The snow-white cat swung its minor claws, hissing away. If Chen Xiaobei was present, he would recognize that this minor guy was swearing yet again.

But who could blame it?

It was a Frost Jade Lion becoming mistaken for a minor kitten!

“Pfft… Do I look like a fool to you?” White-eyes spat. “I can kill this stupid minor cat with a single slap! You much better hurry up and apologize to me or I will make you and your stupid cat spend!”

“Apologize?” The stout man shrugged and said, “I am afraid I will have to disappoint you once more. I have in no way in my life apologized. I only know how to slap! Do you know what slapping it? You know the 1 where you go smack! Smack! Smack!”

“So you want to slap me? Ha! It looks like somebody is exhausted of residing!”

A ray of red beam shot out from White-eyes’ eyes.

“Hmph! Mutant! Crimson Eyes Spiritual Kind! 70,000 fight energy! Not only am I going to slap that face of yours, I am going to kill you!”

“Who… Who are you… How did you know my secret…”

White-eyes looked nervously at the pair.

The American officials in no way publicized any information about the mutants. Without having a substantial-degree of security clearance, no a single would ever be capable to know anything at all about them, specially not in such great detail!

“Who am I? Heh, considering that you happen to be asking so sincerely, let me tell you!” The stalwart man puffed up his chest and said, “I am Bei Xuan Faction third disciple, Wu Aofeng! Nicknamed Face Slapping Little Tornado!”

“Bei Xuan Faction? Chen Zhufeng? What kind of rubbish is that? I’ve never even heard of that!”

White-eyes’ reddened like two fireballs.

“*%$#@?!” Wu Aofeng burst out in anger. “Did you just say that my sifu is rubbish? I will decapitate that stupid head of yours and kick it about like a ball!”

“You sifu? Is he that Chen Zhufeng? In today’s world any Tom, Dick, and Harry could declare to be a master! But they are just a bunch of clowns!”

“F*ck you!” Wu Aofeng’s could not hold his temper anymore. “It truly is only since of your ignorance that you’ve never heard of Sifu! If I tell you his actual identify, you’d be peeing in your pants, appropriate now!”

“Go ahead then! Inform me!” White-eyes laughed as if Wu Aofeng had just informed him the funniest joke ever.

My Sifu is Chen Xiaobei a.k.a Zhaofeng! The master of Bei Xuan faction! The most effective elite on the Hero of War Leaderboard and God of War Leaderboard!” Wu Aofeng looked proudly at White-eyes and asked, “So, are you scared now?”

Hero of War Leaderboard was for people beneath 30 many years outdated, even though the God of War Leaderboard was for these over thirty.

These two leaderboards were for typical elites in Jianghu, and did not consist of these that in ancient factions. The truth that Chen Xiaobei defeated every person at Hero of War Leaderboard, he was certainly well worth to be called number a single! As for the 1st area of God of War Leaderboard, it had always been the faction leader of Xuanjian Faction, Liu Xiyuan. Now, Chen Xiaobei was way much more powerful than Liu Xiyuan, it was only logical for Chen Xiaobei to best the God of War Leaderboard.

Of course, proper now, only the men and women of Bei Xuan knew about Chen Xiaobei’s genuine strength. Every person else even now believed that Liu Xiyuan positioned 1st on the God of War Leaderboard.

That, of course, incorporated White-eyes. His intel reported that Chen Xiaobei was only in the later on phase of Correct Nirvana Cultivation. Wu Aofeng had accidentally let this reality slip but White-eyes, naturally, did not think him. But when he heard the identify of Wu Aofeng’s sifu, he out of the blue realized that they had covered up a whole lot of items.

“Chen… Chen Xiaobei?” White-eyes stared in disbelief. “AH, yes! In Phantom Rain’s report, she pointed out that Chen Xiaobei had infiltrated Japan utilizing the alias Chen Zhufeng… Zhufeng is actually… No! It can’t be wrong! It really is not!”

“What? Are you going to run house to mummy?” Wu Aofeng smiled triumphantly. “My Sifu needs your head. Even if you kneel down now and call me your daddy, you will even now die here!”

“Hmph! Chen Xiaobei’s cultivation is just a piece of shit! He is only on the later phase of Correct Nirvana cultivation! You are just his disciple! Don’t consider to intimidate me!”

White-eyes’ eyes burned with rage, literally.

“Alright! Shall we dance?” Wu Aofeng asked, smiling.

“What? Are you scared? Allow me to retaliate in your personal words: Even if you kneel down now and call me your daddy, you will even now die here!”

“Beg for mercy… Oh, appear! A U.F.O!” Wu Aofeng all of a sudden raised his hand and pointed to the sky behind White-eyes.

“Moron! Do I look like a child to you? That’s this kind of a childish move! Don’t consider to trick me… Shit!”

Prior to the prick could finish his sentence, he felt a sudden rush of cold air behind his back. He never thought that a man like Wu Aofeng would make up this kind of stupid joke-telling him that there was a U.F.O in the sky.


It was gold silhouette swooping down from above.

“The Grand… Grand Leader of the Blood Descendants?!” White-eyes turned all around he virtually shat his pants.

It was a transformed Blood Descendant with golden hair and golden wings, and a pair of blood-red eyes with gold pupils.

Individuals were specifically the bodily characteristics of the Grand Leader of the Blood Descendants!

He was now significantly more rapidly and more powerful than a human that was as effective as him.

This meant that, White-eyes who only had 70,000 combat power, would by no means be capable to get away!

This mother*cker would die right here!

White-eyes needed to cry. This ‘U.F.O’ was a deadly a single!


The Grand Leader of the Blood Descendants appeared previous but there was a specific firmness and austerity to him.

He roared and a dark gray Wind Real Kang was set in movement.

He grasped a tornado in every hand like a Wind God and wished to use the sharp Wind Blade to shred White-eyes.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

With the Wind Blade quick approaching, there was no escape for White-eyes.

His only selection was to use his back to block the effect.

At the identical time, he stepped on the ground genuinely challenging and utilised his own strength and the force of the Wind Blade to leap forward for at least ten meters.

Wu Aofeng watched the scene just before him and cheered excitedly, “Oh! That is not undesirable at all! You happen to be employing the ‘lizard-with-a-broken-tail’ instinct?”

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