’m sorry.” Ai was frightened by him.

People around heard the man’s voice, turning their head and looked at them, then immediately looked away unconcerned.

“Don’t you know my shoes are expensive? Look there’s footprint on it. Damn kid!” The man still cursed.

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