The five cultivators attacked with their weapons, the half-Saint had the impression he was going to die. He had never thought his clan would be destroyed by humans. He felt like he was the butt of some cosmic joke.

He glanced at them, they were all very strong. Chapter 938: An Acquaintance

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Faced with their doubts, Sheyan could only sigh and say:

“The hints are actually quite obvious. Just think about it for a bit and you’ll realise it! Since this gigantic monster is modeled after the reproductive system of a woman, its functions should be similar too! Can a woman get pregnant by herself? Even artificial insemination needs sperms!”

“So what we need to do now is wait! We’ll wait for the fallopian tube to ovulate again, then…..we’ll catch the big guy, the one who’s definitely not wearing a Durex, the one who can’t wait to poke inside! I have a hunch, that guy will be the ultimate secret we’re looking for!”

Sheyan had gradually gained the team’s respect throughout the journey. He was always the first one to rush into dangerous areas and the one doing the dirty jobs after all. Moreover, his deductions were often accurate. As such, even though Agent C didn’t like Sheyan much, he could not overrule Sheyan’s decision.

Fortunately, the time bomb that they set up before could be reset from the remote base, so they could afford to wait. However, Senior Agent C still secretly ordered them to fire a volley of shots towards a spot on the red meat wall in the distance. The result left them stunned. A volley of shots from their powerful energy weapons showed no effect at all!

Thus, they could do nothing but wait.

A tremor once again resounded from the fallopian tube in the distance. Their group of people was already very familiar with this ovulation behaviour. They waited in anticipation. Soon, they saw a huge ovum rolling down from the fallopian tube. Thanks to what they’d done before this, the ovum left a trail of viscous liquid along the path it traveled. This liquid was the remnants of the destroyed ovums.

After the ovum rolled into the womb, its momentum did not decrease in the slightest. It kept moving forward until it hit the meat wall on the opposite side. It gently bounced and attached itself to the meat wall.

Some kind of chemical reaction must have happened where the two surfaces came into contact. The liquid on the surface of the ovum emitted a hissing corrosive sound when it touched the meat wall. The meat wall began to dissolve and a large hole appeared to let the ovum roll inside.

Sheyan and his group immediately followed the ovum inside with no hesitation. Sure enough, after they got in, they realised that the meat wall had begun to heal slowly. The hole completely closed up in less than five minutes.

Following behind the rolling ovum, they entered another space inside the womb. Another ovum had stopped here and it appeared to have been inseminated. The inseminated ovum had inflated a lot and was pulsating like a heart. There was a crack in the shape of a cross on top of it. From the crack, some kind of liquid would gush forth from time to time. The liquid was probably something akin to amniotic fluid.

Without the need for Sheyan to remind them, the senior agents straightaway buried a bomb underneath it. They then observed the ovum which had just rolled in like curious children to see what would happen to it.

The new ovum rolled towards the fertilised one. When the two collided, the new ovum was naturally no match for the larger fertilised ovum and was thus bounced away. Nipple-like protrusions on the ground started to eject some liquid which would adhere to the surface of the new ovum. The new ovum rolled pitifully towards another meat wall, then proceeded to corrode it and roll inside.

Sheyan’s group immediately followed behind it. This time the ovum finally encountered an empty room. In the middle of the room, which was also the lowest point in the room, there was a pit that seemed to fit the ovum perfectly. The ovum happily rolled into the pit and finally found a place where it belonged. It sat there contentedly.

At this time, Sheyan suddenly said with a weird look on his face:

“Hey, guys. The thing that will happen next is very likely…..something we’ve all done before! Will we get a facial if we stay here?”

All of them were men. When they heard the word “facial”, they immediately thought of something that’s not for kids! It might not matter for a woman, but a man would find that really hard to stomach unless they were someone on the bottom in a certain kind of relationship…..

Even Aziz, who was normally calm, displayed a complicated expression. He looked around and found that there was no place to take cover in. He said vehemently:

“We can’t let this happen to us. We must stop the situation before it develops!”

The outer layer of the huge ovum that was lodged in the ground started to peel off and dissolve into smoke, drifting towards the top where a circular row of holes was visible. The smoke quietly dispersed there. The inside of the giant ovum was very strange in appearance. It looked like a pig brain contained in a plastic bag. It was mainly yellowish-white in colour and contained wisps of blood.

Following the “success” of the ovum, a hole opened up on the ceiling. It turned out that right on top of the ovum was something similar to a valve that could conveniently open and close.

Immediately afterwards, a brutal, gigantic thing which was muddy yellow in colour slowly descended. Its sharp limbs shined with a metallic luster, and a transparent spider-silk-like thread hung behind its butt. The thread periodically stretched and contracted, looking like it could break any moment, but it simply refused to break!

Sheyan sighed when he saw that and said:

“I was wondering why we didn’t see this guy. Turns out he’s staying here as the stud horse…”

That’s right, the huge thing hanging from the top could only be Jones! He seemed to have discovered Sheyan’s group waiting for him, and his relaxed demeanor rapidly descended into a panic. He desperately wielded his limbs, grabbing at the transparent thread behind his butt in an attempt to change course and escape.

Unfortunately, Aziz had already pulled the trigger. A bullet covered in flame easily cut – or rather, burned – through the tough spider silk. Jones the Bug King fell down awkwardly and thrust into the ovum that he was supposed to fertilise. The movement of his sharp limbs smashed the poor ovum into smithereens, spreading disgusting liquid and tissue everywhere.

Sheyan’s expression was grim. The content of the ovum could cause mites that were originally only slightly harmful to the human body to undergo abnormal mutation and growth, after which the became strong enough to tear their human host apart. If it caused Jones’ strength to increase further, they would have a big problem.

Fortunately, Sheyan’s worries did not come true.

The genetic material in the huge ovum actually had two functions. The first was to improve the gene fragment information carried by the sperm, and the second was to perfect the unstable DNA of the newly-formed life. Unfortunately, the improvement and perfection were limited to bugs because the secondary structure of human DNA was a left-handed double helix, while the structure of the DNA carried by the ovum was a ring. It was similar to how a high-speed train could not travel on a subway rail. It was something totally unrealistic. This was why Sheyan was not afraid of being polluted by the ovum.

As the king of the alien Bugs, Jones’ DNA had already been highly perfected, so he also did not enjoy the effects! Before he could scramble out of the destroyed ovum, the senior MIB agents had already pulled the trigger without the slightest bit of hesitation!

The beams from high-energy weapons ruthlessly shot through the air and landed on Jones. Unfortunately, the skin specifically mutated by Jones easily removed the threat of these light beams. The unfortunate one was the ovum behind Jones, which was blasted into pieces. The huge force from the beams volleyed Jones into the air and slammed him onto the meat wall at his back.

Although Jones seemed to be constantly on the back foot from the moment he appeared, the large size of his body alone was enough to give them a sense of oppression. It made Sheyan feel like he was facing a giant invisible wall. If even Sheyan felt that way, one could imagine the pressure on the MIB agents who were purely human!

Sheyan rushed at Jones and pierced Jones’ abdomen with his saber!

After taking such a brutal hit, Jones screamed out loud and swept down with his two abnormal forelimbs. Sheyan was blown away by the hit. When the forelimbs hit the soft, fleshy ground, the force of the impact caused the ground to burst with an explosion of flesh. The shockwave also caused a great amount of blood to erupt from the ground, obscuring everyone’s vision!

Sheyan’s attempt at grabbing Jones’ attention was successful. Aziz had quietly aimed his dark muzzle at Jones and locked on to him like a radar! A large amount of dense fire elements appeared out of thin air and gathered around the front end of the muzzle.

Aziz was angered. There was only one outcome for anyone who dared to offend him.


A terrible pillar of golden-red fire was ejected from Aziz’s muzzle, accompanied by a thick layer of smoke. The pillar of fire gradually dispersed following the passing of time and distance, but the bullet was long gone.

Bullets were only terrifying if they couldn’t be seen! This one shot from Aziz could be said to be the culmination of his power! However, Aziz had overlooked one thing, and that was, without Sheyan risking his life in the frontline, how could Aziz have done so beautifully? Sheyan contributed for at least 60% of this shot, and that was just the conservative estimate. Chapter 1286: Jiang Chens Wondrous Abilities

Jiang Chen’s eyes were calm and forthright. The confidence he exuded made him that much more convincing. Meanwhile, his counterparty was sweating buckets. The latter’s eyes darted around, as if looking for an escape.

But the young lord didn’t even bother looking at him. He raised a cupped fist salute to the countless wandering cultivators below. “Dear wandering friends, you’ve traveled far and wide to attend our event for various reasons. As the host, I’m committed to giving you the best possible experience, but sometimes petty thugs can’t help but want to ruin this for us.

“My conscience is clear. I determined from the very beginning that the Heavencloud Ganoderma is merely one thousand years old and didn’t threaten or coerce anyone into selling it. May the heavens smite me if I lie!

“This man has repeatedly accused me of depressing prices and pressuring him into selling. If he dares to swear a vow to the heavens and profess his innocence, I’ll distribute all of my wealth to everyone present as an apology.”

It was a candid speech paired with a clear conscience.

The wandering cultivators below pondered deeply. It was true, it’d been only talk all along. Young lord Zhen didn’t seem like the type of person that would coerce anyone into buying or selling things. Was that other fellow really just a troublemaker?

“Emperor Wellspring, that man claims to be a wandering cultivator. I request the three great titans’ assistance in verifying his identity. I truly hope that he isn’t an imposter trying to mislead the public. Just because I avoid trouble doesn’t mean that I’m afraid of it!”

Emperor Wellspring nodded and glanced at the man. “Friend, cough out your name. If you’re truly a fellow wandering cultivator, someone will definitely know you.”

The man started to panic. He was no wandering cultivator!

He laughed coldly in order to change the topic. “Emperor Wellspring, who knows for sure that you’ve not been bought out by young lord Zhen? As a leading figure in the wandering world, how can you bend your knees to Veluriyam Capital? You’re nothing but a disgrace!”

As a seasoned cultivator, Emperor Wellspring had faced all kinds of situations. He’d never fall for such elementary aggravation. He smirked coldly. “There’s no use in trying to drive wedges between folks. I promise that as long as you’re a fellow wandering cultivator, I’ll not kill you even if you’re in the wrong. But if you’re an imposter, I’ll have no choice but to slaughter scum like you to clear our name!”

“That’s right! The wandering world runs by a rigid set of rules! There will be no mercy for imposters!” Emperor Inferno glared at the man intensely. “Remove your disguise and reveal yourself!”

Emperor Reliance smiled gently. “Looks like he really is an imposter!”

That man grew even more flustered. “Is there no more justice under the heavens? How can Veluriyam Capital be allowed to do whatever they please? My fellow wanderers, even the three great titans of the wandering world have sold their souls! How can they still be allowed to shoulder the fates of the wandering world?

“Master Dong Ye and Emperor Dragontyrant, are you going to sit idle and let Zhen do whatever he pleases?”

Master Dong Ye glanced at Jiang Chen. “Young lord Zhen, from the very start, you’ve only sung your side of the story. Unless you can show us a six thousand year old Heavencloud Ganoderma, I’ll never be convinced.”

Jiang Chen smiled out of complete rage. “Master Dong Ye, your opinion no longer matters after I’ve found out that you two are colluding. I won’t kick you out as you’re a guest from far away, but I truly hope that your actions don’t represent the Sublime Chord Temple, or your sect will regret their decision one day.”

“Young lord Zhen, is that a threat?” Master Dong Ye’s voice was laden with frost.

“Threat?” Jiang Chen laughed coldly. “You must be mistaken. You aren’t worthy of one.”

He stepped forward and fixed a scornful smile on the wandering cultivator. “You want proof? Sure. Your counterfeit is far from excellent. You’ve merely applied a simple trick. It may seem perfect on the surface, but it’s actually filled with flaws. Let me turn your so called ‘six thousand year old’ herb back to its original state.”

This counterfeit technique was quite common in the heavenly planes. Jiang Chen was very skilled and knowledgeable in the art of pill making, so it came as no surprise that he was very familiar with such things. Moreover, the technique was extremely inferior to the ones he’d seen before.

A simple but clever formation had been used to switch up the Heavencloud Ganoderma’s appearance, but to the layman, it was practically indistinguishable. Such petty tricks would never work on Jiang Chen. He wouldn’t have minded it if that man had only tried to scam him, but that wasn’t the case.

That man had gone to the depths of defamation out of evil intentions. Jiang Chen would never let this matter rest easily.

“Young lord Zhen, don’t be rash.” Master Dong Ye stepped forward in an attempt to stop Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen laughed coldly. “Dong Ye, are you worried that I might reveal your little ruse and hypocrisy?”

“Young lord, I’m only worried that you might ruin the Heavencloud Ganoderma with your heretical techniques.” Master Dong Ye answered coldly.

The young lord burst into laughter. “Are you telling me that there’s a technique that can transform an herb from six thousand to one thousand years old? Master Dong Ye, listen to yourself!”

“Master Dong Ye, your reasoning doesn’t make sense. With so many people watching, we’ll surely notice if the young lord is up to something.” Emperor Wellspring added.

“That’s right. Master Dong Ye, you should stop interfering if you have no ulterior motives.”

“Or perhaps you actually do?” Emperor Reliance laughed mischievously.

Master Dong Ye was humiliated. His composure was shattering.

Jiang Chen smiled blandly. He flicked a beam of energy onto the formation. A layman wouldn’t notice as it was extremely well concealed, but it was as clear as day to him. The formation shattered upon coming into contact with his finger. It didn’t take much effort to break through it as it was only a misdirecting formation.

A flash of light exploded for a moment, then slowly dimmed into a dark glow.

The Heavencloud Ganoderma seemed to have shrunk. Its aura and spirit energy was still there, but its appearance no longer seemed different from Jiang Chen’s previous one. The crowd was rendered speechless by the abrupt change.

“Young lord Zhen! What evil method did you use to ruin my Heavencloud Ganoderma?” The wandering cultivator shrieked. “The heavens are watching, young lord Zhen! Aren’t you afraid of retribution?!”

Jiang Chen snorted coldly at the man’s shameless antics.

“Everyone, I’ve merely removed the facade on the herb. You must wonder how I’ve managed to make its quality decline so rapidly.” Jiang Chen’s eyes were filled with sincerity. “Instead of explaining it to you, why don’t I keep the show going and show you something interesting instead?” He smiled nonchalantly.

“I’ll make the six thousand years old Heavencloud Ganoderma reappear in front you.” Jiang Chen’s voice was filled with mockery, but his eyes were cold and sharp. “I once saw this forgery technique in an ancient text. However, it’s evil and vile, so I’ve never once bothered to use it. Unfortunately, there are others who don’t share the same sentiment and tried to trick me with that technique. Due to the circumstances, I’ve no choice but to perform it in front of everyone.”

He walked up to the Heavencloud Ganoderma. Like an illusionist, he began to deploy the method. One had to use high quality spirit stones for the technique to work. He took one out, refined it, then executed the technique and applied it to the Heavencloud Ganoderma.

One had to be very meticulous when creating the formation as carelessness would lead to undesired results. One tiny mistake was all it took to ruin the entire herb. However, Jiang Chen wasn’t bothered with such concerns at all.

His technique was immaculate. It only took a few back and forth motions to complete the formation. He infused the energy from the spirit stone into the formation and fully activated it.

The one-thousand years old herb was instantly filled with spirit energy. It seemed to have grown a lot bigger as well and had reverted to its previous state.

“Jiao Yun, let our fellow daoists have a look at it.” Jiang Chen smiled faintly.

Jiao Yun was completely enthralled by Jiang Chen’s skills. He offered up the Heavencloud Ganoderma excitedly.

“Everyone, this is a six thousand years old Heavencloud Ganoderma! Our young lord has made it five thousand years older in just a few breath’s time!” He yelled with an eccentric cackle.

The crowd was flabbergasted by Jiang Chen’s insane feat. Their gaze grew increasingly complicated. Admiration, wariness, and even fear could be seen within their eyes.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Emperor Wellspring asked with a glare at the wandering cultivator.

“The victor is king. I have nothing else to say.” He answered with an odd cackle. In the middle of his sentence, he snapped an escape glyph in half and shot towards the sky.

He was trying to escape!

Nobody had expected that he would have such a trick up his sleeves. Without adequate preparation, not even a great emperor could stop him after a powerful glyph had been activated.

“Not good! This bastard is trying to escape!”

“Ah! He’s a troublemaker after all! He’s even prepared an escape route!”

“Stop him!” The situation was incredibly chaotic.

Jiang Chen was the only one who remained nonchalant. A cold and sinister smile played on his lips. Want to escape? Never in a million years!

An loud and bizarre shriek suddenly echoed through the air. In the next instant, the man fell from the heights. It was as though an invisible wall had suddenly appeared in his path. Chapter 1364: Battle Between Eastern and Western Self-Cultivation Forces

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Qingfeng led everyone away from Dao Palace Mountain and headed outside of the Kunlun Mountains District.

He didn’t know that it now was incredibly chaotic in the outside world.

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