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They only heard a clear crackling sound. The potion that was originally being heated up on the flames after adding the petals of the Ice Rest Flowers, immediately produced a series of blisters.

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Pu Lisi frowned. It seemed that the quantity wasn’t accurate!!! Chapter 41: At that moment, he crumbled!

Song Xiao was not a genius, but he worked harder than anyone else; hence, at his present age of twenty, his Psionic Ability realm had reached the peak of the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. However, compared to peers his own age, he was considered average.

He had lived in the shadows of geniuses since he was young. His parents would constantly use a random neighbor or relative to compare with him, and everytime, it ended up with a despairing outcome. They would nag at him, and even beat or scold him.

And when he was schooling, the cute girls always circled the geniuses with Psy-genes. Delinquent upperclassmen would often stop him at an alley, and after a round of derision and abuse, they would rob him of all his allowance.

Song Xiao believed that he was destined to lead a life full of hardship under the shadows of geniuses and the strong, until he grasped a fleeting opportunity.

He had drugged a friend, who had received a recommendation ticket, and ruthlessly chopped his friend’s hands off, making him lose his opportunity. Then he personally sent his girlfriend to the bed of an ugly member of the upper echelons, allowing him to finally obtain a recommendation to become a [Gaia] rookie, one he had always dreamed of!

Later on, he managed to pass the Rookie Evaluation Test, but his final evaluation was a pathetic E Class, but bliss had finally arrived. Song Xiao even believed that he had entered Heaven!

This Heaven-like place was the rookie training ground. The people here were all a bunch of kids below the age of twenty! Then, with him at the peak of the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, his strength allowed him to rank second amongst all these kids! In the team he was allocated to by Hisith, his strength was ranked first!

Although the title of captain for Team Red had been taken by a freak genius, Shi Xiaobai, that kid actually played truant. Song Xiao immediately believed that Shi Xiaobai was afraid of the elimination mechanism, ‘Protect the Captain’. He believed Shi Xiaobai was afraid of losing his dignity and had hidden himself cowardly.

Due to Shi Xiaobai missing classes, Team Red did not have a leader, as such, Song Xiao did not let down this God-given opportunity. As the strongest person in Team Red, he began to gather cronies, such as the youth with dyed hair, Hua Pengju. Then, they used force to intimidate timid rookies into joining their group, in an attempt to become Team Red’s true leader.

Han Feng’s rebellion and the three Xiang brothers’ obstinate temper made Song Xiao’s plan suffer, but he soon came up with a new plan. As a partner, he invited Han Feng to vote the three Xiang brothers with him, and on this, Han Feng shared the same stance as him.

In fact, the reason why Song Xiao agreed to eliminate the three Xiang brothers first was because of his bullying, one person from Han Feng’s faction chose to mutiny, hence, his voting strength was actually stronger than Han Feng’s. As long as he eliminated the unstable elements-the three Xiang brothers-first, he could freely let the traitor be exposed. He could then erode off Han Feng’s faction, and become Team Red’s true ‘Captain’!

His plan was very perfect, and just as he thought it was going to succeed, Tu Dahei appeared!

This bumpkin, who only spouted stupid nonsense, had completely disrupted his plans. The scenario should have been Team Red losing to Team Blue in the third competition, then the traitor in Han Feng’s faction would suddenly make his betrayal and eliminate one person from Han Feng’s faction. When that happened, he was destined to be the final victor.

However, Tu Dahei’s appearance not only increased Han Feng’s faction by one person, Instructor Hisith’s game had also changed.

72 people were to take turns to attack Tu Dahei’s Psionic Shield, and those who failed to shatter it were eliminated. What the f*ck did that mean? Did this mean his plan was going to be delayed, or that there might even be unforeseen events!?

Song Xiao was furious, wishing he could give Tu Dahei a brutal beating. So when Hisith announced Hua Pengju’s name, he immediately ordered Hua Pengju to humiliate Tu Dahei thoroughly. Hua Pengju did not disappoint him. His punch that bordered on a sneak attack caused Tu Dahei to spit out blood. The various invectives hurled at Tu Dahei pleased Song Xiao greatly. He enjoyed the pleasure of humiliating the weak.

What followed next made Song Xiao extremely angry.

The bumpkin had managed to complete “destruction before establishment” after four attempts, and even achieved an epiphany with the E Class defensive skill, Wavelet Shield. This talent and perception was something Song Xiao never possessed. It was something he couldn’t obtain no matter how much he desired it; it was always his greatest desire, and also what he hated the most!

At that instant, his eyes made Tu Dahei’s figure overlap with those geniuses who had previously repressed him. In a breathless state, Song Xiao began to form a deep hatred for Tu Dahei, and even began to suspect that Tu Dahei was Shi Xiaobai. Hence, he piled the hatred for Shi Xiaobai-having the position of Captain taken away from him-onto Tu Dahei as well.

Song Xiao was jealous, angry and hateful. He frantically wished he could trample on Tu Dahei’s dignity himself. He wanted to to stomp on him, and use the most vicious invectives to deride him, so as to comfort his indignant soul.

However, what disappointed him was Hisith’s announcement that the game had ended. It made him lose his chance.

But a situation that delighted him appeared. That bumpkin actually courted death by asking Hisith for his underwear!

At that moment, he felt like he could see the scene of Tu Dahei being tormented by Hisith, in a state worse than death. However, reality played a cruel joke on him once again. The mysterious One-Pun suddenly appeared, and seemed to save Tu Dahei.

What did this bumpkin do to deserve this? He was clearly dumber than anyone, and he looked like a fool, so why did he have such monstrous talent? Why did he receive what seemed like torture from Hisith, but was actually a form of tempering? Why could he get His Excellency, One-Pun to protect him?

Based on what? Why was such a lucky person not him, Song Xiao?

Why was it that from the moment he was born, he would lament over his darkness, overshadowed by the hallowed geniuses? Why did he get swallowed by the darkness of jealousy, consumed by the flames of hate?

Song Xiao had completely lost his mind, roaring constantly in his heart. He looked hatefully at the thin figure on the platform. Seeing that exquisite white castle, he told himself that he wanted to destroy everything, he had to destroy Tu Dahei!

The Heavens seemed to hear his innermost desire. When the cursed poker card fell onto Tu Dahei’s body, Tu Dahei’s soul-wrenching scream was like the most beautiful chimes from Heaven’s bells. It made him feel like he had received the pleasure of an orgasm.

Following that, the bat, Mos came. He announced the continuation of the game, and even immediately mentioned his name.

When he heard from Mos’ mouth read “Song Xiao”, all the flames of hatred and anger rushed to his heart. His face melted into a cruel smile as he rushed onto the platform-unable to hold himself back-to stand in front of Tu Dahei.

That bumpkin seemed to be somewhat distracted, which immediately made Song Xiao even angrier. He sneered, “You think you are a genius? No, you are only a weakling, do you understand? With you being only at the first level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, you are a pathetic weakling, trash that I can trample on easily!”

Song Xiao cursed, immediately feeling pleasure in his heart. Seeing the bumpkin frown made him even happier. Just as he wanted to carry on insulting the bumpkin, he saw the bumpkin prop up a Wavelet Shield.

The Wavelet Shield seemed to be much thicker than previously. The wavelets on the shield also seemed to undulate at a higher frequency. Song Xiao even had the impression that the shield looked very, very hard.

“It must be an illusion!”

With this thought in mind, Song Xiao heard Tu Dahei’s voice. “Come on, shatter This King’s shield!”

His anger reached its boiling point at that very moment!

“Not only will I shatter your shield, I will also shatter your dignity, and even shatter your life and future!”

Song Xiao roared in his heart, and using all his strength, along with the strength of a terrifying Psionic Blast, he punched the Wavelet Shield!


A huge explosion sounded, as Song Xiao felt joy. He wanted to cast his glance towards the shattered shield he destroyed, as well as the gloomy expression of Tu Dahei after he experienced failure.

Song Xiao’s pupils suddenly constricted as he realized that the Wavelet Shield he punched at remained intact. There was not a single crack, nor did it produce a single wave!


Song Xiao lost his mind immediately as he suddenly punched again. An explosive sound echoed again, but the Wavelet Shield remained intact. The concentric wavelets kept undulating, as if they were mocking his useless fist.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

“Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!”

Song Xiao bawled as he kept waving his fists, using all his strength to hit the Wavelet Shield that did not produce a crack at all. The more he felt despair, the more angry, hateful and crazy he became!

“Heh heh.”

A sneer sounded as Mos lifted his leg to kick Song Xiao in the stomach. Song Xiao immediately flew out and after flipping several times, he crashed into the steel floor, spitting out a mouthful of hot blood.

However, Song Xiao immediately struggled to stand up again. His red eyes looked at the frail figure, as well as the still undulating wavelets. It looked like a perfect shield.

He had failed to shatter it. This didn’t make sense!

Suddenly, Song Xiao noticed something and was completely stunned. Tu Dahei’s Psionic Power was supposed to be at the first level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, but why was his Ripple Shield’s thickness like that from the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm? Could it be that Tu Dahei had already reached the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm!?

What the hell was going on?

“Song Xiao, eliminated.” Suddenly, Mos’ hoarse voice rang out heartlessly.

Song Xiao was stunned and immediately recalled Hisith’s rule-those who failed to break Tu Dahei’s shield were to be eliminated!

If he were to be eliminated from the rookie lineup, it meant he would lose everything. He had betrayed his friend and girlfriend. Everything he had gained in exchange for his soul and morals would be completely lost!

He was no longer the Song Xiao that could act unbridled in Team Red. He would have to return to cruel society. He was just a Psionite with mediocre natural endowment. He had no status in life or power. He would endure endless mockery and contemptuous looks, leading a miserable and sad life.

“No, I don’t want that!”

Song Xiao screamed, but immediately felt his scream choke on him. He turned silent because Mos’ killing aura had locked onto him. Song Xiao was sure that if he carried on wailing, that inhumane calamity fiend would mercilessly cut his head off. This was because he was no longer [Gaia]’s rookie; he was just an ordinary person without the slightest importance.

Song Xiao, who realized the harsh reality, forcefully repressed the indignation in himself. He used the vilest gaze to look at the figure on stage.


A heavy sigh suddenly came out of that bumpkin’s mouth, as he heard Tu Dahei say sulkily, “You kept saying those tough words, making This King think that you were very strong, but it ends up that you are so weak. You are so weak that you can’t even break This King’s shield!”

“Forget it, forget it. Since you want the title of the weakest so much, This King shall not contend with you for it. This King shall announce that from this very moment, the person with the title of weakest person is you!”

Although it was clear that there was a trace of pity on Tu Dahei’s expression, it was as though the pity was because he truly did not want to hand over the title of ‘weakest person’.

At that moment, Song Xiao’s heart crumbled!

Author’s Note: I hope everyone will like this chapter. Even if you don’t like it, don’t beat me! Fang Yuan’s whole body was bathed in blood and filled with injuries. He snorted coldly and stood up, looking at Embroidered Tower in front of him.

Embroidered Tower was originally a mortal object that was left by Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable to his disciple Star Constellation as her dowry. But according to the customs back then, its symbolic meaning was much greater. Later, when Star Constellation became Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, she turned Embroidered Tower into an Immortal Gu House that had extremely mystical powers.

Over a million years ago, Reckless Savage Demon Venerable invaded Heavenly Court. He stormed through Heavenly Court, passing Immortal Emperor Court, Hidden Space Pavilion, Sumeru Lake, Eternal Sand Cave, Million Heavenly King Gallery, Embroidered Tower, Central Great Hall, and finally stopping at Heaven Overseeing Tower.

Reckless Savage Demon Venerable suffered some loss when he reached Embroidered Tower, Embroidered Tower used its trump card method – Dao Embroidery. Seven embroidery needles flew out elegantly. Reckless Savage Demon Venerable was forced to discard three pieces of his skin before he was able to go past it.

These three bloody skins were sewn into the air by countless dao mark threads.

After that, Embroidered Tower’s damage could not be repaired. And later, it was used to attack Spectral Soul in Yi Tian Mountain, the new damage added to the previous ones. This damage ruined Embroidered Tower and it could not be of any use right now.

Not only Fang Yuan, even Duke Long and other Gu Immortals saw the movement of the three bloody skins in the air above Embroidered Tower!

They looked like three bloody banners, fluttering savagely in the wind.

The left banner had a bird drawn on it, the bird had six legs but no wings.

The middle bloody banner had a drawing of a beast which was getting increasingly clearer. It opened its mouth but had no teeth.

The right bloody skin had a fish, it grew increasingly vivid and lifelike but it was clear that it had no gills.

Blood skins made wild sounds like an ancient gale that crossed a million years and roared in people’s ears. Or like a grand army that went to battle, clashes and collisions of steel and horses resounded!

The blood banners’ fluttering continued to amplify in commotion, they were like volcanoes that had been suppressed for countless years or like wild beasts that had accumulated their energy and was about to strike their prey!


The wild beasts roared.

They violently broke the dao mark threads that bound them, and turned into three blood red lights that landed around Fang Yuan.

Three beastly bizarre and resounding roars sounded and the blood red light dissipated, revealing three enormous beasts.

A glowing monstrous yellow bird that was like a small mountain, its six legs were thick and rough, its beak was hard and long, but it had no wings.

An azure-blue leopard with a big belly was sprawled on the ground, it kept on yawning and one could see it did not have even a single tooth.

And a fish with dark green scales was floating in the air, its head was raised high and its mouth was closed tightly. There was no trace of gills next to its eyes. The huge fish was motionless like a jade statue.

The immortals were shaken, even Duke Long’s expression turned solemn as he halted his attacks.

“There is an abnormality in the three bloody skins left by Reckless Savage Demon Venerable!”

“These three monsters have such shocking auras.”

“Did Fang Yuan trigger a venerable’s method?”

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